Wishpond Review(2023): Pricing, Ease of Use and More

It’s a platform with essential lead generation and marketing automation tools used by more than 5,000 companies: Landing Pages: Create, publish, and A/B share review Mobile-Responsive Landing Pages in minutes.

It is a leading provider of social media marketing software, and in this Wishpond review, we will take an in-depth look at what Wishpond has to offer. Wishpond’s services are designed with small business owners in mind, so you can easily set up your own marketing campaigns without complicated coding or design skills. Wishpond pricing is also very affordable for any size business, no matter how big or small. We’ll cover more on these topics below!

What is Wishpond?

Wishpond Review
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Wishpond Review is a service that helps companies with all of their advertising and marketing needs. With Wishpond, you can always count on professional content writers who will take care in creating your messages to perfection at an affordable price for everyone!

Wishpond is a social media marketing platform that provides its users with the chance to go viral and capture additional leads. They create distinctive promotional materials, such as web page overlays, opt-in bars, popups, and landing pages that can help you grow your business exponentially by capturing more people’s attention on an already crowded digital landscape.

Also, there’s no need to fret if your business currently has apps as Wishpond can connect to over a thousand apps and has 40 of its indigenous combinations.

Wishpond Pricing and Plans

Wishpond offers three different pricing plans. Wishponds Basic plan, Pro Plan, and Enterprise plan all offer Wishpond’s full suite of features for a varying range of prices per month.

Wishpond pricing
Pricing and Plan

The Wishpond review will cover the differences in detail below.

– Wishponder Basic($45/month): This is our most affordable option as it includes Wishpond’s full suite of features without any limits.

– Wishponder Pro($78/month): This plan is for small businesses who need a few more advanced features and offers us about eight different options to choose from with varying prices per month.

– Wishponder Growth($129/month): Wishponds enterprise-level offer all the bells and whistles Wishpond has to offer and is perfect for large businesses who want Wishponds full suite of tools.

Overview Wishpond Features

Wishpond deals with various tools to increase your online marketing efforts. You can incorporate multiple functions into your website to make it attractive and unique to visitors.

You can create and approve mobile reception pages in a few minutes and integrate various forms into them. These types show when a website visitor is on the target website.

WishPond is a quick way to run contests and promotions on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media sites. You can also use it to send customized emails to the leads.

It provides an effective lead management system that keeps track of a lead’s task on the website. That task will later create a list that internet marketers can use to track their leads’ actions.

Lead management is the main feature of Wishpond, as it offers numerous opportunities to bring in leads and keep them active with product-relevant feeds.

Likewise, an invisible partnership is created between you and the consumer when the website visitor learns more about your product or makes a request for concern.

With every minimal effort on your website, a website visitor is increasingly convinced that they are buying from you. This request monitor with line navigation patterns that Wishpond is recording.

Marketing Templates

Wishpond has over 200 social media marketing templates that will make it easier for your small business to connect with customers.

Wishpond offers various tools and features, including blog section templates, event management modules, email integration, and more!

Campaign Builder

Wishponds takes the hassle out of creating custom campaigns by allowing you to build them in minutes.

Wishponds is an easy way to create a customized, professional-looking marketing campaign for your company or organization!


Wishpond’s analytics feature is perfect for tracking and monitoring your ROI. Wishpond can also track the number of clicks, views, or leads generated by a particular ad.

Wishpond also offers Wishlists, a Wishlist builder that lets you market to your prospects based on their wants or needs.

Landing Pages

Wishponds Landing Pages are perfect for building an email list by offering something exclusive in exchange for their contact information, such as a free eBook!

Wishponds landing pages can be customized easily with Wishpond’s drag and drop editor. Wishlists also have their own Landing Page Builder, making it easy to create a new Wishlist or add to an existing Wishlist with ease!

Reporting Tool

Wishponds powerful reporting tool helps you track the success of your marketing campaign in terms of social media engagements (likes, shares, etc.), lead generation, and more.

Wishponds reports can also be downloaded as a PDF or CSV file, so you won’t have to worry about missing any of Wishpond’s valuable data!

SMS Service

Wishpond’s SMS service offers text message marketing options with access to over 390 million mobile phone numbers in the U.S., Canada, and Australia – it doesn’t get any easier than Wishpond!

Wishponds SMS service also includes sending unlimited messages, with a monthly limit of 12000 texts.

Lookalike Audiences

Wishpond’s popular “Lookalike Audiences” feature allows you to create targeted ad campaigns by showing your ads only to similar audiences – perfect for reaching customers interested in the same things you are!

Wishpond also offers Wishlists, a Wishlist builder that lets you market to your prospects based on their wants or needs.

Market automation

I can’t speak enough about their receptive consumer support and product lineup. A white-gloved experience. It’s raw and easy to use too, just with the features you need. Create landing pages in minutes, run split reviews, automate email projects, create referral projects, etc. We have been using it for over three years as it just keeps getting better.

I want Zoom integration for webinar leads (not essential as we can post tips quickly after the webinar + they have a Zapier combo), in addition to a webchat widget. Before Wishpond, we used different devices for points like email, touchdown pages, types, etc. Wishpond helped us integrate everything for a reasonable price and with little mental overhead. It’s easy to use and educate people about it. Also, I can’t speak remarkably enough about the responsive customer support and product lineup—a white-gloved experience.

