Duda Review(2023): Is It The Best Website Builder?

Duda is one of the top three website builders in America. Duda has been around for over two decades, and they have a lot of experience when it comes to creating websites. Dua’s interface is easy to use, and anyone can create a site with their drag and drop editor. No technical skills need!

This review will go through what sets Duda apart from other website builders, including pricing/plan options, support, design capabilities, and more.

And what do these customers claim? The general view of Duda’s Builder seems a bit favorable: clients seem mostly satisfied and perfectly satisfied with the services they receive from the company and how the Builder is built and managed.

We will take a much deeper dive into the Builder in question in this Duda website builder review.

What is Duda?

Duda is a leading website design platform for web professionals and agencies of all dimensions. It empowers users to create, manage, plan creative projects through their collaborative interface with powerful team collaboration tools.

Duda review
Duda Review

Duda offers creatives the ability to build websites on a large scale while managing clients’ needs effectively.

Our platform allows you to create feature-rich websites that fully fit a desktop computer, tablet computer, and mobile phone and automatically improve Google PageSpeed.

Duda Pricing and Plan

In the Duda Pricing and Plan, customers give a choice to buy their goods in bulk. The more they purchase at once, the better price they will receive for every purchased item. This discount rate increases as you keep buying from them because of how much money it saves on shipping costs, with each order being shipped out individually

Additionally, you get additional features and upgrades with each person’s plan. For example, with the Duda Pricing Basic Plan. You have the option of using email support and having a shop with up to 10 products. However, after upgrading among the more effective programs, you will have the opportunity to add a brand logo design, get access to team and customer management features, have up to 8 websites, get additional widgets, and so on.

pricing and plan
Pricing and Plan

It should also note that while several Duda price reviews discuss. They are not a legitimate means of trying the Builder out. Duda Pricing offers a 14-day free trial with no credit card registration required. However, the company doesn’t have a free version of the website builder for anyone who uses it of their own free will.

That may be why most of the problems arise to be simple. At the same time, it makes sense for the Builder to focus on organizations. Unfortunately, the pricing options for Duda still seem high unless a free choice makes.

Overview of Duda Features

Duda is not the first company to offer low prices and quality features. However, Duda shares many of its advantages with other industry titans such as Google, making it an attractive option for high-quality search engine builders.

The main benefits are a drag-and-drop builder user interface. In addition, one can customize their site around specific needs, like a small business or non-profit organization looking for ways to showcase products and services they sell on their websites.

Drag-and-Drop Functionality

Undoubtedly, this is most likely one of the tenets that the bulk of each Duda review will refer to.

Drag and Drop The main features of Duda imply that you can select an item from the primary food selection with a website builder and drag and drop it anywhere on your website. There’s no challenging coding or various other technological chores – it’s as simple as it seems.

However, the majority of website builders do not allow you to put the element anywhere. There are certain lines and fields where this is possible. However, the term “anywhere” can still be used as the restrictions are significantly reduced.

My favorite online standpoint: If a builder lacks these features, it is usually not worth paying much attention. An exception to this guideline would undoubtedly be CMS – content management systems. Although these systems often do not have a drag-and-drop builder by default, they often focus on different elements of the website building process.

Instead, as you may have gathered by now, individual reviews of Duda Top Features website builders are pleased with the truth that the Builder uses the drag-and-drop feature. Plus, it works pretty well – the user interface is smooth, receptive, and spontaneous.

Great SEO + SSL

SEO – Search Engine Optimization – is an essential part of an effective website. If your website is “SEO Optimized,” it will likely rank higher in search engine search results. That means that when they search “Italian food” on Google, your website will surely rank among the top products for them and pick a checkout.

Several things make great SEO on a website – image alt titles and information, metadata (titles, summaries, etc.), correct use of specific niche-based keywords, website speed, and security features.

Customer Duda price reviews often discuss how well the company has managed to optimize its Builder in SEO. As a result, you have the opportunity to create ideal meta-information about your blog posts, manage your images, etc.

However, what is incredible is the truth that once your trial period ends and you start paying the registration costs (much more on that later), you will also receive an SSL Certificate for your website.

An SSL certificate is the small eco-friendly lock image near your website’s URL in the web browser. It doesn’t just help with search engine optimization. Still – it shows customers that your website is safe. Many Duda reviews mention that builders still don’t use this feature – that’s not just an embarrassment. However, it can also affect the well-being of your website.

Overall, the top features of Duda SEO Options are vast and extensive – this is precisely what several customers who wrote their Duda reviews were expecting, given the manufacturer’s core audience.

