Weebly Review(2023): Is It Best Choice Or Not?

In the Weebly Review, Weebly’s online website builder is one of the most popular website building tools on the internet. Weebly Review Details are as follows.

We examined Weebly in 2019 and concluded that Weebly would be the best choice for business owners who want more or less free websites with simple designs and easy-to-use eCommerce features. However, We have updated our review after a couple of years using Weebly as a personal blog which costs only $6/mo.

Existing people will confirm this using the Weebly Review Editor. However, it is phenomenal and essential to use the Weebly Review recommended editor, which is optimal for custom websites without e-commerce:

But after that, there is the new square editor. It is significantly less flexible and yet much easier to use. It is shown for eCommerce websites.

Weebly Review’s top feature editor is still a phenomenal, basic editor. In the past, I’ve provided him with matching five celebrities.

The square editor is limited. First, it’s added like at GoDaddy. Then Squarespace or Wix does it. Weebly has informed me that they “prefer to shift traffic to [the Square editor]” despite its limitations. And while the Square editor might get excellent, it’s not here yet.

What is Weebly?

Weebly is an online website builder Weebly Review Details founded in 2006 Weebly Review Details. “The Best Website Builder” We are the second largest site builder Weebly Review Details after Wix, and our sites rank on the first page of Google Weebly Review 2016 Google Weebly Reviews within a few weeks.

Weebly Review
Home Page

We have now created more than 500,000 websites. This Weebly review has been updated to reflect all of Weebly’s changes over time.

Our handy devices make it easy to create a professional mobile-optimized website and grow your business with integrated marketing and advanced analytics.

Weebly Pricing and Plan

Weebly Pricing markets the monthly cost of annual plans, which can be very misleading. The actual expense per month is far higher than advertised, and Weebly does not even offer a free plan!

Most website builders use a clever marketing tactic to make their prices look good. Unfortunately, this can have consequences for small businesses that choose them as their platform provider. Hidden fees in contracts and an inflated price tag make it impossible for many new companies to get off the ground because they quickly become unsustainable.

Weebly Pricing Review
Pricing and Plan

The $6/month Personal plan is not a monthly expense but rather a yearly cost for subscribing to this convenient service. The annual output divided by 12 gives you an average of about fifty cents per day and could be worth it if my subscription makes me more productive!

Weebly Pricing is among any website builder’s best free plans. It’s mainly non-profit with e-commerce features and consists of phone support – nothing else website builder. I’ve seen offers freeing individuals!

I cannot honestly recommend either the free or the personal plan for professional websites as they both have this Weebly price indicator at the bottom of your website.

If you want to start a website without any hassle, the Professional plan is your best bet. It costs just $16 per month, and there’s no need for an expensive Weebly domain or hosting package since they’re included in this low-cost choice.

Instead, I recommend the Professional plan for most websites. It’s the cheapest plan with no Weebly price display. At $16 per month, the Professional plan price is affordable, with the lowest Weebly pricing plans from Squarespace ($16 per month) and Wix ($17 per month).

Overview of Weebly Features

Weebly is a low price and top features rating. That is because it leverages third-party integrations and marketing options under one roof. Users can either create a blog site, a business website, an online store, or something as straightforward as a landing page with a built-in form.

It’s easy and free to join. You can register using Facebook, Google+, or your email address. You can start a free website before updating your website and get a custom domain instead of the inexpensive Weebly Review subdomain. There are many designs to choose from that can be tailored to suit your branding needs.

The website builder is easy to use. It has a clean layout that makes it easy to find what you want. In addition, the full-width layout covers the entire screen, making it easy to use for people with little experience.

At the builder’s top are links to Pages, Topics, Saves, Settings, and Apps. Some functions correspond to the item selected on the main canvas on the left. When you click on each aspect, a pop-up will appear with options to customize that element. That helps pictures, text, videos, and forms.

Once you create pages, there is a simple publish switch in the top right corner of the page. The website will be available to the public after printing.


Search engine optimization seeks to improve the ranking of your website in search engine results. If you want to expand your online visibility, 93% of online experiences start with a search engine, which is essential for excellent search engine optimization!

Often website builders have had a bad hand on SEO in the past, and it is true that some website developers still allow the page down. However, at Weebly, you don’t need to worry about that as they have a solid collection of SEO tools out there all the time.

