Metrilo Review(2023): Best eCommerce Marketing Automation Tool

Data is essential for every eCommerce store. Using it efficiently can help take the company to whole new heights. But to use it properly, you need tools – and Metrilo provides just that!

One such tool is Metrilo, which builds marketing and sales understanding. Hence, WooCommerce business owners know where they stand with their visitors’ traffic patterns (did anyone from California visit? Has there been a decline in page views?). With this information at hand, make smart decisions by optimizing your storefront accordingly (set up an incentive program or start advertising).

The design of this tool helps WooCommerce business owners understand visitor traffic patterns to optimize their stores accordingly so they can get better results from every visit!

It offers several helpful features that enable store owners with site analytics, customer relationship management (CRM), and marketing automation to make informed decisions – all with a single tool.

What is Metrilo?

Metrilo is a comprehensive cloud-based marketing platform that offers robust CRM, instant e-commerce analytics, and email marketing services – all in one combo. It is a powerful solution that allows brand names to monitor efficiency directly to the consumer via channel reports to accelerate scaling. In addition, the platform turns data into helpful e-commerce analytics that companies can use to control their ROI and grow their brands with minimal constraints.

Metrilo review
Metrilo review

It offers a commendable breath of fresh air directly into the analysis. It tracks conversion across different channels and enables companies to identify one of the most beneficial sales channels. In addition, the solution allows for one-click integration into well-known e-commerce systems such as Shopify, Magento, and WooCommerce. In general, it enables online store owners to focus their initiatives on increasing ROI and bottom line.

Metrilo Pricing and Plan

Metrilo offers three pricing plans to suit your needs. The Essential plan, additionally known as the Standard Smethurst Plan, is perfect for those looking for an affordable option with basic features like logic and CRM functions available at a low monthly rate of $19 per user/month or just over $200 annually. It’s also worth noting that Metrilo has been featured in many popular publications such as TechCrunch, Forbes Magazine, Bloomberg Business Week, and more – assuring you this is the best choice!

pricing and plan
Pricing and Plan

The Premium plan includes all of the above plus access to the email automation feature. In addition, there is a 14-day free trial for standard and advanced plans that allows you to on your website and test that its features work with your website. We recommend starting law enforcement with the Premium plan to test all of the features and see which jobs are best for you.

Overvoew of Metrilo Features

It helps eCommerce brands grow by making marketing and customer data actionable and focusing on retention.

Metrilo is a business intelligence tool that focuses first and foremost on increasing revenue through retaining customers with increased loyalty rates (CLTV). They use real-time reporting to help you understand your users better while also providing email automation tools. The user doesn’t have to take any initiative in their own growth process.

Setup and Integration

Can you choose your preferred eCommerce platform during the signup process? Metrilo also offers the integration of Magento and Shopify.

Integrating Metrilo into your WooCommerce shop is a simple process as it only takes 10 minutes. First, you have to register on the website of the theme trio. After that, you will undoubtedly get a 14-day free trial without providing any credit card information.

When the process is complete, you will come to a control panel where you will undoubtedly receive instructions on how to integrate Metrilo into your WooCommerce store.

Upon completion, you will undoubtedly see this ad to choose your platform and get setup instructions. Source: Metrilo

First of all, you will undoubtedly need to install the Metrilo regulatory plugin from the WooCommerce administration window. Then, enter the API trick and API token that will certainly show up in the WooCommerce integration setups.

Metrilo will certainly get efficiently incorporated. Now you can track and import brand new customers and orders. If you want to sync existing customers and orders, there is a tool you can use to sync them too. Go to Tools >> Export to Metrilo.

Metrilo Dashboard

The control panel provides a real-time picture of what is going on in your store. All key performance indicators (KPIs) are available on the control panel, from revenue and effective orders to your top-performing items and beneficial customers.

All key performance indicators (KPIs) are available in the control panel. In addition, Metrilo offers some sophisticated metrics like Customer Lifetime Value (LTV) and Average Order Value (AOV) that focus on customer loyalty.

Average Order Value (AOV) allows stores to focus on customer loyalty.

The control panel helps you keep track of your business tasks.

Metrilo Analytics

Metrilo provides thorough income reporting under the Income Errors tab. In addition, you can reduce your store income directly into brand new or returning customers, discount coupon codes, campaigns, payment approaches, and others.

Where Is Your Traffic Coming From?

