Buzzstream Review(2023): A Top Link Building and Outreach Tool

BuzzStream does an influencer outreach CRM and influencer research engine that helps SEO and PR groups review BuzzStream. Build quality partnerships with key influencers, increase word-of-mouth traffic, increase search performance, and increase recognition.

By incorporating the steps into the outreach process and automating one of the most strenuous activities, BuzzStream helps teams uncover influencers, generate interest, and build efficient connections.

What is Buzzstream?

BuzzStream is essentially a web link-building and digital public relations tool influencers can use to manage relationships and create tailored contacts. So, for influencer marketing, web link building, or public relations – BuzzStream can be your ideal tool.

Buzzstream Review
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Users can create, manage, and run their link-building campaigns in one place by focusing on link-building. The Buzzstream team works frequently and strives to improve the tool and offer improved features to customers.

Buzzstream Pricing and Plans

Buzzstream pricing Review
Pricing and Plan


That is the most basic and affordable plan created by those just getting started, and check out the tool.

It offers a simple out-of-package range with a maximum of 2 users.

It costs $24 per month and is also for an individual. You can also add another user for $24 each.

It can stand up to 1000 contacts and also has the following features:

  • Determination of the contact details
  • Open, click, and answer the track.
  • Email topics
  • Organize email & tips
  • Automated follow-up
  • Publisher and influencer metrics
  • Twitter conversation tracking
  • Chrome extension
  • Email proof of achievement
  • Link monitoring (1,000 links)


The second pricing plan focuses on groups of people with around three users.

The group plan is the most popular selection of all the options and can reach 25,000 contacts.

Get $99 back per month. If thou want more than three users, you can get additional users for $33 each.

This plan provides a comprehensive contact program that includes sharing information with your group, getting project reports, and more.

When it comes to features that don’t match the starter above plan, this is what you get as well.

  • A mass email was sent.
  • Sharing team templates
  • Project performance reporting
  • Link reporting
  • Customizable approvals
  • Telephone and email support
  • Link monitoring (25,000 links)


The third plan is the professional one, which takes it to a higher level. It uses sophisticated analytics, high customizability, API accessibility, and customer support.

It can reach 100,000 calls.

That costs $299 per month, equivalent to six users. But if you need additional users, they’ll each cost $50 and add to the cost.

When it comes to functions, it is all started, and so do group functions and the following.

  • Team performance reporting
  • Unlimited dataset customization
  • Integration via Internet Services API
  • We have a dedicated account manager.
  • Link monitoring (100,000 links)


One of the most sophisticated and expensive plans that Buzzstream has to offer is the custom plan.

It is a complete resource that can tailor to your organization’s needs.

The start-up cost is $999 monthly for 15+ users, reaching 300,000+ calls.

Aside from the previously mentioned plan features, it has beyond that.

  • Implementation plan
  • Onboarding for the new employee

As you can see, Buzzstream thinks of all the different types of businesses and businesses too. That may be curious about the tool.

As an even more critical plus, Buzzstream offers a free trial period on all plans except the custom one, where you can try the features for free and see how they work.

When it comes to repayments, you pay 12 months in development. In this situation, you will get a free solution for a month, another choice.

Overview of Buzzstream Features

BuzzStream review tools will help you connect with relevant niche influencers. Then, organize great outreach programs, customize them, get lots of leads, schedule influencer follow-ups, and so on.

The whole idea of the Buzzstream website book is into four parts, almost all from an outreach project.

Buzzstream is designed to make creating links both simple and less tedious. With this tool, you can adapt the functions to your requirements to combine the requirements and needs of the building.

You can use this tool to set up custom link types. However, creating web links is time-consuming and incredibly difficult if you are new to search engine optimization.

Many people need an SEO specialist to help them build web links. With Buzzstream, you don’t need a professional SEO expert to create high-quality links.

This web link creation tool also makes web link creation easy for those participating in large Buzzstream web link creation campaigns. That includes many research studies providing direct web design techniques and acquisition links.

That makes the process quick and easy and will help you improve search engine optimization from your website. Buzzstream may not get a complete SEO tool. However, it is an excellent web link-building tool that can include other SEO tools to improve SEO

Ability to Add a Bookmark

Buzzstream allows you to bookmark your toolbar functions. That is a great way to add brand new link prospects to your BuzzStream database in a pop-up window.

This function immediately checks the website to get contact information such as email address, phone number, or contact form from the website and tries to get it. Therefore, fields in your CRM record are pre-filled, making pasting websites into another system more convenient and faster.

With this tool, you can effortlessly search for a role using the contact.