Weebly lets you tick off all the essentials – it got top marks for its SEO tools in our research! All Weebly websites offer:

  • A sitemap
  • SEO-friendly HTML formatting
  • Meta descriptions
  • Receptive design

You can also change your meta titles and summaries, customize URLs, and take advantage of advanced SEO features, including alternative text to images and page-specific descriptions.

If you are new to SEO, don’t worry! Weebly has a tremendous ultimate SEO guide that will walk you through maximizing your website from start to finish. From doing keyword research to evaluating the efficiency of your website, the Weebly guide has it all!

You can install Google Analytics on your website to make it easy to monitor the performance of your website. Weebly also has its own built-in website stats tracker called Insights, which gives you real-time data on your website’s data and traffic patterns.

Hosting and Security

Weebly hosts your website for you, so you don’t have to fret about finding or spending on independent hosting – it’s all included in your Weebly plan.

The same you choose security. While it’s always worth taking extra security steps just in case, Weebly protects its websites from DDoS strikes and offers advanced protection against cyberattacks.

You can also instantly activate an SSL certificate for your site, protecting all data (such as passwords and payment details) transmitted between you and your visitors.

The Weebly Editor

Best feature pages in Weebly Review Editor create by dragging components or areas from the sideboard directly into your page. Elements and spaces then changed within the page:

You can add pages to your website by dragging components directly into the side cabinet. After that, the elements on the page will change.

Now let’s try something unique: watch below how I change a history image. Notice how UI components slide out and the Gradient Image Editor slide. Weebly’s review UI is modular – it relocates and relies on the task. That prevents the user interface from becoming unnecessarily dirty and frustrating. You can usually find this technique in the Weebly editor.

You may not be watching Weebly’s modular user interface while using it – it’s pretty nifty. But it’s this information that makes Weebly so easy for us.

Weebly provides around 70 themes, much less than Wix and concerning the like Squarespace.

Weebly’s themes are much better than Wix in terms of the highest quality, but not quite as good as Squarespace (Squarespace has the best pieces of any website builder).

Here is a couple of instances of Weebly motifs

You can access even more themes by using the old Weebly themes, but never mind using them – they are not receptive. If you’re hopeless of a more practical style option, you can always try a third-party style provider like Mojo Marketplace – Weebly Themes, which will bring you back around $49 there.

Theme adjustment in Weebly has been constant.

It’s straightforward enough to customize fonts.

You can customize these fonts.

However, there are a few ways you can customize the colors of your website. First, you choose a hue used in numerous different areas – for example, and it is related to the shade of the switches and energetic navigation.

A fascinating component of the Weebly editor is the App Center. The App Center allows you to install apps with new parts and features on your Weebly website.

Some apps are free, and some pay.

In theory, the App Center is a community for designers celebrating for the third time. However, the method is mostly about apps developed by Weebly Pricing. There is also no email membership box from Mailchimp or Constant Contact – one of the most popular email newsletter providers. In this way, the App Center doesn’t resemble Shopify’s WordPress plugins or the Shop Store.

The Square Editor

The Square editor is Weebly’s top feature, much less versatile than the Weebly editor. With the Square Editor. You build your website by including pre-built areas:

These areas are cookie cutters. Customization is limited. You can turn specific components on and off, but you cannot add additional details.

You can toggle specific components – but you can’t add brand new details!

That is a significant reversal of adaptability. The Weebly editor allows you to include areas, but you can also use specific components. For example, you can use the square editor to consist of zones. It is uncommon for a website builder to remove options actively.

That also applies to editing your website footer. The Square editor only lets you toggle components on and off.

You can toggle components on and off using the square footer editor. While the Weebly footer editor was much more versatile, it did allow you to add specific details, columns, and additional elements.

Theme customization is also reasonably accessible in the square editor. You choose a primary shade and an accent shade immediately used for various components. Unfortunately, you cannot change the shadow of a detail element:

The primary hue you set now will be used on your website. Unfortunately, you can’t change where exactly it is used.

There are also numerous features in the Weebly editor that the Square editor lacks:

No blog page. The Weebly editor had a complete blog site editor – RSS feed, annotations, anti-spam, groups, tags – but none of that is available in the Square editor.

  • No video clip histories.
  • No membership system
  • App no store – which is embarrassing. It consisted of some tedious features, such as tables, tabs, accordions, multilingual pages, discount bars, audio gamer, and schedules.

