Typeform Review(2023): The Best Information Collection Tool?

Typeform is the most trusted software for creating online forms and surveys. With features like high-quality customer support easy to understand tutorials, TypeForm will be your go-to company when making an online form or survey.

Typeform is a survey and form construction company that makes surveys easy, cheap, and totally customizable.

With Typeform’s low price point and excellent customer service ratings, you can’t go wrong with this review if you’re looking for something new to spice up your work!

Apple Inc. has used Typeform software in the past to create robust, new designs for their products and services at lightning-fast speed. The three most notable companies that use this same technology are Airbnb, Uber, and Nike Inc., all of which have launched many different types of programs each month thanks to Typeform’s innovation.

What is Typeform? 

Typeform is an online platform where you can create anything from studies to apps without writing a single line of code. As a result, it’s easy for people who are not developers, like me, to use and share their information with others by simply filling out the form that Typeform creates to collect data or design on-the-go surveys.

Typeform Review
Home Page

Typeform has been around since 2013, but it only became popular in 2015 with a new pricing package that made them more affordable than other providers on the market today. As one of Barcelona’s leading companies focused their business entirely on web design solutions such as Forms & Surveys (online), they are always looking out for improving themselves through innovation and creativity while maintaining quality service at all costs—which means quick responses from customer services team members who can’t wait any longer!

Beautifully designed to raise a concern like a real conversation immediately, include it, and fun to end. This mix offers type forms with fantastic closing prices, suggesting you can improve and get more results.

Typeform Pricing and Plans  

Typeform Price has a free plan that is very limited compared to the software’s paid plans, yet still valuable. For example, you can create three forms limited to 10 completed questions with no “logical jumps” – customized routing for respondents based on their response to previous requests. Also, you can only receive up to 100 responses per month.

Typeform Pricing Review
Pricing and Plan

Typeform price paid plans, initially the Essentials plan for $35 per month, which gets most of the performance of the software. You get an unlimited number of questions and types, the ability to collect payments through Typeform, custom form branding, and up to three logical jumps.

For $35 per month, the Professional plan will upgrade you to 5,000 reactions per month and an unlimited number of logic jumps. Finally, there’s the Premium plan for $70 a month if you need an equally significant activity limit.

Overview of Typeform Features  

Typeform is remarkably versatile and has excellent tools for both developing types and processing the data you collect.

Typeform sets logic leaps in addition to various other online survey tools. With one logical leap, you can create multiple species in one. If you rely on exactly how a respondent answers a query, any alternate path remove for the remainder of the survey. It’s hard to emphasize how valuable this tool is. It allows you to collect the highest level data for some participants while delving deep into the weeds of others.

For companies, Typeform’s logical leaps allow you to offer customers different solutions from a single form. In this way, you can optimize the process to increase your conversion rate. In addition, Typeform supports you in starting the survey design process with a variety of templates. These develop around various business-oriented functions such as lead generation or customer feedback.

Typeform offers various extensions that you can use to improve your question style or problem survey data. Some instance integrations consist of Google Docs, Airtable, Slack, and Salesforce. Hence, there is an excellent chance that Typeform will work with any other software you use.

Typeform Interface 

Typeform’s browser-based form developer plans to work as a notepad. It feels intuitive from the start as you can figure out questions and make multiple-choice decisions using bullet points.

The developer is a little over the top if you want an introductory survey with a bit of customization, but they stand out for helping you create studies that stand out. Alternatively, you can use these earlier promotions as multiple-choice options. For example, it is easy to ask a respondent how they would undoubtedly touch based on the information they currently contacted.

Questions are presented as slides rather than all on a webpage, which can be repetitive with long surveys. You can also customize standard style elements like font and hue to match your brand name. One significant aspect of Typeform is that it isn’t limited to multiple-choice or perpetual promotions.

You can create multiple-choice problems that use photos instead of text, yes/no requests, or contact information entry areas that instantly verify that you are getting a legitimate email or phone number. Then, of course, it is easy to decide whether or not a question is required.

Creation Form 

Users can choose between the various templates or start their form from scratch. We chose the latter option. The interface is relatively straightforward and doesn’t create any confusion. You can choose the nature of the problem, and TypeForm will undoubtedly set the specifications for the response.

Once customers have chosen the nature of the problem, they can customize each question to add pictures/videos, decide whether or not it is a critical question, add a summary, and set a character limit for solutions. These features ensure that all questions are accurate, respondents believe.

