Instapage Review(2023): Overall Best Landing Page Builder

Instapage is a comprehensive marketing solution that can help you grow both your email list and revenue with its conversion tools.

The company is well known for its advanced landing page builder. However, Instapage would like the globe to realize that it uses a lot more.

Instapage calls its marketing collection “Advertising Conversion Cloud.”

As an extension of a feature-rich landing page builder, Instapage uses various customization, testing, and error options for ads. The Ad Map tool can also help you imagine visitors’ journeys.

The decisive marketing factor of Instapage is conversions.

Instapage considers that only 4% of clicks on the web lead to conversions on the relevant page.

The average customer conversion price for Instapage customers is 16%.

Let’s look at what Instapage offers and see if it can be used in your business.

Extremely intuitive page builder, special customization functions, good design template collection, comfortable and necessary to use and edit. A little bit pricey. However, you get a unique, powerful system for your landing pages. Instapage is a straightforward drag-and-drop landing page software program editor, like Unbounce, Leadpages, etc.

What is Instapage?

Instapage is a landing page software provider making the most of post-click optimization for years. As a result, they are regarded as one of the leaders in conversion price optimization today.

Instapage Review
Home page

Instapage’s product is a contemporary drag-and-drop landing web page editor that enables online marketers to develop pixel-perfect landing pages for paid advertising optimization and quick landing web page production.

Instapage functions hundreds of out-of-the-box layouts and many assistance for business owners and business clients alike. It is aiding 15,000 clients across 100 countries to record even more value from their projects.

Instapage Pricing and Plans

Google, Facebook, and also various other PPC advertisements? After that, you should have thought about the landing pages you’ll be most likely to land your visitors.

Picking the appropriate landing web page home builder can be difficult, especially when many choices are offered out there. What if you get far more than merely the capability to create landing web pages? A tool that can aid you makes elegant landing pages along with improving your conversion prices.

Instapage is among those devices that help you better manage your landing web page and ad’s performance. To aid you to boost conversions and ultimately lower the cost-per-click on your ads.

In this short article, I’ll do Instapage Pricing plans thorough evaluation to discover the things. And to review whether its expense is worth your organization. So allow’s start by taking a look at Instapage strategies.

Business Plan

Its Business Plan will undoubtedly cost you $199 regular monthly, which will be lowered by 25% ($50) if you pay annually ($149/month).

Enterprise Plan

The Enterprise plan includes full customization according to your requirements. So the cost will undoubtedly be unique based on your needs. You require to very first offer your demands of:

  • Unique site visitors regular monthly
  • No. of landing web pages
  • No. of a team member

Afterward, the Instapage team will individualize a technique committed to your service.

Free Trial

Although Instapage does not provide any cost-free plan, it uses a 14 days Free Trial to examine business strategy. That hugely expected to taste any SaaS product to trust.

The most effective point is that there is no requirement for a Credit Card while signing up for this Instapage Free Trial.

Pros of the Free Trial

  • Cost-free.
  • It has all the attributes from the Core Plan.
  • It restricts 2,500 site visitors (which is sufficient).

Con’s of the Free Plan

  • It restricts to 14 days.
  • Instapage instantly unpublishes your pages when the test ends.

Overview of Instapage Features

Instapage landing web page contractor is the best for converting your visitors to leads and customers. Instapage provides mobile responsiveness with desktop layouts which means that you do not need a specialized app or type of website if you want your site to be successful on any device, anytime!


Instablocks allows you to build various blocks of your landing pages and customize each one.

You can also use a pre-designed Header, Footer, Sidebar, or other templates. But, of course, building from scratch is also an option too!

Instapage A/B Testing

Its Business Plan provides real web server-side A/B testing, which you can use with all your landing pages.

Instapage AB Testing

A standard for modern digital marketing is the ability to create multiple versions of a webpage and then test them in comparison to one another by displaying it on different types of screens (e.g., desktop computer or mobile phone).

This has been made possible thanks mainly to software that does this work behind the scenes without requiring any input from marketers themselves – usually referred to as “web server side split screen.” Nowadays, companies like Leadpages are taking such automation even further: they’re providing their server-side asplit-screencover terms and content so that they may run experiments on both simultaneously!


Instapage includes a Heatmap capability. This Instapage Heatmap Visualizer provides 3-in-1 tracking functionality, giving you the ability to track mouse movements, clicks, and scroll deepness.

You are given room for improvement with post-click landing page conversions, which means more people will be clicking on your ads!

Instapage Conversion Analytics

Instapage conversion analytics offer you real-time cost-per-visitor as well as lead information. They make it easy to see which marketing campaigns are working and how much they cost your company with just a few clicks of the mouse!

