JustCloud Review(2023): Is This Cloud Storage Legit or Scam?

JustCloud Review: JustCloud is a hard-to-beat service for cloud storage needs. It has all the features you need to store your files, plus it’s easy and quick to set up with only one click. So whether we’re talking about documents or photos from family vacations, JustCloud can handle anything you throw at it while still keeping prices low!

The collection of its features is severely limited and incredibly expensive compared to our various other ideal storage and backup providers. If that wasn’t negative enough, individuals had reported that their files were only missing from the servers when they needed them.

While below at Cloudwards Web, we want our viewers to see for themselves, we can most likely break our policies and advise against using this service. If you still want to try it out, check out Justcloud and sign up. You get 1 GB of storage space and 15 MB of sync space for free.

What is JustCloud?

JustCloud is a cloud storage system that automatically saves, protects, and syncs published files to multiple devices. Thanks to its auto-sync feature, you can always find your data when using any device!

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Back up your files securely on the Internet, more accessible than ever. No doubt, you will never lose data again due to hard drive collisions, fire/theft, or accidental deletion. Access your files as needed from any device. Therefore, ignore the carrying of flash or USB drives.

If you are starting with online backups or are looking to dig into cloud storage for the first time, JustCloud should consider your factor. This software is perfect for beginners as it is convenient to have practically no learning contour. Just install the form and follow the setup wizard to back up your files to the cloud instantly.

JustCloud Pricing and Plan

The prices for JustCloud are exceptionally high. Even big plans with a long-term commitment are more expensive than the initial save rate from providers like Google Drive.

JustCloud Pricing Review
Pricing and Plan

You can also use a Backblaze service for unlimited backup while using an independent cloud storage solution for everyday needs at a reduced price than what you spend on JustCloud.

JustCloud’s pricing, which starts at over $0.14 per GB, is in a market where most of our various other ideal cloud storage services have plans that start at and are cheaper from $0.02 per GB, not affordable.

While getting that initial gigabyte for free is a good thing, it pales compared to what is used by one of our ideal free cloud storage providers.

Overview of JustCloud Features

JustCloud does mean to stand out from the group. It offers a mix of backup and cloud storage in a single application.

However, the backup service is not reliable, and the synchronization service, not sufficiently integrated. The irritating use of JustCloud also makes it possible to share, but there are only a few with various other JustCloud people.

Even one of the standard features that you would surely get from a cloud storage service, like automatically syncing video clip files in folders or uploading files larger than 1GB, requires a high annual cost.

Even the “Settings” switch opens a recommendation to update your account before sending it to the actual setup food selection.

Ease of Use

JustCloud is challenging to use without looking like it is resisting. The sync folder does not contain the file structure of your computer system. This feature is widely used in cloud storage services and is easily accessible to the JustCloud customer.

When you open a file from JustCloud, it will also send to your Downloads folder. Unfortunately, that means that you will undoubtedly have to manually reintegrate the file into JustCloud to receive the changes you have made. To add to this deterioration, drag, and drop are not performed continuously in the user interface.

Also, you can’t upload folders directly to the JustCloud application, so you have to do all of the file management from the sync folder interface, which is quite challenging to use.

If you want to view your backups, there is no way to do it in the indigenous application. Instead, the “My Files” switch takes you to the web user interface, which also looks a bit out of date and usually looks out of sync.

All of the files that I backed up typically did not show up. Instead, the site would undoubtedly report that I didn’t back up any files. Even so, there would still be a notification that I ran out of space and had to buy extra.

File Sharing and Syncing

You can share files with JustCloud, but only with various other Simply Cloud people. The release trigger says that the link will certainly allow access, but that link will undoubtedly lead straight to a page where an account can set up. That can be hugely daunting when you’re expecting to share a single file with someone quickly.

Synchronization is also impractical. There is no versioning as files must publish manually every time you change them from the sync folder. If you want to do something while you’re editing, you’ll need to go back to one of the most recent uploads rather than one of the most recent ones that kept.

That is different from even more good storage services that sync instantly with every saving. The straightforward fact that a broken drive can damage your job must keep you away from this service.

File backup

With JustCloud, you can back up your files on their servers. Once you have your client installed, choose which folders you want to back up, and the procedure will run in history each day. The backup is updated as fast as daily unless you subscribe to the Hourly Backup feature, which does what it claims to do.

I have achieved a maximum upload speed of 0.15 Mbit / s, while my network provider offers the highest of 4 Mbit /s. They say their upload/download rates are unlimited but couldn’t clarify why the upload speed is moving slowly. The bottom line is that they need to increase their upload speed if they want to take on various other providers.

If you no longer need the backed-up files, you can remove them. But, unfortunately, you have to wait 24 hours for them to delete, which I sometimes find very tedious and aggravating.

Retrieving files

With JustCloud, you can access all of your files just by knowing their names. This is a great way to track data scattered around in different locations and is difficult for the average person to find otherwise.

The app works on any device with an internet connection- meaning it’s compatible with both desktops or laptops as well as smartphones! With this program, organizing your personal life has never been easier!