While various other features don’t feel as nifty:

  • The Form Builder is great, even though it doesn’t consist of file uploads.
  • There is a food selection area for restaurants that you can include on websites. Even so, they only offer confident food choices – you can’t showcase a full menu of food for restaurants like Wix or Squarespace does. The advantage of the square editor is that it is easy to use. The downside is that it’s easy too. It’s practically not as advanced as its competitors, Squarespace and Wix.


Weebly’s e-commerce isn’t as effective as Shopify, but it’s much easier to use.

It’s perfect for low-volume stores. For example, the farmer at my farmer’s market uses Weebly to sell her ranch stock, and that’s a great fit.

The main advantage of Weebly is that it works entirely within the Square community. Square can also cover your sales factor, advice, billing, gift cards, team management, etc. Everything is under one login.

Weebly covers the principles of e-commerce (stock levels, customer accounts, tax obligations, analysis) and offers some e-commerce functions exceptionally well.

For example, it’s easy to customize the business email. Unlike Shopify. Not only do you need to know how to use code to customize these emails:

It’s easy to customize notification emails.

You can also send your product to Square, and they will undoubtedly take professional photos for you:

There are many satisfaction options: roadside pickup, phone refunds, sales system refunds, etc.

Web Design Tools

As with Squarespace ($12 a month (billed annually) – Personal Plan on Squarespace) (but unlike Wix), Weebly doesn’t allow you to drag items anywhere on the page. When testing, what I was trying to pull into one area usually flew to another spot on the page.

Moving the computer mouse arrow to the right of the toolbar will hide it to reveal more of the site you are designing. There is an orange lightning bolt icon on the counters of premium things. If you drag one onto your page, you will get a message asking to update it.

The Section element uses a method to add a content location where you can put additional features. A section can be a freeform rectangular shape or used between five types of formats: Contact, Featured, Gallery, Menu, and Team. The team is the default employee profile page on company pages, and the others are self-explanatory.

You can drag the top or bottom of a section up or down to resize it – something remarkably you can’t do with many components, although you can use the space element to resize positions.

The only way to customize the theme is to transform the text screen. You can customize the font, hue, dimension, and spacing of any text. Most site builders like Squarespace also let you customize the color scheme of the web design template.

Page Management

You can add site pages from the sidebar that appears when selecting Pages from the top menu bar. I like this because it doesn’t remove you from your website’s preview page. Instead, you choose between a base page, a blog page, a memory page, or an outside page. I also think how you click navigation components in the Weebly Builder will guide you to the destination.

Wix allows you to navigate the sidebar.

On the flip side, Wix also lets you collect some trendy points in Weebly, such as B. animate your title text and the use of image carousel histories.

Weebly does not have an undo feature, which means that if you make any changes to your site, they are permanent. You can’t change components or themes. It also doesn’t have a full background feature like Wix, which allows you to go back to how the site looked before.

However, Weebly does offer to undo and redo buttons for easy text entry. For example, Wix lets you press Ctrl-Z to reverse the size of a box, and both she and Duda have permanent undo and redo buttons for anything you do in the builder.

I’m simulating how Weebly (like Wix) allows you to get into text right on the page rather than a sidebar like Squarespace and several others still do. However, Wix also offers better choices if you right-click to choose context foods for items like changing pictures and editing text. Wix also provides animations for your site elements!

Apps and Images

You can use the Apps switch on the toolbar to access the App Center, where you can add over 300 widgets to your website – some for free, some for a fee. I tried the app feature by adding Scheduler Pro. I had to give him access to my Weebly account, e.g., B. Authorizing a web app with Facebook. The button appeared on the toolbar after I clicked the Apps link.

One problem with this app is that the results are not previewed in the builder interface. As a result, it’s a little unsettling to see Site Aspects appearing live on your site for the first time. However, you will want to see what it looks like before publishing it if you are serious about your website design.

Other apps available include JotForm, Eventbrite, Shippo (for shipping tags), loads, tabs, and counters. Weebly has a laudable selection of widgets in sheer numbers, although Wix has more. In addition to having a significant head start on the numbers, I find Wix’s apps to be much more integrated and easier to browse.

Perhaps Weebly’s main drawback is that your website images and video clips are not stored online to make sure you can recycle them. Instead, you have to save the pictures near you and upload them whenever you want to use them elsewhere. An exception is histories that are displayed on several pages. Wix and Duda provide an online repository for all your images, but Squarespace doesn’t like Weebly.