The Google Analytics integration with AdWords is so seamless that it’s possible to upload the leads from their platform and then pass them onto marketing automation tools. This saves time, as fewer manual processes are involved in uploading lead information across different platforms.

Instapage Customizable Templates

You need to find a landing page design that aligns with your marketing needs. With so many different options, you’ll be able to select the perfect one for you and your business.

With 200+ pre-made templates and a variety of customizable layouts, it’s easy to ensure that all visitors will see what they came here for!

Post click Dashboard

With more and more people opting to read articles on their mobile devices, marketers need to understand how this will affect how they measure success.

While most online ads still rely heavily on clicks as a performance metric, understanding which type of ad-to-page personalization can be found in your marketing campaign may better gauge its chances of succeeding in today’s market.

The Post Click Score measures just that by gauging the likelihood, an advertisement will undoubtedly reach one person out of every 1 page viewed from within your website or blog post content. This score includes both click rates and impressions per thousand pages (1:1000), bringing together two metrics into one easy measurement!

You need to import your project with AdMap first to see Post click ratings and relevant optimizations.

Customizable Forms

With Instapage, you can create the perfect form to get all your customer’s information before knowing it. Then, with a simple click of your mouse and some creative thinking, an awesome-looking website will be ready!

The best thing about using Instapage is that with just one or two clicks of the mouse button (and not much else), you’ll have an incredible-looking webpage that automatically leads people through each step until they’re done filling out their entire profile for you.

The form builder does not limit you to one or two fields for collecting data. You can have several different input types, such as drop-down lists and radio buttons.

Custom Code Editing

You can’t go wrong with advertisement monitoring codes and any other custom design customized code manager for those who want to use the best.

You can include monitoring codes to each element with their CSS Inline Editor for a more straightforward application. That gets rid of the possibility of getting the code triggered unnecessarily.

Dynamic Text Replacement

Instapage is an excellent tool for any PPC campaign because it allows you to create professional landing pages in minutes to help your click-through rates.

This InstaPage function has been one of the most valuable features that help boost performance with targeted landing page copy and increased CTRs!

SSL Certificates

Instapage provides landing pages that are safeguarded with SSL certification. This ensures that all data is encrypted and inaccessible by hackers when transferred to the webserver. As a result, you can be confident your contact information stays safe from outside intrusion while browsing on Instapage’s website.

Premium Web Fonts

Instapage provides you with more fabulous than 5000 Google typefaces and Typekit typefaces. No other landing page home builder generally has these fonts to make your landing web pages look sophisticated.

All the business strategy functions are included in the enterprise plan and these unique functions.

Global Blocks

As a result of how every page’s webpage obstructs are unique, any adjustments made to your website will affect each carrier in real-time.

This allows you to maintain consistency and make changes as quickly or gradually as needed without worrying about differentiating between carriers.

1:1 Ad-to-Page Personalization

The personalized ads can be tailored to the individual, giving them a more authentic experience of what they will find.

1:1 ad-to-page customization lets you serve dynamic advertisements perfect for your audience by tailoring an advertising campaign to show only relevant products and services based on their interests.

It’s as if the browser knows what you want before you do. When potential customer clicks on an ad, they get served with your web page in front of them instead!

AMP Landing Pages

You’re not going to get them back. Your customer clicks the “buy” button, and they turn into dollars, but if your landing web page doesn’t load quickly on mobile devices, you may as well have just lost that sale with a chance for another one.

Instapage makes it easy to make sure your pages are lightning quick, so customers stay engaged when browsing online or waiting in line at Starbucks – even without an AMP-enabled experience! In addition, instapage helps you optimize the performance of all aspects of a web page, from images and videos down to text.

Dedicated CSM (Customer Success Manager)

A dedicated customer success manager will work personally with you if you choose the venture strategy.

They will be able to recognize your service’s needs and serve as an extension of your team for us to help accomplish all that we can together.

Real-time collaboration

Instapage’s team-based software allows you to work with others to complete all of your projects in a timely and efficient manner.

Whether it is landing web pages, PPC campaigns, or any other project type – Instapage has the tools for success!

Integrated analytics insights

What if you can’t tell how successful your landing page is? Sometimes tracking success isn’t as easy as it sounds. Google Analytics and AdWords are two of the most popular tools to use, but they often come with a hefty price tag too high for many startups or small businesses that need help getting their startup off the ground. Luckily, another option called Clicky offers features not seen in other analytics programs, such as ROI estimation, at no cost whatsoever!

You will be able to see how many people clicked on a link, which ads are most effective in converting these visitors into customers, and what you spend per click or conversion.