Email marketing

Email newsletters are a great way to stay in touch with your customers, but what is the best email subject line?

This might be one of those questions that you never thought about before. However, there has been extensive research on this topic, and it turns out that some words work better than others when sending an email newsletter. For example: “Hi Friend!” or “Happy Monday” seems much more personal than something like “Howdy Folks!”. The result? Emails that have a friendly tone seem to convert at higher rates! And if you want even more tips for converting readers into buyers, make sure not to miss our next post by following us on social media today!

Wishpond’s robust email editor is the perfect solution for keeping your customers updated with new promotions, features, and brand-new products.

Website popups

There is one significant mistake that several marketers and small business owners make in the first two years of running the business.

You produce a website, make it both beautiful and comfortable, and then leave it.

You are the store owner, and a customer walks into your place of business. They’re looking for some boots to fit their size, but they’re also stumbling around like they don’t know where anything is. So you ask them if you can help find something-anything at all-and. As soon as you get close enough to touch one boot, it jumps out from under your hand! It’s tiny too; there’s no way that these people would be able to wear this thing without getting hurt… so what do I do?

A straightforward website will bring your visitors here, and you won’t do anything open to get them to act.

Touchdown web pages and popups make your website an energetic one. They give you a say and allow you to influence your visitor’s actions.

This short article will undoubtedly introduce the top five use cases for small business popups, as well as 21 real-world popup instances on small business websites.

Lead management

Wishpond’s visitor monitoring software helps you track the pages your leads are checking out and monitor which campaigns they’re converting on, giving you a clear understanding of their behavior.

You can use Wishpond to keep tabs on what visitors click through or buy by reviewing analytics reports that show how many times people have visited specific pages and completed certain actions, such as registering for an account or purchasing products within your store.

We have the data you need to make your marketing and sales initiatives more effective.

Use this information on our hot leads to better customize what we do for each customer because while not everyone is willing or able to buy from us right now, they must know about all of how we can help them; out!

CRM integrations

The Wishpond is a modern-day take on the classic castle. It has long been cited as an example of out-of-the-box thinking, and it’s not hard to see why! The company, specializing in automated marketing tools for consumers, was built from scratch by CEO Jeffrey Tanner with his partners Kyle Lacy and Brad Smith over two years ago when they made their first investment into the project.

The founders admit that many people thought they were crazy at first. Still, they now agree that this idea will revolutionize how companies engage with potential customers through automation software!

Wishpond Customer Support

Wishpond offers a full suite of customer support services, including 24/hour phone, live chat, and email. Wishponds customer service reps are all very friendly and knowledgeable about Wishpond’s products, so getting help with any issue is easy!

Customer Support
Customer Support

Wishpond also offers an online knowledge base with all of Wishpond’s most common questions and answers.

Wishpond Money-Back Guarantee

Wishpond is the perfect tool for small businesses of all sizes and budgets! With its easy-to-use interface, Wishpond offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied. No coding skills or design experience is required – install it in a few minutes to get started with your marketing campaign today!

Wishpond Alternatives

Wishpond offers a variety of email marketing and advertising tools to help grow your business. Whether you need an easy way to start sending emails or want more advanced features for social media integration, Wishpoand has something for everyone!

The challenge is to find out if the software program you have chosen is right for you. We’ve compiled a list of email advertising and marketing software programs that customers rated the best overall, unlike Wishpond.

Based on the information from the reviewers, you can see how Wishpond ranks against the competition, check past and current reviews, and find the best solution for your service.

ShortStack, ActiveCampaign, HubSpot Advertising Center, and SharpSpring are popular alternatives and competitors to Wishpond.


After taking an in-depth look at the features and benefits of the Wishpond review, is it worth your money?

Wishpond provides a low price for their system that comes with many great features. The best part about this service is its versatility; many different kinds of promotions you can use to generate new leads!

Wishpond is fantastic advertising and marketing platform with some unique features, especially their aesthetic web page builder. However, their customer support is terrible and requires prompt attention.

You can develop attractive landing web pages, pop-up forms for collecting leads and sending marketing emails.

8 Total Score
Wishpond Review

Wishpond is a straightforward system that aids companies with all their advertising and marketing requirements.With Wishpond, you do not merely obtain a course; however, it is also a professional team of content authors, advertisements, professionals, developers, and more. It uses a technology that is both state-of-the-art and straightforward, allowing you to understand your customers far better and grow your service without needing to stress over finding out complicated systems.

6.8User's score
  • Wishpond tracks lead extremely well, so I can see where certain individuals were originating from, which profited Advertising to understand where to put our budget plan.
  • Wishpond had an easy-to-use user interface, making the contest set up simple for myself and any of my team members that were using it.
  • Wishpond had a terrific customer care team! I can enter and also send a message with a worry, knowing I would certainly get a response within an hour or two.
  • Wishpond fees by lead, so if we discussed a specific concern of leads obtained, we could no longer gain access to more unless we invested even more with them.
  • As a different platform, we had to purchase an additional social media platform for scheduling together with Wishpond, which pressed our budget plan.
  • We would certainly have liked to see even more kinds of competitive alternatives and layouts to make use of.
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