Weebly Image Edit

The image processing in the Weebly test is still reasonably capable. You can adjust the lighting, color, and comparison saturation. We can also apply Instagram-style customizable filters across two loads.

You can also add text and a circular emphasis to the direction. One problem with the last tool is that it’s only a circle, making it challenging to fit a face. Squarespace and Wix still offer a fuller photo editing suite, including Aviary’s online tools.

Weebly’s stylish gallery widget allows you to upload multiple images simultaneously. It is also easy to assign an external or internal link to an embodiment. In addition, Wix allows you to access your photos through various other online resources such as Flickr and Facebook and offer stock photography (as Squarespace does additionally).

Weebly’s image search allows you to find free and paid photos and set them as favorites. However, you cannot do this for your own uploaded images.

Blogging and Publishing

Weebly’s blogging interface is as simple as the rest of the site builder so that you can drag any page element onto an article. However, I find it strange that there are no default blog page templates.

You might want text and a picture for each unique Weebly item; with Weebly Review, you have to pull in these general elements. In addition, you can control sharing and comment on social networks. However, comments are threaded and quickly deleted.

Weebly Review allows you to add tags to your articles and save them as drafts before posting. You can also set up messages automatically included in your Facebook and Twitter feeds.

Along with providing Flickr and LinkedIn badges, Weebly does an excellent job of delivering the archive and tag list. In addition, both services instantly create RSS feeds for your blog pages.

An orange publish switch takes your Weebly site live. No, the save button is required as changes keep automatically.

That contrasts with Wix, which requires you to click Save to stay clear if you want the website to change. What you like depends on the way you work. Fortunately, Weebly is also at odds with some site home builders like 1 & 1 MyWebsite, who post whenever there is a change and don’t give you a chance to change your mind.

Another plus for Weebly is that, like in Wix, you can have multiple editors working with a site. To set it up, send an email and indicate whether your co-publisher needs full admin, author, or dashboard-only rights.

Earning money With Your Site

Weebly allows pricing account holders to include store and product pages with an extensive collection of commerce tools. You can also import products from Etsy, Shopify, or a CSV file. In addition, you can accept payments using PayPal, Square, Stripe, and Authorize.net.

New for Weebly Stores is the ability to accept Apple Pay. In addition, the builder includes inventory tracking and abandoned cart notifications. The latter requires a superordinate performance account.

Free accounts cannot do marketing after a recent change. Also, clicking a single PayPal button on a page requires a paid website. And Weebly – unlike Squarespace, Wix, and Simvoly – charges a 3 percent transaction fee on top of the payment processor fees, unless you have a business account of $25 per month or higher.

Weebly Product Page

The Store Builder has all the elements you’d expect, including a shopping cart, Weebly retail prices, invoices, coupons, dimensions, and colors. In addition, there is a complete store mode available from the top navigation bar of the Site Builder. Finally, as with Squarespace, Weebly lets you sell electronic downloads.

However, this requires a business account.

With Wix, you can only sell electronic products using third-party apps. However, Weebly recently updated its store functionality to allow you to bulk edit and delete items and revise categories. In addition, your consumers can now write reviews for your products.

You can include AdSense ads on your Weebly pages for an extra (albeit usually meager) stream of sales. With an easy-to-use built-in setup feature, you can authorize Weebly for your AdSense account (or even create a brand new one).

Weebly consists of a built-in e-newsletter email function for paid account statements, called Promote, and an element that website visitors can subscribe to. Weebly Review sends an email to your admin email notifying you of the brand new subscriber when a user joins.

The email marketing tool is easy to use and offers an adaptable way to get the word out. It even recommends email blasts when you have a product for sale. New for advertising is creating Facebook ads that appeal to website visitors or abandoned shopping cart visitors.

Mobile Site Design and App

Weebly Review’s top features have a mobile website building strategy similar to Squarespace’s. It instantly creates a great-looking, receptive mobile site based on your site template. Like Duda and Wix, Weebly still has a button that takes you to edit mobile websites. However, with Weebly, this visor will only work if you are using an old template.

Legacy templates even let you pick a mobile theme different from the site in question, disabling header images, search boxes, and social icons. Weebly’s new receptive designs look great on smartphones and can fill the entire background with an image.

However, all of this comes at the expense of customizability.

Weebly is a leader in providing a touch-friendly, drag-and-drop assistive iPad app for website building. Weebly’s app even uses a connected Apple Watch app to keep you informed of website traffic or business transactions. Jimdo also has an app, but there is a limit to the number of side components added.