Use the Marketing Performance tab to monitor traffic reports and channel efficiency. These reports us to improve the website and review the return on the total amount of marketing investment, be it Facebook marketing or influencer marketing.

It also draws attention to itself when it comes to customer loyalty analyzes. You can see a basic summary of how well your store tempts to duplicate their orders. You can better break this down into different friends, campaigns, items, resources, and various other criteria.

Comparing the effectiveness of different campaigns and networks in generating repeat customers can be beneficial for customer engagement and, inevitably, your bottom line.

It also provides conversion channel analysis and product efficiency tracking to help eCommerce sellers generate many better converting buyers.

The Metrilo CRM

Ecommerce CRM features allow you to see specific customers, track their actions, and target them with custom messages and content.

It offers an alternative to classifying specific customer accounts in its data source. You can compile customers according to particular campaigns, order background, contact details, and product goals. You can change customer information such as contact information, inner tasks, and notes for the pointer. Each profile consists of a complete failure of customer activities in all areas.

Individual customer accounts are critical. However, it is more important to realize what you can do with them. Metrilo offers the alternative to filtering and tagging customers to arrange and create sectors based on activities and customer connections:

  • Actions customer functions
  • Income carried out
  • Actions not executed orders
  • Car injured last order
  • Product communication Last energy
  • Product classifications meetings
  • Email campaigns place
  • Use coupon Unsubscribers
  • Keywords
  • Metrilo also offers a helpful filter that filters the time frame for customer information. You can use it to target people who have purchased during a specific period. You can integrate it with Metrilo’s email marketing functionality to send specially customized emails.

Marketing Automation

In addition to travel guide email campaigns, Metrilo lets you set up email automation using the segmentation tools mentioned earlier. For example, you can set email automation to recover abandoned carts, welcome emails, or create an additional customized automated series.

It also allows customers to compose emails using the aesthetic drag-and-drop editor – an essential tool for creating pages – or import their HTML emails and multiple email templates to make your emails a lot to make it more conspicuous.

Metrilo Customer Support

Metrilo helps you find a perfect date fast! Their customer service is easy and quick to use with their chat. In addition, they have such an amazing layout that it’s hard not to stay on the site for hours browsing profiles!

Customer support
Customer Support

It has excellent customer service, which makes chatting so simple and efficient – there’s no waiting around or being put on hold when they’re available 24/7 via phone call as well if you want some live assistance. The clean design features really make this website wonderful because of how much time I’ve spent scrolling through all these different people who are just looking for someone like me too.

Metrilo Money-Back Guarantee

Metrilo offers full refunds for unsatisfied customers who make a refund within 30 days of signing up. It is not the cheapest service, but it does allow users to pay as they see fit and do so without complications or hassle.

Metrilo Alternatives

Metrilo isn’t the only alternative to e-commerce analytics software. More options and choices to fill out can find here. Ecommerce analytics software is a widespread innovation, and many people are looking for great, easy-to-use software options with guided marketing, optimization, and search.

Various other important factors to consider when researching options for Metrilo include marketing and email. We have compiled a list of solutions that the reviewers selected as the most effective alternatives and competitors to Metrilo, including ActiveCampaign, Omnisend, Mixpanel, and HubSpot Sales Hub.


Metrilos is the only all-in-one marketing tool for WooCommerce stores out there. With a plugin, it’s easy to install Metrilos and start seeing your store data in real-time on its reporting dashboard – no waiting necessary! Compare that with Google Analytics which you have to set up separately from any eCommerce platform or create new tags by yourself.

In summary, Metrilo offers a complete marketing collection for anyone looking to add customer acquisition and email marketing tools to their eCommerce store.

7.5 Total Score
Metrilo Review

Metrilo is an innovative new marketing and advertising platform that helps modern-day brands connect with their customers. Metrilo's analytics provide valuable information to improve your service performance, while its interactive tools enable you to maintain a long-term bond with your satisfied customer base. The integration process for eCommerce systems like Shopify or WooCommerce is quick and easy--and best of all, it doesn't cost anything!

  • Easy to install, extremely easy to use, as well as superb support.
  • The system gives exceptional Tips & Tricks concerning analytics as well as metrics data to boost my service.
  • Great trigger-based email automation.
  • An excellent method to see where actual sales are coming.
  • Great combination with Magento2.
  • Some attributes we think about important are not available.
  • Not able to personalize the dashboard.
  • Can not produce automation, or email is automating based on different consumer s areas.
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