Dropified Review(2023): Best For Dropshipping, Is It Legit?

The Dropified is the best for Drop Shipping because it displays products in an easy to access, user-friendly way. Drop Shipping can be a very lucrative business venture, but it takes some know-how to get started and stay profitable. So experts created Dropified in the field of Drop Shipping, so you don’t have to worry about being scammed or not understanding what’s going on.

Dropified aims to transform this while also supporting larger stores, unlike competitor Oberlo.

First off, we should make it very clear that both Dropified and Oberlo are incredibly comparable. In this Dropified review, we’re going to examine some of the things that make them different, along with the unique features that you would indeed find with Dropified.

For the sake of improvement, I’d like to talk about the types of services Dropified might like.

What is Dropified?

Dropified is a dropshipping platform for those who offer items from a simple online shop and would like to have them stored, delivered, and packaged by a manufacturer or provider. It’s comparable to Oberlo, which is a top-notch dropshipping app through Shopify.

Dropified review
Dropified Review

Like Oberlo, Dropified has a wide variety of items to choose from, along with some great integrations like Shopify and WooCommerce.

Given how Dropified uses a 14-day free trial, I would undoubtedly recommend trying it out before devoting it to either Dropified or Uber. We’ll be reviewing prices in some of the areas below. First, however, it’s essential to realize that Dropified requires payment based on a membership plan.

So keep checking out the features, pricing, customer support, and various other components that set Dropified apart from other drop shipping options on the market.

Dropified Pricing and Plans

Dropified is a powerful and helpful app that can help you make your business more successful. The Shopify team has created an inexpensive yet effective plan for all of the apps needs by offering two options: monthly or annual billing periods.

By choosing to pay annually, customers will find themselves saving money over time, with their packages becoming cheaper as they go on in length! Additionally, you have 14 days free trial period. It gives you ample opportunity to test out this fantastic product before deciding if it’s right for you and use it forever too!

pricing and plan
pricing and Plan

However, monthly pricing might seem a little expensive to local businesses if they stop shipping.

Here’s what you can expect to pay with Dropified (keep in mind that these monthly rates depend on whether you are spending a year in advance):
  • Builder Plan – Get support for an online store, 15,000 products, 50 product cards, 1,000 orders per month, five customers, and all the essentials from Dropified for $47 per month
  • Premier Plan – For $147 per month, get support for five online stores, 50,000 items, 250 product cards, 100,000 orders per month, 25 customers, a profit control panel, Zapier integration, unlimited high-speed Captcha solvers, and all of the above main dropped functions

One of the most exciting features about Dropified is adding as many items to your store. This means larger dropshipping stores may find these prices incredibly affordable and a great value considering they get more options for their customers.

I created my pricing plan based on what I needed allowing me to control how much money it cost me monthly, which made this site easy enough for anyone who wanted an affordable option. In addition, The site’s layout wasn’t too hard, so even if someone had never used any website before, any problem at all!

Dropified Overview of Features

Since this is a dropshipping system, we can immediately assume that the platform binds suppliers to suppliers. I’m is not going to cover this facet of Dropified features. Instead, the much more pronounced functions can grow your business and increase your effectiveness.

A Wonderful Zapier Integration

Zapier is a platform that allows you to connect various applications and services. These connections range from uploading pictures on one social media site after using another or even touching your business’s customer service software with its online store so customers can contact the company more easily than before. Zapier will do all of these things for free by simply inputting details of each application into it–a process called”Zapping.”

Dropified can be easily integrated into Zapier and combines many options to increase your productivity and ensure that your online shop runs as effectively as possible. A great example of this would surely be when you want to get in touch with your favorite accounting software program. Dropified tracks your sales instantly when customers patronize your business. Zapier also allows you to link Dropified to the accounting software program to ensure that you undoubtedly wait for tax liability when the time comes.

Products from AliExpress

AliExpress is an extensive online store where anyone can shop. However, one of its best features is connecting vendors with practical suppliers. Most of them are in China and various other Asian countries.

Dropified instantly uses the AliExpress website so you can select items, move them straight to your store, and get product information. When a customer purchases, the data is sent to the AliExpress supplier to fulfill the order.

Overall, this is an excellent tool to use for your gratification process. Remember that many customers will undoubtedly have extended delivery times. It is considering that most of the items are from Asia.

Quick Profit Statistics

Most eCommerce systems have great statistics and reports that monitor your earnings and see how much money you make.

That isn’t always the case with Shopify and WooCommerce apps. So it looks like Dropified has at least some quick profit analysis in the backend. The reports are as important as they come. Don’t expect anything insane. However, many people, including myself, often tend to enjoy the more accessible statistics.