File Recovery: If you accidentally delete files, the Recycle Bin is the only add-on that gives you a quick way to get them. Without this add-on, you will not be able to recover deleted files. The recycle bin stores deleted files for 30 days.

File Versioning: JustCloud only saves seven previous versions of files (paid users only). If you want unlimited data variations, you must subscribe to the additional function “Previous Version Plus.” File versions, then save forever.

Mobile Application

You can download the JustCloud app to suit the following systems: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, and Kindle Fire.

The application feels very receptive and looks modern. From there, you can access your sync folder or back up your photos, videos, and music that you have on your phone.

Some other functions: share files, lock passcode, and upload photos and videos in the highest quality.

JustCloud Speed

I am a client of JustCloud for two months now, and I was thrilled with it. My upload speed is 29 Mbit / s down, 6M bit/s up, which means that within 15 minutes, my folder containing 1GB of data will upload to the cloud storage service.

The main topic here is speeds – how fast they can transfer files from your computer or device into their online secure servers as well as download them back again. Uploading, on average, takes about 18 seconds per GB file, while downloading does not take more than 14 seconds in most cases (though there may have been some fluctuations depending on where you come from).

However, I didn’t get a chance to check this speed as the file never showed up in JustCloud’s online user interface.

The upload and download rates appear quickly, although it is difficult to check when it takes files to sync the display in days rather than seconds.

Security and Privacy

JustCloud claims to use “265-bit encryption”. The 256-bit encryption that JustCloud may be using is a great feature. However, your problems can worsen due to various factors other than simply negligent marketing.

It mentions that third-party companies may display information from individuals for advertising functions. You also have access to your files. So if they ever get a hack or an offer with an arrest warrant, your data will threaten.

Not only does this insufficiently protect your privacy, but JustCloud also makes no effort to evade any responsibility. For example, JustCloud states in its privacy policy that it “cannot guarantee complete security.” Or any other security: We do not recommend maintaining anything on JustCloud’s servers from any different location.

JustCloud Customer Support

JustCloud’s customer support is a difficult, if not impossible, task to find. If you can’t figure out how to use the product, there will be no help from JustCloud themselves, and even their website lacks any helpful information for customers in need of assistance.

Discussion forums are also absent on the site, with an overall lack of posts or responses that could make one hope they’re making progress using this service provider.

Customer Support
Customer Support

Phone support isn’t much better: while JustCloud flaunts a 24-hour feedback time via email, which is much better than several other services, it’s not worth the help. Many examples of JustCloud are just terrible for its customers, consisting of relentless unsubscribe emails and ongoing phone calls.

It also implied that a private individual was using the company’s service, which further increased the price of the service without authorization. Response time is not synonymous: if it’s pointless spam, it’s ineffective.

JustCloud Money-Back Guarantee

JustCloud is committed to providing the best possible customer experience, and you’ll only have 30 days after your purchase or renewal date before it’s too late.

With JustCloud Money-Back Guarantee, if you choose a service within the first month of use but decide that this isn’t what you were looking for later on in life – we’ve got your back! You will refund 100% of all money spent with us no matter when our services expire.

JustCloud Alternatives

There are a lot of great alternatives to JustCloud, but Google Drive has the highest rating. When comparing it with its 100 competitors, Dropbox Business is in second place, and Just Cloud comes in 75th place.

If you’re looking for a great cloud storage app to organize your files, JustCloud is not the best option. Livedrive and ZipCloud have top ratings compared to 100 alternatives due to their similarity in popularity and user rating averages. If both of these companies are available on our device, then Google Drive has an excellent 4-star average while Dropbox Business comes close at 3 stars out of 5 possible points.

Google Drive has star ratings of twenty-two, 755, while JustCloud has 4. Users say that Google Drive tops the list for value for money, followed by Dropbox Business, while JustCloud ranks 79th. Users also say that Google Drive and Dropbox Business are the easiest to use, while JustCloud ranks 77th.


JustCloud is a great option for looking for a less expensive and more convenient way of storing their files in the cloud.

With inadequate privacy and security, essentially no integration with your gadgets, questionable integrity, and a high price tag, JustCloud is in no scenario a wise investment for anyone.

Whether you need cloud storage or backup, you’d better look at our ideal cloud storage options or check out our information on excellent online backup services and choose from various other providers. All others are undoubtedly a much better deal than JustCloud.

There is no need to go through all that hassle with your computer hardware or physical storage devices when you can easily upload, download, access, and share any document from anywhere on the internet via simple drag-and-drop commands.

8 Total Score
JustCloud Review

JustCloud is a cloud storage service that makes it easy for you to access your files from anywhere, anytime. In addition, they offer unlimited online backup and data security, so no matter what happens with your device or computer, JustCloud will always have copies of all the important stuff on their servers waiting just in case!

  • Easy setup
  • Can bring back previous variations of files
  • Offers both cloud backup and file syncing
  • Automated and scheduled backup of files
  • Drag and drop simpleness
  • Access your files anytime, everywhere, across all your devices
  • Share your data with close friends and family or message to social media
  • Storage capacity is restricted.
  • Purchase add-ons to boost service
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