SugarCRM Review(2023): Is It considered the best CRM?

SugarCRM by a better score lacks ease of use across the platform. You can inform that it is CRM for large companies, and it expects everyone to have a development team to let staff know how to use it.

That said, with the right open-minded staff and some tech-savvy people in the workplace, you can continue to run this CRM software program and take advantage of the various services and sales benefits that come with it.

Creating beautiful control panels like this one in SugarCRM is a breeze.

What is SugarCRM?

SugarCRM is a pioneering customer management system and provides sales and marketing tasks to around 50,000 companies. The service has more than 7 million downloads and is available in 9 different languages.

SugarCRM review
SugarCRM Review

One of the most valuable elements in your ability to make the product your own. SugarCRM is an open-source platform, so you can twist and tweak it to get one of the most critical pieces of information and data for your business.

Even so, SugarCRM works ideally for business services with a development team, as setting up a bunch of changes requires some expertise and knowledge.

SugarCRM Pricing and Plans

However, SugarCRM offers a seven-day free trial for the Sugar Serve package only, which we will discuss in more detail below. This customer management solution has five pricing plans that are relatively expensive and unsuitable for startups or services with a minimal spending plan.

pricing and plan
pricing and Plan

Plus, each of the annually billed plans suggests that you need to make a significant upfront investment and cannot cancel if it doesn’t suit your needs.

Because this is a complicated software program, you will also need a spending plan for use, training, and changes. Also, it would help if you got the solution through the cost of the annual agreement.

Sugar Enterprise

  • $85 per user/month
  • All previous functions
  • Product grade offers
  • Improved workflow
  • Role-based vision
  • Support for Oracle
  • 60 GB of storage

With these packages, you get a little bit of everything that is in the three major systems. For example, let’s say you want the entire Sugar Market software program. In this case, pricing starts at $1,000 per month billed every year. That gives you 10,000 calls and unlimited customers. Unlimited emails and landing pages, plus phone support.

The Sugar Sell package starts at $80 per month and bill every year. This plan supports a minimum of 10 customers, and you get 60GB of storage.

After all, you pay $80 a month for the entire Sugar Serve solution, billed every year. That also requires a minimum of 10 customers, and you get 60 GB of storage.

SugarCRM Overview of Features

SugarCRM divides its services directly into three key groups to make them much more absorbable:

  • Sugar market
  • Sell Sugar
  • Serve Sugar

Boom, it’s that simple. Marketing, sales, and customer service are the three essential components of a CRM. Let’s all check in a bit much more information.

Sugar Market

This solution is Sugar Market’s marketing automation product. The aim is to help medium-sized marketing teams increase their reach and track the results on the road. Sugar Market enables you to attract visitors through built-in ads and social tools.

There are also many ways to discover your website using SEM and SEO. All of this is built right into the Sugar Market product.

You can create marketing campaigns using landing page templates, email and conversion forms, and simple drag-and-drop editors. With SugarCRM, the focus is on personalization. You can customize and duplicate emails, so your leads look like they were created specifically for your customers. You can also collect tips based on the conversion chance.

Finally, you can analyze your efficiency and follow every action of the method. Whichever package you choose, you get SugarCRM’s highly aesthetic analysis with charts and graphs to make the data very easy to ingest.

Sugar Sell

This solution aims to turn every salesperson into a top entertainer. By typing a name directly into the software program, a sales rep can view all kinds of information on that particular topic consisting of ratings, understanding, social data, and business data. It also shows live notifications when points transform.

After that, you can create the customer’s journey from the initial discussion to submitting their complete customer satisfaction study. Keep track of whatever is the best method to ensure the best customer experience.

Sugar Sell has numerous integrations made up of Gmail. You can sync your schedules and emails to keep track of one of the most critical communications while doing everything from the same control panel. That develops a smooth experience and requires fewer clicks and a lot less time.

Automation is also a core structure of SugarCRM. With Sugar BPM (Business Procedure Component), you can receive offers that review, authorized, and sent to the appropriate department. That clears traffic jams and improves the customer experience.

Sugar Serve

The customer service platform allows you to answer customer questions much faster without going through sloppy plans. Easy-to-read control panels and self-service sites make the process smooth and straightforward.

As with all other SugarCRM features, everything stays in one easy-to-find place. Your customer service reps can review questions, issues and open tickets in their SugarCRM control panels. You can also take calls and forward them directly to the correct department. The self-service site makes it less complicated for customers to raise their problems and concerns. That reduces your prices and stops support calls after simple points.