Custom feature & design implementation

Instapage will take care of your needs for custom features and customized layouts to suit your company’s graphic design. They’re a great service provider with an easy-to-use platform that provides the tools you need without hassle or red tape.

Instapage is here to help out as they have a team dedicated specifically to helping businesses get what they want from their designs – which means more time spent on other important things!

Direct lead-bypass

Data personal privacy is an issue that all businesses should be aware of and take the necessary precautions to protect.

Protecting data from hacking has never been more critical; straight lead bypass is a way to do this with a 100% guarantee. This method of protecting your company will keep them safe, no matter how many people need access or the time frame.

Straight lead bypass can help you protect all kinds of information and offer security at any level for every business type: small businesses, corporations in general—everyone needs protection against hackers!

Guaranteed SLA

Instapage will always be up and running for you with their Dual webserver (Amazon + Google cloud) redundancy. In addition, Instapage assures 99.9% uptime, so they will have your site back online in no time after any issues arise!

Instapage shares every incident with its servers and errors, which happen less than 1% of the time.

Instapage Customer Support

Instapage Customer Support

The assistance of Instapage is exceptional, providing you with access to an unlimited support center. In addition, their edition, their team offers academic products like email and phone support and online chat that can be found on the website or via Facebook Messenger for any questions about their product offerings.

The assistance at Instapage is phenomenal! They provide customers with more than just customer service options- they offer various services to ensure every individual has all the resources necessary when using this content marketing software, including live chats through Facebook messenger or Skype, telephone conversations (available 24/7), and emails too!

Phone support

The phone service is only available for customers who enroll in the costs strategy.

The customer’s cellular provider can’t provide any assistance if they’re not our client, so we’ll have to do all the work ourselves.

Email and chat support 24/7

Client support by conversation and email is readily available 24/7 and also the reaction time for your tickets is incredible. The assistance team will have the ability to aid you will all type of issues in document time. Everything from having troubles establishing a brand-new domain or including HTML code.

The team can also offer you landing page design and A/B screening tips.

For premium, customers can take advantage of a template layout review. The conversion specialists at Instapage will look at your page and inform you precisely what you need to change to enhance conversions.

Instapage Money-Back Guarantee

Instapage’s only refund option is a 24-hour money-back guarantee.

If you’re not satisfied with the service after that period, your subscription fee will be non-refundable and can’t stop until the end of your contract (depending on which type of subscriber you are).

Instapage Alternatives

Are they trying to find choices to Instapage? Lots of people want Landing Page Builders to aid with a/b screening and mobile receptive. So we have put together a checklist of Landing Page Builders that reviewers voted the best general contrasted to Instapage.

Based on customer data, you can see precisely how Instapage accumulates to the competitors, examine testimonials from existing & previous users, and locate the most effective fit for your service. ClickFunnels, Unbounce, Landingi, and Google Analytics are some of the most prominent alternatives and competitors to Instapage.


We are currently involved in the final thought of this Instapage evaluation. Instapage is possibly the most effective landing page platform when it involves teams. The reason is that you can have multiple users who can work together, edit, and deal with a landing page simultaneously.

It is possibly the best for agencies working with customers due to the capacity to have subaccounts and offer read-only accessibility to individuals to view your landing pages.

It also supplies you with all the features you need to produce landing pages and make integrations with your preferred applications.

The only downside of the platform is the absence of phone assistance for the immediate and expert plan.

What landing web page platform do you presently utilize? What do you think about Instapage? Let us know in the comments listed below.

8.5 Total Score
Instapage Review

Instapage is the leader in post-click automation and helps digital advertisers develop more appropriate and impactful advertising by unifying the post-click stage of their funnel. With Instapage, marketing experts can take full advantage of conversions by producing individualized touchdown pages at scale that are instantly attached to relevant landing webpages with targeted ads.

6.8User's score
  • A great series of professional-looking touchdown page templates
  • The capability to provide files as well as market products using your touchdown web pages
  • An innovative touchdown web page building contractor that's easy to use
  • Good landing web page publishing options
  • Lots of reporting information and also tools to help you to maximize your pages
  • Features that make Instapage great for collaborating with team members as well as customers
  • Excellent mobile assistance to assist you in developing mobile-friendly landing web pages
  • Lots of valuable online documents and also a receptive online conversation support channel
  • Not as numerous touchdown web page design templates as some other devices, consisting of Leadpages
  • Fewer page widgets compared to costs WordPress web page home builders, such as Divi.
  • The organization plan was restricted to 30,000 one-of-a-kind site visitors monthly, 30 released landing page experiences, five workspaces, and five team members. Allocations on Enterprise strategy can customize
  • Slightly minimal eCommerce choices compared with various other tools, such as Leadpages
  • High rates make it unsuitable for casual website owners
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