Drip Review(2023): Affordable Marketing Automation But Also Work As CRM

Drip, email marketing software, is part of a broader CRM platform set up with e-commerce in mind. Best for eCommerce businesses with 10-1,000 employees.

First, add to your email list with bespoke opt-in popups and automated lead magnet delivery. Next, use Facebook Lead Ads, then use great-looking visual emails, powerful computer operations, and extensive personalization to bring it all to your customers’ homes. With Drip, your email marketing points out additional information as you continuously send targeted messages at really appropriate times on every customer journey.

What is Drip? 

Drip is a marketing automation engine that gives marketers the tools they need to build stronger, more profitable relationships with their customers on a larger scale.

Kathryn Sollmann, Drip’s director of growth marketing, sees the future in a multi-channel approach. The first step is to identify and target your ideal customers through an effective website.

Once you know who they are, you have to make it easy for them to find you when searching on search engines and via social media.

Having done this, focus on providing great content that will resonate with these perfect prospects so that they sign up for your newsletter or another contact list. This way, once communication has begun with the option, follow-up is explicitly tailored to their interests and behavior patterns.

Drip Review
Home Page

More than 27,000 marketers worldwide use Drip’s in-depth tracking, hyper-segmentation, and permanent email marketing automation to grow their business. So graduate from simple email systems, bloated CRMs, and over-hyped marketing automation tools and earn even more money with Drip.

Drip Pricing and Plans 

There are three plans to choose from Startup, Pro, and Enterprise. Drip Startup is free for up to 100 subscribers with a 7-day trial option available. The other two plans have no limit on subscribers, but Standard pricing starts at $99/month. A 14-day free trial is also available.

When you provide a higher quality of service, your price should increase accordingly.

When offering the best possible product or experience to customers who are regulars at our business–whether that means taking good care in cleaning up after them when they leave versus rushing through for lunch without getting everything done before people start coming back again later on down the road-, then there’s no reason why an even better paycheck shouldn’t reflect it!

Still, if you need more than 1000 contacts, then Drip will add email personalization and segmentation options to these plans for an additional charge. For this reason, it’s better to understand your ideal customer needs as thoroughly as possible before embarking on any marketing campaign.

  • The Drop From $19.00/month.
  • Drop Pricing: Subscription.
  • The Drip Free Trial: Available (no credit card required).
Drip Pricing Review
Pricing and Plan

Forever up to 100 contacts. Drop price based on a variety of customers. Base subscription (2,500 customers) – $49 / month or $41 / month if paid annually.

Pro subscription (5,000 subscribers) – $99/month or $83/month if paid annually.

Overview of Drip Features 

Drip CRM features include lead scoring, contact forms, built-in survey generation, and the usual password-protected forms to ensure the right people are getting your messages.

For email automation, Drip allows you to create nurture programs with up to 50 emails each. You can choose how long an individual should receive these automated activities before moving on to another campaign or segmented out altogether. The whole system is flexible enough that anyone from an internet novice upwards can use it effectively.

Drip Review Ecommerce CRM capabilities enable brands to bridge the gap between what consumers want and what e-commerce offers. Learn more about your customers, personalize deeper, expand faster, and make every experience with Drip much more human.

Customer Data 

Drip Review’s best features are customer data. There is a whole world of information that your customers share with you. Every day with every click, transport, and purchase. Drip aids that you collect arrange and boil – every ounce of information to develop your best strategies.

Everyone who walks the course of your store has information that is unique to them. It can use to build more effective relationships in your marketing.

Custom fields contain additional details about your email to make your brand popular with your customers and stand out from the competition.

When and how typically your customers plan something, you get a deeper appearance. For example, by tracking events in Drip, you can always see that a person is looking at their favorite product when purchasing and additional information that you can personalize based on actual habits and engagement.

Unify data points from all of your tools into one organized hub, where they are always available for use in your subsequent large-scale engineering. 

When you plug all of your eCommerce marketing tools right into Drip, you will ultimately understand what each customer does at the beginning of their journey through the checkout and back.