A Website Builder Designed for Business

When reading the numerous online website builder reviews of Duda’s top features, you may find that some people keep pointing out the truth that Duda is a business-based website builder.

Is there any use in these cases? Yes and no.

Duda markets itself as a “business” website builder. On their homepage, the company states that the Builder intends for “Agencies, digital publishers, hosting companies and SaaS platforms.” However, nowhere is there a word about private customers planning to develop a blog or online gallery.

That said, people who have tried using the Builder for their jobs leave cheap Duda price reviews. The basic agreement is that while Duda is positioning itself to be much more business-oriented (reflected in the registry display), your typical customers will undoubtedly see many benefits for the contractor in their day-to-day lives.

Additionally, a lot of people these days view their website as a business anyway. A website builder like Duda can help you create, set up, and maintain this type of website.

Responsive and Modern Templates

Templates are the most critical features of Duda. Every major topic that you can consider has specific designs that need to complete in full. For example, if you’re building a photography-based website, you probably want it to be displayed right from your home page. Well, with a template that has a built-in gallery area, you can.

However, keeping up to date with the style of the website is not enough. Nowadays, among the more critical template elements, the company recognizes whether it is new, and according to the individual Duda ratings, it does so quite well.

However, when you think about it, it makes the best feeling. Whether you’re building a blog site or starting a brand new business venture, you most likely want individuals to see and connect with your site’s content. However, if you have an outdated, less competent template, this is much less likely.

And I’m not just discussing the actual performance of the template. The “design” component of the challenge is critical. If a customer comes across your website and sees a page from the early 2000s, they likely assume it was a scam.

As mentioned earlier, customer Duda reviews are delighted with the company templates. The truth that Duda would certainly offer top-notch website designs makes sense. However – this falls back on the target audience all over again. If companies were to find that the templates lacked critical functionality undoubtedly, Duda would not have the current track record.

Managing and Adding Pages

The Manage Pages panel is straightforward. SEO and navigation options are available under an equipment icon. You can also import images and site information from an existing site.

To add a brand new page to my website, touch the switch + New Page. There are ten types to choose from, including Blank, URL, Info, Contact, Photo Gallery, List, and Complex Page.

Pages can be password protected using the food selection for device settings. When you move the mouse pointer over a page type’s thumbnail, its layout is display on the three device dimensions.

Duda has a highly functional blogging tool. That allows you to save and keep track of Peek messages, format and paste as you like. In addition, it keeps track of your customers (see Make Money below). Duda tracks competitors like Wix in terms of site membership and email marketing.

Dealing with Images

To add images to your website, you can choose from the photos included, drag and drop pictures from computer folders, or import them from online resources like Flickr, Facebook, Instagram, or Dropbox.

The selection of photos in stock had increased with my last test and transformed many shots of clothing shelves when I was looking for a “second-hand shop.” You can even enter the URL of an image or do a web image search to find the image you want.

Did you post multiple photos at the same time? No problem, regardless of whether it is an entire folder or several selected images in a folder.

Duda Images

You can crop, resize, and open a deeply rooted Aviary version for some online image editing and results during testing. I added a clickable link and a tooltip and changed the alt text in the image editing dialing. A device icon gives access to CSS and HTML code when you need more control.

You can choose either the initial or square facet ratio and gradient color when adding an image gallery. However, you do not give the choice of slideshow styles provided in Weebly. Nevertheless, the photo gallery on my test site was appealing despite this limitation, and I appreciate that it allows for full-screen viewing. I also like adding a related Facebook page and all the public pictures seen in the Duda picture manager.

The “Manage Pictures” option didn’t allow me to change my uploaded photos, including rotating or cropping, which would be awesome. That is not a massive problem, as you can always access the full-featured Aviary online image editor anytime you click an image on your pages. However, these tools are only available for photos that currently contain them on a page. A plus is that both the original and the modified idea saved in the Manage Images area.

Mobile Site Design

The main features of Duda provide separate site builder capabilities for smartphones, desktops, and tablet styles. Wix and Weebly offer the first two, and GoDaddy GoCentral doesn’t offer mobile customization at all, limiting the templates somewhat to layouts that work well on mobile and desktop.

My test Duda site looked incredible and felt just as comfortable on an Apple iPhone as in a computer browser. With an excellent choice, you can hide any image on a device of your choice, tablet, desktop computer, or phone. Some content doesn’t work well in smaller formats, so this is an important alternative.

Beyond mobile, development is the ability to create or edit your website on a smartphone. Unfortunately, Duda doesn’t offer a mobile app for website building like Weebly and Yola do. Instead, like GoCentral, it provides a mobile web version of the site builder.