It makes it easy for you to build a link-building database properly.

The web link creation tool acts as a CRM for link-building tasks and helps users track their connections and conversations with potential link companions.

This feature is helpful for agencies that want to reduce the number of unknown calls required to insert links by reusing link information across campaigns.

Users of an SEO group with their complete information in a well-maintained CRM like BuzzStream will undoubtedly pay off when their team leaves their weblink relationships and takes them away.

Link building is a too essential part of any SEO campaign. That is why you need an excellent web link creation tool to help you develop premium links and support and monitor your web link creation activities to ensure your SEO strategies are working.

Email Management

Buzzstream gives you a trustworthy email management function.

With the latest report from BuzzStream, you can fully integrate it with your email account to ensure that all the background information about your message against contacts is recorded in your BuzzStream’s contact database.

Save time by ensuring you have all your message histories in one place for easy retrieval.

The tool’s system is very spontaneous when building links. It makes it easy to manage your web link building. You can make a list of link-building jobs and quickly see the progress of each project.

‘Outreach’ Module

The Outreach module features are a feature that allows you to develop template emails to link companions using email combination style features.

This function helps you examine high-quality link prospects, add them to the database, and then use the range to present yourself and your proposal and receive answers with individual feedback.


Buzzbar The BuzzStream review feature allows you to open multiple sections at once in a browser-style window and view critical contact information and various other information on one screen to control prospecting in your listings.

This feature allows you to review the website, remember why you are talking to the website owner, and send a contact email from a template without leaving the ad.

That speeds up the link prospecting process and simplifies the process even for newbies.


You choose to stick to the status of the campaigns displayed and get feedback from the leads. In a case where a large group is using the same platforms, you can also track the performance of each employee and take care of it effectively.

Buzzstream Customer Support

When dealing with sensitive information, you must always be careful. That is a point to remember even when it comes to new tools. But, according to Buzzstream, your data is highly secure. It is supported daily and also kept in numerous areas.

Customer Support
Customer Support

The servers are located in data facilities monitored by the video surveillance device.

The servers are protected by on-site employees around the clock all year round.

I will keep your details for two weeks if you need them to end your membership. After these two weeks, the data will be deleted to guarantee the highest possible security for everyone.

Buzzstream Money-Back Guarantee

Your BuzzStream membership begins with a free trial (“Trial Period”). The test phase lasts 14 days or as specified during registration. Your “billing cycle” means the length of time that you prepay registration costs. That will undoubtedly be the same or shorter than the subscription period. For example, if you subscribe to that Subscription Service for twelve months, the billing cycle will undoubtedly be twelve months.

You can cancel your subscription during the entire trial period and will certainly not bill for the service. However, after your trial period has expired, calculate the billing period. Refunds will be issued if you contact us within 30 days of the end of your trial period (“Refund Period”).

Buzzstream Alternatives

Are you looking for alternatives to BuzzStream? Countless people want the media and influencer targeting software to support the media database, contact/campaign management, and social network services. The challenge is figuring out if your chosen software is right for you. We’ve compiled a list of media and influencer targeting software that was voted best general by reviewers as opposed to BuzzStream.

Based on the BuzzStream review information, you can see how the BuzzStream review piles up for the competition, examine the BuzzStream review from past and current users and find the most effective solution for your service. Ninja Outreach, Cision Communications Cloud, Meltwater, and GroupHigh are popular alternatives and competitors to BuzzStream.


In conclusion, although the BuzzStream test had some negatives, it might be worth a try.

The link-building and contacting functions can be very time-consuming+. A tool like Buzzstream can save you time so that you can focus on various other essential aspects of your business.

Another great point is that numerous pricing plans are available based on your needs.

Much better is the free trial option, which undoubtedly allows you to get the sensation of the system. If Buzzstream isn’t for your needs, you can quickly cancel your registration and move on to your search for another tool in the long run.

8.5 Total Score
Buzzstream Review

BuzzStream is a Public Relations and outreach software service developed for marketers in the digital age to help them connect with influencers, build partnerships, and conduct tailored outreach activities efficiently and efficiently.With this platform, marketers can swiftly and quickly find influencers on social networks and other internet elements to have pertinent web content shared and linked by the target audience. This software remedy intended for tiny- to mid-sized businesses and large enterprises that are significantly engaged in PR management, email outreach, and even web link building.

8.5Expert Score
6.8User's score
  • Checklist building
  • Outreach
  • Project organization
  • Terrific user interface and convenience of use element
  • Less complicated to find individuals you desire (more filters)
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