Another essential function that Drip Review should fulfill is personalization, which allows you to create unique customer journeys. That is a crucial approach for e-commerce brands to increase sales and repeat purchases after the initial switch.

To do this, you need a CRM system that allows you to track contacts when people interact with your website differently. Drip makes this straightforward with its tracking system geared towards e-commerce.

Again, you can work with many CRM platforms, but Drip’s focus on e-commerce makes it easy to set these procedures in place if you are new to everything.


Find out what your customers want in the way of communication. You know that they’re on social media, but are you maximizing their experience there? For example, email can be a powerful tool for engagement with email messages or newsletters at the right time and place to increase customer loyalty (think about timing-related products). But don’t stop there! What about text messaging: it’s fast, easy-to-use & free; mobile devices have made this form of contact even more popular than ever before.

Deliver meaningful messages no matter where your customers are – whether through email, SMS, or other forms like Social Media channels. They’ll appreciate knowing you remember them, making it hard not to forget who you work with, so find new ways every day to engage them.


Visual Email Builder offers a variety of templates to help you create visually appealing emails for your customers. So whether it’s about their order, updates on new products available online, or just saying hello, we’ve got the template that suits them best!

Visual Email Builders is an easy way to make sure all your messages are appropriate and elegant-looking. With this tool at hand, making beautiful email templates has never been so simple – from fonts down to photo placement – this app makes customizing quick work with its drag-and-drop interface.

Personalized content blocks are a great way to engage your customers in their inboxes. With these, you can offer up product recommendations and other relevant information without having any developers on staff at all!


The rise of new, cheaper social media networks such as Instagram and Facebook Messenger makes it challenging to maintain customer engagement rates for long periods.

It is essential now more than ever to make your customers aware through a medium they can quickly consume – SMS marketing offers this by being cheap and easy on attention span.

Plus, an overpriced text message conversion rate means you’re sure not only will your messages be read but also acted!

Facebook and Instagram 

The customer journey doesn’t end on your website. Always know what your customers depend on and use this to run ads on Facebook and Instagram that fully complement the emails, postcards in their inbox, or other approaches you have for marketing networks.

The goal is always clear: provide an experience that will leave customers with a smile at every stage from landing page to checkout!

Third-party integrations 

You should make sure your brand is in the foreground as often as possible. For instance, when they see your website or open an email from you—behavior-based automation and operations will help ensure that crucial moments to connect with customers never pass by again.

Companies have many opportunities to interact with their consumers: when a customer visits one of our websites; opens up an important message about order fulfillment; clicks on something related to financial services we offer them (like auto loans); etcetera. However, it can be easy for those interactions not to go through if behavior-driven automated systems are in place ahead of time!

Marketing automation 

Drip tests prominent characteristics of marketing automation, and Drip is an essential selection in this area. The focus is on automating email marketing. Usually where the focus needs to be on eCommerce brand names.

Drip’s email builder will undoubtedly help you create designs quickly. However, it would behave if the platform offered a far better set of templates to speed up the process.

However, it’s a minor complaint that I need to talk about.

Drip is also easy to forgive as it has a lot going for it regarding automation workflows. It has many pre-built automation operations that you can use. All for basic e-commerce features like cart desertion. Customer acquisition, Black Friday / Cyber ​​Monday bargains, and much more.

You can also build your process with Drip’s builder, and the system’s excellent integration support gives you a considerable amount of freedom in automating your functions.

You can do all of these with most CRM systems. However, Drip’s strong e-commerce focus and its integrations make this practical and straightforward. Approach to inclusion and use for e-commerce entrepreneurs. Who doesn’t own a lot of contact with CRMs?

Multichannel marketing 

Email and on-site communications are two of the most critical processes for eCommerce brand names. However, there are other channels that you need to incorporate directly into your sales/marketing strategy.

A social network is becoming increasingly important for retail brands. For example, the similarity between Facebook and Instagram makes it easier for customers to shop directly in stores.