It has a touch-friendly design with a food selection bar for inserting and editing widgets. That is also a great way to add photos to your website right from your tablet computer.

Getting Social

With Duda, you can add social switches linked to your accounts on Facebook, Twitter, etc. Just like Weebly, you get a choice of grayscale or color switches in a variety of dimension options.

You can also add buttons using an older style sharing bar. However, these cannot be customized in the control method as switch designs or social med selection.

You’d better stick to the alternative to the social symbols. You can also have an on-page Twitter feed, Facebook Like switch, and Facebook comments.

Generating income

Duda is a complete shopping cart and checkout page sales system like the ones you get on Weebly, Wix, and Squarespace.

You can also insert PayPal purchase buttons on every website page and include coupons for website visitors. Any Duda user can add a 10-page webshop to their websites despite having a free account. The process is skillful, precise, and targeted.

When you click Add Store, Duda creates a new page for your site with a demonstration catalog and displays a help box that explains the setup.

A tooltip trip describes the functions of your store page, grocery store, shopping cart, and search management. There’s a whole other side of the store control panel where you can add products and set up shipping and payment options. Credit card purchases use SSL security.

You can add images and format text and assign item numbers and category numbers to your items. You can also change the localization for extra money.

Shipping options are built into UPS and FedEx, or you can set custom pricing. FirstData, PayPal, and Stripe are the options available for payment processing. Import product lists in CSV, XCart, and LiteCommerce formats.

Ultimately, it supports the sale of digital downloads (which Duda refers to as “e-goods”) but only if you have the top-tier Business + E-Commerce plan ($36.75 per month) that is additionally required if you want to create discount coupons for product price reductions.

Site Stats

Duda uses detailed and detailed site visitor statistics for paid customers. On your Duda dashboard, click a graph icon next to any of your site listings to view its statistics.

The tool shows all visitor information or simply that for cell phones and tablets. In addition to viewing site visits per day, you can see the number of form entries, clicks to get, and map clicks.

Tracking Views and Checkouts is another valuable part of Duda’s toolbox. The left selection box allows you to go deeper and view the stats of private pages, including the time on the page and the bounce rate. If that’s not enough, you can view traffic, sources, browsers used, and even geographic location.

I haven’t seen any other simple site builder with almost as remarkable a traffic analysis.

InSite Personalization

For Business + customers, Duda has another benefit beyond the typical Site Builder offering: InSite, located in the Personalize section of the primary toolbar.

With InSite, you can customize your website based on a customer’s location, time of day, frequency of customers, and much more. For example, you can create unique promos, play introductory videos for new visitors, or change the screen depending on the type of device a visitor uses.

InSite is wizard-driven and, given its sophisticated capabilities, not at all terrifying. We have just selected a trigger, site activity, and result format to use on my test site.

One limitation that Duda shares with most online site building contractors is the total lack of site mobility: you cannot get the code for your Duda site and host it on another service provider.

The exceptions on this hosting web course are Squarespace, which allows you to export your site to WordPress format, and Weebly will enable you to download your site possessions in a standard folder structure.

Amazing, Dude!

Duda is an easy-to-use and powerful website building service that has many intelligent and impressive features. Therefore, Duda should be your first choice when the look and feel of a website on mobile devices is your top priority.

The site traffic data provides even more information than most site building services, and the customization feature triggered by InSite is unusual among straightforward site builders.

All of this brings in Duda a PCMag editorial selection for website builders. Wix, the choice of our various other editors, offers a lot more in the promo via email. Nonetheless, site membership capabilities, auto site creation, dynamic content with Wix Code, and various levels of integration with third-party services are possible.

For more information on building your website, see our introduction to building a website.

Duda Reviews Bad sites

Now that we’ve talked about one of the most popular and affordable Duda reviews, the critical thing to remember is that not all of it is sunlight and rainbows. There are some specific elements of the Builder that many people get pretty annoyed about – the lack of an app store is one example.

No App Store

Let me start by saying that Duda built a lot of functionality right into the Builder. However, if you find something isn’t there, you’re in good luck – the Builder doesn’t have an app store to use.

A couple of good examples of an app store in a website builder would undoubtedly be Wix and WordPress (the.org variant).

With Wix, you always have an app store with lots of different content at your fingertips. It’s effortless to access via Builder Grocery Choices, is created in a fun way, and has most of the features (paid or free) you could ever need for your website before.