Logic leaps were another valuable feature. It enables clients to create a situation where a participant causes a specific problem based on their response to a previous one. In action, if a user selected Negative for the request in the screenshot above, they might ask why. These techniques allow for quick sharing and reacting, making data collection a breeze.


Among Typeform’s reviews, the 93+ templates they use are the most sensitive of features. These templates create the most popular forms and can be customized to suit your specific circumstances. In addition, these are classified so that users can find the appropriate one immediately.

They give a little glimpse into the template’s requests and graphics once individuals have selected a template. You can address these concerns and choose to use the theme or return to the menu and choose another one.

The templates are fully developed and include background images, font styles, videos, the nature and variety of concerns, the responses allowed for each request, etc. Once the theme has been applied, c can edit any of these.

Choosing a template instead of just simple and changing its elements was also a hassle-free and quick process. Your collection is impressive, and doing a survey is straightforward. The fantastic graphics were an additional and also.

Logic Jumps Function 

If you create or update a form using the Create API, you can use this walkthrough to use the logic jumps. If you’re unfamiliar with Typeform’s Logic Jump idea, this help article provides an excellent introduction to the basics.

The three points of this logic leap are the type and reference definitions, the to object, and the problem element. Here’s how they work together on a logic jump:

  • The meanings of Art and Ref indicate which area caused the logic jump.
  • The object specifies in which province or on which screen the results of the logic jump are displayed.
  • The condition object defines the problems for the implementation of the logic jump.

Produce Forms 

With Typeform, you can significantly improve the response rate for your forms and surveys. That gives you much more reliable and believable data that you can process to get accurate results. Even with the open plan, you can generate unlimited studies and forms.

Free API 

Typeform’s validation features provide a free API to promote ease of deployment and practicality. The API allows you to integrate your types and studies with various other tools. In addition, the system offers data export functions to make your work uncomplicated.

Typeform Customer Support 

The Typeform is inexpensive, and the world’s best customer support features have come a long way in the past few years. These days, soothing classical music is no longer enough to relax customers while holding up for a representative.

Customer Support
Customer Support

Shady helplines connecting individuals to far-flung corners of the world have been replaced with real-time help chats. And while “support” used to mean fixing technological issues, now it’s about taking care of individuals exactly how to get one of the best out of your product.

It is not always easy to keep up with the times. And when you help others, it has to be individual. You can’t always go by the book. So we asked our talented customer support group below Typeform about the resources they convert to when they need a little inspiration because support representatives need some cases.

Typeform Money-Back Guarantee

TypeForm does not guarantee a refund, and as such, some people have reported scams. However, Typeform users report that the site includes coupons or discount codes for when you want to buy from their store again in the future!

Typeform doesn’t offer refunds because of its “no-questions asked” policy on all purchases made through its website. But luckily, there are discounts available if one returns to purchase more items which are great since this form builder has everything I need anyway!

Typeform Alternatives

Many companies offer online form builder software. However, each has its own pros and cons, so it can be difficult to choose one over the other.

One way you might make your decision is by looking at customer reviews of each company’s website forms or templates on websites like G2Crowd and Capterra to narrow down what type of features they have for a particular industry (such as education).

For example, SurveySparrow offers a free plan with unlimited surveys, while WPForms has an easy-to-use drag & drop editor, which will help if you’re not too tech-savvy when building your first survey template!


Typeform is an affordable, well-equipped data collection tool that makes it easy and quick to create incredibly interactive surveys. In addition, if you need to complete a single form that can serve a wide range of respondents, the system’s support for logic jumps will make your life easier!

Typeform has made it easy to customize and integrate their forms with your existing process. You can adjust every detail of the form, like what kind of questions are being asked or how you want them answered.

Typeform is a highly customizable service that integrates with other software. Unlike its competitors, Typeform offers an easy-to-use design and the ability to customize almost every aspect of your inquiries as well as integrate them into your existing process.

7.5 Total Score
Typeform Review

Typeform is a modern information collection tool that makes it fast and easy to create highly interactive surveys. The system's support for logic jumps helps you get through your forms without taking too long, which allows all of the respondents to complete them in their own time.

6.8User's score
  • Fun user experience
  • Browser-based, which means that you do not have to install it
  • Great for surveys
  • Surveys and forms look great on just about any mobile device.
  • Good customer support
  • Typeform hosts your surveys.
  • Hard to customize to match your branding
  • It can seem pricey for small business owners
  • The free plan includes Typeform branding
  • Most of the features are not available on the free plan.
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