Automated Price and Availability Updates

If you run an online shop, it is a hassle to regularly keep an eye on your provider’s price and delivery charges. It can get a lot more complicated with dropshipping as you are not constantly contacting these suppliers. And it would help if you connected with many of them.

Dropified addresses this issue by ensuring that your supplier’s reviewer makes any price changes on your product pages. The same applies to product plan updates. As a result, you will inform when a retailer takes a product off their offer. And the outcome is kept hidden from your customers.

A Focus on packets

Since most of your products ship from suppliers in China, it is advisable to believe that shipping worldwide is required. However, it can be incredibly costly and time-consuming, and you may not have tracking information once you meet a company like UPS.

Dropified uses an approach to shipping called”Package” that reduces shipping worldwide. That will make these worldwide shipments a little faster and also give you some tracking information. It’s still not the best. However, it outperforms worldwide shipping from services like USPS or FedEx.

Who Should Consider This App?

Dropshipping is an excellent option for those looking to start their own business with minimal startup funding. Dropified can help you get the ball rolling by providing all of your eCommerce needs in one place, but it may be out of reach financially if you have limited funds available.

A $47 per month price tag (paid annually) seems to be targeting even more recognized businesses looking to build an online store with thousands and hundreds of items. However, the web hosting service is not just for the small, one-time project; it’s perfect for a retail store trying to enter the shopping district without a vendor or available product developers.

Dropified Customer Support

Dropified is the modern-day version of customer service. When you’re working in a world where purchases are made online, it’s challenging to coordinate and provide for those customers with issues that require immediate attention after their purchase has been completed. That’s why Dropified provides support 24 hours a day, seven days per week–and they only work on your behalf when necessary!

Customer support
Customer Support

The company has an entire blog site with suggestions about the drop shipping industry and updates to the software program.

For direct support, you can email Dropified and log in with a live chat. Or, check out some of the many support articles and video clips available on the Dropified website.

I’m pretty happy with the multitude of video clips provided on the website, considering there’s usually nothing like that to be seen in a drop delivery application. However, if you are a visual student or prefer to figure out your own using factors like video clips and articles, this is the best for you.

It doesn’t seem like Dropified is using anything related to phone support. So you need to stick to email or live chat.

After all, this is not my preferred type of support. However, Dropified is visible on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google+. I think you can connect to the company through these.

Dropped Money Back Guarantee

The money-back-guarantee is only for seven days. If you wish to dispute the refund due to any reason whatsoever, please get in touch with us at support@droppedmoneyapp.com within the stated time frame.

Once they have validated your claim and determined that it falls under our financial guidelines, they will gladly return your money if you choose to cancel your account.

Dropified Alternatives

It is not the only option for Drop Shipping Software. Explore other competing options and alternatives to find a solution that suits your needs best with features such as reliability, ease of use, or cost-effectiveness in mind.

Shopify may be one of many available drop shipping software solutions on the market today. Still, it also has its limitations which can make it difficult for users who are just starting. Some people recommend exploring different options before committing to this particular service because even though you will get an easy setup process from them, there’s no guarantee they’ll offer everything down the road when your business grows and expands past its limits.

The following list includes solutions rated by customers and reviewers alike, which are worth considering when researching an alternative to Dropified: ShipStation, Spocket, Easyship (free), Oberlo (paid).


Dropified provides a one-stop shop for all your online shopping needs! The company has been in business since 2003, and they have thousands of reviews on Yelp, Google Maps, Facebook Places, so you can see what other customers are saying about them.

This Dropified review is from someone who allowed us to fix their issue with our service. We apologized profusely and said that this was not how we wanted things to go. It strives for 100% customer satisfaction at every level, but sometimes there’s an inevitable mistake or misunderstanding during delivery – which happened here too, unfortunately (we wish it never did).

Let me know if I’m missing anything else by leaving comments below.

9 Total Score
Dropified Review

Dropified is the first and only app to make life easier for hard people on their phones. You can find any product you need, contact providers directly from your phone with ease, then purchase it without a second thought about supply keeping or delivery.

  • All Functions of Premier Strategy
  • Supplements On-Demand All Made & Shipped From The U.S.
  • Mastermind & Facility Scenic Tour in Oklahoma
  • Unbelievable Group Volume Pricing For High-Quality Products
  • Incorporates with numerous eCommerce systems
  • Works with UNITED STATE based distributors
  • Automatic revenue margins
  • Automobile item rate as well as accessibility sync
  • Unfriendly User Interface
  • No complimentary plan
  • Pricey strategies
  • The absence of a price cut for regular monthly negotiations
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