TeamGantt Review(2023): Is It Top Project Management App?

There are many different project management software programs on the market, but few of them have achieved a level that can be considered “easy to use.” TeamGantt is one such program. It installs with minimal fuss and offers great features for all levels of experience in its user-friendly design.

TeamGantt for teams of all dimensions in almost every industry No problem If you are doing several different jobs simultaneously or several groups are working together on a detailed task, you can track everything in this tool to recognize each one start with the paid installments from Team Gantt.

As long as you don’t demand economic tracking and management capabilities, TeamGantt uses much power for all teams.

What is TeamGantt?

Many business owners are still unaware of it, but TeamGantt is one of today’s most comprehensive project management platforms. TeamGantt’s main goal is to help customers develop a successful work plan that can be managed in real-time and provide excellent reporting features for all team members to get an overall sense of the progress made by their department.

Gantt charts are an excellent way for project managers to understand the timeline of a given project. They’re great because they show tasks on a timeline and help you track which ones will have conflicts with others or need something else done before them to work smoothly.

TeamGantt review
TeamGantt Review

These charts make it easy to see the due dates for tasks, the time spent on each task, the task dependency, and the time spent on the entire project. If some studies are late, anyone looking at the Gantt chart will undoubtedly understand what various other tasks are sure to affect hold-up. For additional information on Gantt charts, you can check out my five simple ideas to get started with Gantt charts.

TeamGantt integrates into your existing toolset and collates all information from those systems into a single workspace, allowing you to track performance metrics more effectively at no cost!

TeamGantt Pricing and Plan

It is a time-management software that many professionals use to help them organize their projects. The free version, which can be used for smaller jobs and one-off work, has limited features compared with the full-paid edition. If you’re planning on using TeamGantt more than once or twice every few months, then it’s worth considering upgrading your account plan to get even greater productivity from this great resource!

pricing and plan
Pricing and Plan

One point to note is that last year. The prices for TeamGantt have increased slightly compared to the standard price. Granted, that increase is only $1.75. Still, it’s a boost. On the flip side, the Advanced level was lower by $0.50, so we gained weight in some locations and decreased in other places.

What is fascinating about the price changes in the price for additional people. When I examined TeamGantt in 2019, the standard tier increased by nearly $10 per added customer. At the same time, the Advanced increased by almost $15 per additional customer.

As you’ll observe below, these rates have additionally lowered:

  • Free of charge: Includes up to 3 people, one project, work, assignment of task dependencies, filter system, and telephone support for the first month.
  • Standard: Starts at $51.50 / month for five people and increases by nearly $8 for each additional customer. It includes all of the previous features and unlimited jobs, personalized project templates, project backgrounds, endless visitors, Gantt chart embedding, and phone support for the first month.
  • Expanded: It starts at $74.25 / month and increases by nearly $11 for each additional customer. It consists of all the previous features, starts/stop timers, time entry for the guide, a very early discovery for reviewing the spending plan by hours, and unlimited phone support.
  • While some rates have increased, TeamGantt appears to be focused. Scaling your customer base within the platform is more cost-effective, as scalability is critical as your business grows. The project needs to be stacked. You, therefore, want a project management platform that quickly expands together with your company.

Overview of TeamGantt Features

Its features tailor for partnership and ease of use. It all has to do with simplifying task management and tracking without putting a lot of extreme performance on the product.

For instance, it allows you to manage your tasks more efficiently by helping you accurately plan projects in just one place while providing amazing real-time updates that help keep everyone up-to-date at every moment along the way – no matter if they are working from home or abroad!

Management and preparation features

  • Task prioritization and scheduling: TeamGantt uses many different forms of task management that consist of a task list with criteria, Gantt schedule charts, and a shared team schedule. Choose what should help you.
  • Shared team schedule: TeamGantt’s shared team schedule uses features commonly used only on a Gantt chart by showing tasks that describe the entire period from start to finish.
  • Resource Management: With every job in TeamGantt, individuals can attach all kinds of project files consisting of papers, PDFs, images, and tables.
  • Time tracking: With TeamGantt, you can create and track timesheets for your entire team.
  • Pre-made Templates: TeamGantt uses several pre-made templates, from marketing assignments to product development, that allow you to jump right into the activity with little preparation time.

Documentation features

Document Storage: As mentioned earlier, TeamGantt gives you the ability to save all kinds of project files in private tasks, making them easy to locate, check out, and download.

Collaboration features

  • Communication: TeamGantt handles task notes and a discussion inbox to improve team partnership.
  • File sharing: File sharing is available for TeamGantt tasks using the file add-on feature.
  • Team Control Panels: TeamGantt’s primary control panel contains the project Gantt chart in addition to teamwork.
  • Mobile application: TeamGantt uses a mobile version of its software program for iPhone and Android users so that you can stay in touch with your team and coordinate project tasks on the go.

Budgeting features

TeamGantt is not for the faint of heart. Organization and project management are difficult enough, but with TeamGantt, you’ll also have to do your own accounting because it doesn’t provide features like expense plan reports or customer billing.

Benefits of Using TeamGantt

Given the name of this software program, I was happy to discover great deals on various task management functions, including Gantt schedule charts and shared team plans and task lists.

Get an introduction to your project in the primary project management of TeamGantt. Source: TeamGantt software.

At first glance, however, this product from Microsoft Project advised me with an even more straightforward user interface. The tasks detail on the left, and the Gantt chart shown on the right. TeamGantt actions Completion of studies in percent, which I don’t like with Microsoft Project either. Because the human mind doesn’t usually believe in percent, it would undoubtedly be better to identify the task conditions with tags like “Not started” or “In progress.” And “Complete,” and team members can offer additional information in the task notes if required. Fortunately, this is where TeamGantt’s similarities to Microsoft Project end.