While Drip has social integrations and some advertising and marketing features from Facebook, this isn’t one of the most critical areas of the system.

Your paid search efforts will undoubtedly help the Drip website and landing page personalization features. That allows you to develop more appropriate messages for user needs.

Something to continue with as they progress your site’s customer journey.

You also get the power of text messaging and the ability to send postcards to your contacts with the actual email.

Analytics & Reporting 

To ensure that your CRM is positively affecting marketing approaches and profit margins, you need data.
It’s essential to have the right metrics for measuring how effective a customer relationship management (CRM) program can be on sales volume or conversion rates and other indicators of company success.

Drip can’t do everything that HubSpot does, but it has some features of its own. For example, Drip’s analytics and reporting focus on e-commerce efficiency, perfect for companies with limited resources or focused primarily on retail sales through their online store.

Drip Customer Support 

Drip is the customer support for customers who are looking to get help with their social media efforts. They offer live chat and email services and a database of articles that can be helpful during those more stressful times when you feel like giving up on your content marketing project.

The service provides 24/7 phone, video, or chat assistance, so they’re never able to escape from our team’s relentless attention!

Customer Support
Customer Support

All plans include email support. The free program consists of 30 days of email support a video clip training course on “Getting Started with Drip.” In addition, an overview of marketing automation is available for those who need more information to decide if the service will be effective for their needs.

Drip Money-Back Guarantee 

From Drip Price Works, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. On unopened new products that have not been used for up to thirty days and return within the time frame of our original delivery date (excluding shipping fees).

If you are not happy with your coffee maker, you can return it. When you return the coffee maker in its original package, we will refund your money. We will even give you a full refund if the box returns 30 days from when you buy it.

Drip Alternatives

Drip is a powerful marketing automation software, but it’s not for everyone. There are countless options for those looking to utilize an alternative solution that will help them with their budgeting needs and social engagement!

Are you in need of some alternatives? If so, count on the fact that Drip isn’t your only option for marketing automation solutions. In addition to helping automate campaigns like search tracking optimization efforts – which has been difficult without this type of tool before now – they’re also perfect for anyone needing assistance managing budgets or engaging socially online as well.

The challenge is thinking out whether or not the software you have chosen is right for you. We have compiled a list of Marketing Automation software that the reviewers found ideal compared to Drip.

With customer data, you can see how Drip is building up in competition, see reviews from existing and past customers, and find the best solution for your business. For example, ActiveCampaign, GetResponse, Omnisend, and Klaviyo are the most preferred alternatives and competitors to Drip.


A great value and a high-performing CRM, Drip is an excellent platform for an eCommerce brand – names first using this type of system. If you’ve never used a CRM, it’s all aimed at online retailers. ‘Direction makes the features so much easier to achieve.

Unfortunately, this benefit can last for so long. The stress of a sometimes sluggish and often flawed user interface is sure to linger. Drip decides to take care of these issues (assuming it certainly will).

The only criticism I have of Drip is the steep rise in the rate for greater exposure to lists. That is a common problem with CRM platforms. 

Nevertheless, I would like us to visit more companies like Active. The campaign is coming along—cheaper options to cut spending across the industry.

In conclusion, Drip is a fantastic alternative for eCommerce services looking to get their first CRM platform. But I don’t think that it is legally sufficient to establish yourself as a CRM. You will use it to find it for many years to come.

8.5 Total Score
Drip Review

Drip's CRM and eCommerce platform is tailored for both newbies to the industry as well as seasoned veterans. With its user-friendly interface, it has become one of my favorite platforms out there right now!

6.8User's score
  • Specialist eCommerce CRM
  • Strong automation features
  • Feature-rich for eCommerce
  • 90+ integrations
  • Robust CRM platform reporting
  • Solid integrations
  • Easy-to-use
  • It Pricey.
  • Email templates could be better.
  • No phone support
  • Lacks CRO feature
  • The form builder is restricted
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