Check your team’s effectiveness with up-to-date reports so you can understand issues before they become a problem.


SugarCRM also has excellent interaction capabilities. You will receive phone, email, custom messages, video clip conferencing, and specific social networks to connect with your customer base and promote your professional look.


SugarCRM packages and takes care of customer support systems sensibly and effectively. Any specific work for your support team can finalize customer characters so they can handle any type of problem, large or small, rather than constantly rerouting customers across the company.

Every participant in your support team runs on the same platform and receives customer information from the exact location. This smooth data exchange ensures a much better customer experience.

Straightforward-to-understand Marketing Campaigns

The control panel consists of the Campaign Assistant, one of the main elements that set SugarCRM apart from its competitors. The assistant supports you in collecting leads and distributing forms within the engagement programs. You can also calculate, rate, and assign fees to representatives.

There is a detailed tutorial with a lot of training to make it understandable if you are not a marketer.

Contact Management SugarCRM

One of the critical factors that most business owners get a CRM through leads and calls tracking. However, some options provide a sizeable but challenging way of doing this, while others are an essential “bare-bones” tool.

With SugarCRM, including calls and leads, it takes a few clicks. When you fill out the contact sheet, you can link files to the account, tag them, and tag them. You can also do any of these tasks in bulk edit teams. That is a multilingual and multilingual software program, so there are no limits.

Plenty of Integrations

SugarCRM is a great software program for better-known companies with long-lived technology teams. You cannot integrate it with many of the accessible and core business applications that you usually see. However, the Sugar Exchange has a public API code which we think is much better too.

Smart Reporting SugarCRM

Forecasting and reporting in SugarCRM offer a fantastic amount of depth.

Another essential part of customer partnership management is capturing your customers and expecting customers to find them. SugarCRM will indeed summarize your existing efficiencies and provide you with easy-to-understand datasheets. You will also receive expected patterns and signals of possible problems that need to address later. You can create checkboxes for your clever reports and search through them using various filters.

Ease to Use

SugarCRM has numerous features that can be frustrating. We believe the software program is best suited for companies with their technology teams. The user interface and control panels are not particularly simple and take a long time to be recognized. If you’re a tiny business owner with no tech experience, it probably wouldn’t deserve your time trying to figure them out.

Finding information isn’t complex with Sugar University and various other helpful features. However, it relates to time and sources for most business owners. Do you have the time to go through long technological files and individual overviews? Does your team also have time for this? If you’ve never used a permanent software program in your company, things can get tricky with SugarCRM.

If you have an in-house technology team or someone who can handle application and training, you have no problem with SugarCRM.

SugarCRM Customer Support

Customer support
Customer Support

Online support is integrated directly into the software program. Links for help and support are at the bottom of the screen. You have access to area forums and an extensive database of user documentation. Webinars and live courses take place there regularly. With Sugar University, you can take advantage of educational products and accreditation training. SugarCRM Enterprise account holders receive 12/5 phone and email support Monday through Friday. 24/7 phone support is only available to Sugar Ultimate customers.

SugarCRM Money Back Guarantee

They offer a 30-day money-back guarantee like others.

SugarCRM Alternatives

Discover the best options for Sugar Sell (formerly SugarCRM) for customers who need brand new software program features or want to try different options. CRM software is a widespread innovation, and many people search for it preferentially. Top-rated software program solutions with campaign management, marketing or analysis, and partner partnership. (prm). Other important aspects to consider when choosing Sugar Sell (formerly SugarCRM) are customer data and contact management. We’ve compiled a list of solutions rated by the reviewers as the best-unlimited options and competitors of Sugar Sell (formerly SugarCRM). Including Salesforce CRM, HubSpot Sales Hub, Zoho CRM, and Dynamics 365 Sales.


SugarCRM helps companies provide their customers with an exceptional experience and prepare specifically for customer requirements. The sales, marketing, and customer service teams can deliver fantastic customer support rather than manual processes with its solutions. SugarCRM’s core values are technology, stability, value, and passion.

8 Total Score
SugarCRM Review

SugarCRM is a consumer connection monitoring system that aids organizations with inner and also outside interactions. The solution incorporates many third-party platforms, and it offers lots of functions to better your advertising and marketing, and sales groups.

  • Very personalized
  • a lot of third-party integrations
  • Excellent customer care devices
  • A lot of training and also support
  • Quickly implemented advertising and marketing campaigns.
  • Stiff finding out curve
  • May call for a tech personnel
  • Difficult combination process
  • 10-user minimum
  • Only a 7-day free trial
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