Navigating between different types of task management is as easy as selecting multiple options from the top food selections.

TeamGantt’s joint team plan offers you an alternative overview of the status of your project.

I was thrilled with the joint team schedule of the project plan, which shares some performance with Gantt charts. Instead of putting due task days on private days like in a Google Calendar. Tasks are shown as a timeline over several days to track teamwork and determine how long tasks must complete.

Each task consists of a team partnership comment area. However, what sets TeamGantt apart from the competition is improving a chat inbox feature that tracks your comments and suggestions and makes it easier to keep up with your interactions. The inbox works much like an email system, classifying discussions, the sender, and the task it’s flagged.

TeamGantt briefly falls into the business management group, which is unfortunate given the pricing. Suppose you’re looking for a project partnership software program that uses Gantt charts. There are much less costly options. At this price level, TeamGantt should al.

Almost everything a project manager could want. From task lists to expense plan reports.

TeamGantt convenience of use

TeamGantt is exceptionally easy to discover and use. Everything is classified, with task management features at the top and project/report navigation in the left wing.

When Podio is an Android phone with great customization options, TeamGantt works more like an Apple iPhone: everything you do in this tool is currently pre-built. And ready for you to take in your information and get started. There are minimal customizations available, and that’s fine. Users who want a simple, structured experience with plug-and-play templates and reports will undoubtedly go with Team Gantt.

Measure possible exhaustion using TeamGantt’s work record.

Reporting is usually a more complex function in a project management software program. With many criteria, filters, and options to choose from. TeamGantt makes it important by simply using two types of reports:

The first type of record gives you updates to your project by rating the number of OK, Overdue, and Back tasks. The 2nd record gives you an introduction to each team member’s work and color codes based on their days. As you can see in the picture, the number of tasks they are doing simultaneously. The larger the number, the closer the block’s shadow approaches red, indicating a possible overload.

These reports provide minimal options, reducing performance but improving usability, especially for the unskilled. In truth, many of TeamGantt’s features appear to tailor for those with an inept project management software program. It uses each element in the most basic means possible. For example, suppose you want to include tasks in your project. There’s a “new to-do” switch on each list when you need to change fees, click perfect, and change your job.

TeamGantt’s task editing home window is basic and uncomplicated. Source: TeamGantt software program.

You will not be dealing with customers or professionals with this software program. However, if you are looking for an easy-to-use partnership tool, your brand new team is convenient to choose from. In addition, TeamGantt has a lot to offer beginners.

Customer Support TeamGantt

TeamGantt offers a lot of support to get you up and running. There are plenty of short how-to video clips out there, and the first project template is a great way for you to reveal them.

Customer support
Customer Support

There is also an extensive, searchable knowledge base with guidelines for using the features.

If you can’t find what you need there, a contact form is available. Unfortunately, it does require you to offer a phone number, which is frustrating but doesn’t verify the number you become part of the territory.

We asked support if two-factor authentication was available and soon received feedback that it only runs Monday through Friday during all business hours in the US. However, we got a response in less than eight hours, so we didn’t have to wait long—another issue related to the storage space report in less than six hours.

Telephone support is also available in the Advanced Team plan but use by anyone for the first 30 days after registration.

We currently specified the 101 grade, but various other courses are available. That includes live sessions and videos from previous sessions.

There are roughly two live offers per week, which differ depending on the topic. Most seem goal-oriented, focusing more on process design and inspirational techniques than talking about specific characteristics. There are also more than tons of courses on video.

TeamGantt’s support is good, with quick response times, lots of information on learning and troubleshooting, and team training courses. Here it gets a solid score.

TeamGantt Money-Back Guarantee

TeamGantt is one of those companies that has a “no refunds” policy. They feel like the money you give them for their services is already too good, but what other options do most people have in this day and age?

Team Gantt does not offer any refund if you want to cancel your service or stop using it before the end date on your prepaid package. However, they make sure to let us know how much we’re paying upfront, so even if there were some loophole with getting our money back after canceling, Team Gantt would find out about it pretty quickly!

TeamGantt Alternatives

Project management software is a widely used technology that many people can utilize efficiently and innovatively, but not everyone knows how. Therefore, above all else, you need to consider what the different features of your app will offer so that when inevitably considering time tracking and project management solutions with dependencies or recurring tasks, there isn’t any confusion as far as which ones can be prioritized first.

We have compiled a list of remedial measures selected by the reviewers as the best alternatives and competitors to TeamGantt. These consist of Asana, ClickUp,, and Wrike.


TeamGantt is software that makes project management easy and intuitive. TeamGantt’s primary objective is to simplify users by giving them basic features without bogging down the system with unnecessary functions or complicated steps. The simplicity of this program allows team members to focus on achieving their goals rather than learning how the complex systems work to complete projects efficiently.

The powerful software is a one-stop solution for the management and planning of projects. The standard features give you more control over your work while also enhancing communication with supervisors and co-workers via presentations or chat features. It’s perfect for beginners who have never used Gantt charting before and those experienced professionals who need to navigate some complicated tasks on their own!

8 Total Score
TeamGantt Review

TeamGantt Gantt graphs feature a drag-and-drop option that permits users to develop tasks by dragging over dates in a schedule. Individuals can see what each employee is operating on, and the variety of jobs is assigned to every employee daily. Regardless of its name, TeamGantt has a lot more to offer than simply Gantt timeline graphs.

  • Instinctive and straightforward to use
  • Excellent interactive Gantt charts
  • Several job management alternatives
  • Numerous teamwork devices
  • Extraordinary tutorial material
  • The automatic dependences adjustment feature
  • Attributes for conversations, notices and also might enhance published documents.
  • No budgeting or invoicing devices
  • Minimal free choice
  • The potentially expensive prices design
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