With WordPress, the “App Store” is available in the form of plugins. The neighborhood around WordPress mainly produces these plugins. They offer a wide range of features, from automating e-newsletters to having a built-in drag-and-drop website builder (WordPress is a CMS).

However, Duda lacks that type of app store. And despite the various features that the Builder currently has by default. It still limits itself by not providing a bundled solution for the apps customers might need and not in the Builder.

A Lot of Attention to Marketing for Businesses

Whether the company views this as a disadvantage or otherwise is controversial. However, good Duda reviews have found this helpful factor.

We have currently developed the truth that Duda is marketing his contractor as a solution for local businesses to expand and increase their customer buying reach. But, unfortunately, with no focus on retail customers, the company does an excellent job of alienating multiple potential customers.

In all honesty, if I stayed in a rush to find a top-notch website builder and indeed discovered Duda without much time to be familiar with the tool and the company behind it. I would undoubtedly ship this out right away skip what I suggest started – whatever on their website offers accommodation organizations and disregard for private customers.

Afterward, if you want a completely different experience, choose Squarespace, Zyro, or Webflow.

I confess – maybe this is their business version, and they don’t offer a donkey tail for private sign-ups. However, the claimed customer Duda reviews are still pretty cheap when using the Builder for customization and needs. So make the scenario available and have more compassion.

Duda Customer Support

Duda Support is available using the web form, phone, and live chat on most weekdays from 12:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m., with the following exceptions–every Tuesday at 8 a.m PST for our weekly outage check-in conference call, every Friday afternoon through Sunday evening when we do not provide support so you can get your weekend started right!

customer support
Customer Support

Phone support and live chat are not available on Wednesdays from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. PST (GMT-7). For more information, see Team Events and Conferences.

Portuguese support is available from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and 1:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. CET (GMT-3). Spanish support is available from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and 1:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. CET (GMT-3).

We’ve expanded our support hours and made our team and agency plans more accessible to receive 24/7 support via email and live chat Monday through Friday.

If you want even more support access, you can upgrade to Enterprise and get 24/7 live agent chat support.

Duda Money-Back Guarantee

Duda provides a full 30-day money-back guarantee for most of its membership services.

Duda offers a variety of member benefits coupled with an easy-to-use and comprehensive customer service team, so you never have to say goodbye if things don’t work out as planned. Duda also stands by its members; they offer not only the guarantees mentioned above but many other perks like free content updates, personal assistance from experts in your field, and more!

Duda Alternatives

Explore alternative solutions for Duda with up-to-date custom reviews of competing tools. Website builder software is a commonly used technology.

Many people are looking for great, easy-to-use software application solutions with landing pages, reports, dashboards, and targeting. Other important aspects to consider when choosing Duda are customer service and features.

We have compiled a list of remedial measures chosen by the reviewers as the best options available and competitors for Duda. These consist of WordPress.com, Wix, Squarespace, and ClickFunnels.


Duda is a fascinating website builder with top features, and it’s just how the company positions itself in the market that attracts customers. For example, their pricing plans are affordable to most people but expensive for some individuals’ budgets.

Duda pricing has several advantages. First, it provides clients with unique and contemporary templates. Second, high-profile features and add-ons come with some of the most effective SEO setups and come with an SSL certificate. And are a generally well-built drag-and-drop website builder.

However, the company markets itself as being business-oriented. That often leads to a massive role for many customers who are not interested in business website builders. Duda is also more priced. It takes into account that the Builder does not have an app store. And doesn’t have a free variation (however, there is a 14-day free trial).

Though, the essential part of online single Duda reviews functions. Declare in the direction of the client, if anyway. Would you please take a look at our list of the top website builders of the year? And put a lot of emphasis on players like Zyro and Squarespace.

Remember, Duda will provide a full refund. After completing your order in the first thirty days after your acquisition. In concept, this means that you would indeed have up to a month to experiment with the Builder. Familiarize yourself with its specifics and advantages and see if it suits you or not.

8 Total Score
Duda Review

Duda is a small company, but it's also one of the best web design platforms on the internet. It has powerful features for both experts and companies, like client management tools that provide building sites to fit any size computer screen or mobile phone and Google Page Speed optimization. Duda allows you to develop feature-rich websites with their top-of-the-line group collaboration software, making designing even easier than ever before!

  • Easy user interface
  • Strong mobile site-building
  • Free website selection
  • Social media site integration
  • That is a builder that generally masters simpleness
  • Effective site-traffic analysis
  • Capable internet store tools
  • Also, free accounts can market things online.
  • No third-party widget store
  • SEO tools are doing not have
  • No e-mail e-newsletter combination
  • No ability to the port website to one more host
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