The Wix app lets you edit eCommerce features and blog websites, but it doesn’t offer website creation and design changes like Weebly’s. 

Regardless, editing a site design on an iPad isn’t that great. Instead, the iPhone has suggestions of what to do when you long-press an image, making some changes challenging to make.

Site Statistics and Mobility

Even free individuals access some site activity statistics for their Weebly sites – which Wix or Virb don’t. For example, free customers can see pageviews and different visitors for each day of the month. However, updated accounts can display search terms used to go to the website, referring to websites and most frequently visited pages.

A key advantage of Weebly, which differs from almost any other online construction company, is that you can use a website created in Weebly to host in another location.

Weebly allows you to download your site as a ZIP archive file with your HTML code and email it from the editor’s settings page. That means you can move the website to a traditional web hosting service.

That doesn’t consist of some interactive features like your storefront and comments. However, this is not possible with Squarespace or Wix. This ability is a key differentiator, and it is worth considering whether or not you want your website to attach to a service.

Weebly Customer Support

It can be hard to build your website from scratch, but Weebly is here for the rescue! They have guides to help you with any problem and support you 24/7. And if you want a challenge, try coding a site yourself – it’s way more fun than just following directions 😉

Customer Support
Customer Support

All plans include access to Weebly’s neighborhood discussion forum and email support. However, you won’t get access to phone support unless you have the much more expensive Pro or Performance plans and need to be in the US to get a live chat or phone support.

It’s a shame those with cheaper plans can’t access all of Weebly’s support channels. Maybe that’s why Weebly got a relatively unexciting 3.5 out of 5 stars for its customer support in our research.

Weebly’s live chat is available Monday through Friday from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Pacific Standard Time (PST) and Saturday through Sunday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. PST.

Weebly Money-Back Guarantee

Weebly offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on all paid accounts.

Weebly strives to make every user’s experience a positive one. So whether you need an account for your small business or just want to create something fun, we have the features and pricing that will meet your needs!

They understand there are many reasons why people might not like our service – whether they feel prices aren’t fair or their website design was lackluster. When this happens, don’t worry; Weebly is here with 30-day free trial periods and money-back guarantees when new accounts are canceled within 30 days after activation or contract renewal date.

Weebly Alternatives

Discover the most effective options for Square E-Commerce (formerly Weebly) and try other services.

E-commerce platforms often use technology, and many people are looking for efficient, innovative software program solutions with third-party branch integration, product visualization, and SEO.

When looking for Weebly eCommerce alternatives, it consists of features, customer service, and various other crucial factors. We’ve compiled a list of solutions rated by the reviewers as the most effective choice and competition for Square Ecommerce (formerly Weebly). That consists of Constant Contact, Wix, Squarespace, and Google Sites.


This means Weebly found out that the Square editor worries me.

They didn’t announce it anywhere – there aren’t any blog or social media articles on it. So instead, new people automatically smuggle in, which is confusing. As an example, I was referred to the brand new Square editor through this email from an overwhelmed reader:

Plus, Weebly doesn’t clarify which editor you’ll end up with.

That’s how Weebly told me it was supposed to work. But, unfortunately, that page (listed below) expects you to be sorted straight into the Square editor (“I need a website with an online store”) or Weebly editor (“I just need a website”).

This page is supposed to put you in the ideal editor. This page is designed to organize you into the perfect editor. If you build your FIRST website with the Square Editor, all FUTURE websites will most certainly be the Square Editor as well – even if you select “I just need a website.”

It’s not apparent. And it would be less complicated if Weebly interacted with it in obvious ways. Since it is clear that Weebly is prioritizing the Square editor, I don’t know what the future of the Weebly editor will look like. Will there still be an update in two years?

9 Total Score
Weebly Review

Weebly is a website builder that can be used to produce and release websites quickly as well as effortlessly. Websites created using Weebly are mobile-ready, so they look good on all types of screens. It also includes over 20 third-party applications for the blog sites or online stores you may want to create with it; many thanks!

  • Intuitive interface
  • Good mix of templates
  • Easy to use website editor
  • Appealing responsive-design motifs
  • Complete business options
  • Website statistics consisted of
  • Integrated SEO tool
  • Allow s you to download your site code as typical HTML/CSS
  • IPad site-editing application
  • Lacks recyclable picture storage space
  • Not the best back-up system
  • Mobile websites not personalized
  • No interface-wide reverse feature
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