UltraCart Review(2023): Really Help Growing Your eCommerce Sell?

UltraCart has been around for a while now, and over the years, I’ve seen changes in both user experience and performance. The developers always listen to feedback from their customers, so it’s worth considering what they have to say before making any decision about which platform you’re going with.

When I first became aware of UltraCart, my mind immediately jumped to images of superheroes and bad guys. I couldn’t help but consider a spandex-clad champion, a shopping cart design fastened into a rippling cloak.

UltraCart is an older e-commerce solution that dates back twenty-one years. At first, it was a copy-paste solution, just like Ecwid. You can use small pieces of code to install UltraCart right on your existing website without changing the look and feel of the website. In recent years, UltraCart has expanded to include a hosted shopping cart solution that is much more following the current cloud-based fashion.

What is UltraCart?

UltraCart is a shopping cart platform with compelling features and scalability that lets you expand with your company. In addition, UltraCart allows you to create your business from scratch with its quick and easy setup.

UltraCart Review
Home page

UltraCart characterizes by the fact that you can combine the platform with your existing website.

The setup is great for vendors and businesses that choose to embed a company on their websites rather than having a separate online business.

In addition to durable warehouse management tools, UltraCart also offers its customers scalability. However, what it has achieved in terms of performance has been lost in use. I’ve found that UltraCart’s administrator is complex at best. Nevertheless, numerous effective services use UltraCart for their online shops. Current customers include the Pike Place Fish Market and the Hobby Zone.

UltraCart Pricing and Plan

UltraCart bases its Pricing on the variety of products you market and your monthly income. Therefore, all plans consist of the same collection of functions. Fortunately, there are no upfront costs or agreements to sign. However, note that you will have to pay one final bill for the entire previous month if you cancel your project.

UltraCart Pricing Review
Pricing and Plan

UltraCart offers a free 30-day trial (no credit card required), so you get a great concept of the platform. Unfortunately, that has to do with twice what various other systems have on offer (although these different other systems will often add to your free trials hoping that you will sign up with them.)

Here is a fundamental flaw in UltraCart’s pricing structure.

  • $49.95: 0 to 250 items and $ 0 to $50,000 in sales per month.
  • $69.95: 251-500 items and $50,001- $70,000 in sales per month.
  • $104.95: 501-1,000 items and $70,001- $ 100,000 in sales per month.
  • $154.95: 1,001-5,000 items and $100,001- $150,000 in sales per month.

This page provides more pricing information and a complete record of the additional cost integrations that UltraCart offers (with an additional cost, of course).

Overview of UltraCart Features

UltraCart has a ton of regular features. You can check out the complete list off the calculator or checkout my condensed variant below:

Set up

  • Works with website design: UltraCart (if you specifically choose to use UltraCart) will undoubtedly retain the look and feel of your existing website. If you don’t have a website yet, UltraCart offers storefront styles.
  • Free Telephone Support: All UltraCart customers receive free telephone support throughout the US business hours. Check the Customer Service and Tech Support section to finalize the short article.
  • Add numerous CMS: UltraCart works comfortably with WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal.


  • Scalable: It can manage the development of your company. You can switch from a few items to thousands without changing systems.
  • List product options: Make your items available in multiple dimensions and colors.
  • Discounts: Use UltraCart’s universal price drop tool to create detailed price drops for exact items and order quantities.
  • Bulk Import and Upgrade: Use CSV files for much better moving and upgrading.
  • Inventory Control: Manage your inventory and predict which items you need to buy more or stop.
  • Shipping Techniques: Offer free shipping or provide automatic shipping.
  • Cross-sell and up-sell: List the related products to influence even more acquisitions.
  • Multiple product images available: select the best product images.


  • Gift Options: Enable options for the current cover and note.
  • Customer accounts: Or allow your customers to check out as a visitor.
  • Recurring Billing: Set recurring billing for registration jobs.

Order management

  • Handling of Chargebacks Inconsistencies: Chargebacks are an unavoidable component of approving credit card refunds. It can help you determine the essential details for disputing a chargeback.
  • Refund processing: Issue refunds for all payment techniques.


  • Email Marketing Engine: This is available at an additional cost. You can also use third-party services like MailChimp.
  • Social Media Integration: Connect to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+.

Cloud-Based or Locally-Installed

When you sign in with it, you have two options. You can install the shopping cart right into your previous store using the Buy and Add to Cart buttons, or you can create an entirely new website.

When you use UltraCart’s buy buttons, your shopping cart (if not your entire website) hosts on UltraCart’s servers. However, you certainly still need to maintain your web hosting for your primary site along with your domain name.

However, if you build an entire site with it (and use that under the storefront styles or a bespoke design of their companions), you will undoubtedly be 100% hosted by UltraCart.

Specific Size of Business

One of UltraCart’s favorite buzzwords is scalability. Your company will undoubtedly have the opportunity to expand with it. However, I’ve found this software application to be a bit expensive for more minor services. If you were starting, I would no doubt explore another simple platform like Shopify or BigCommerce.

Ease of Use

When I authorize my 30-day free trial, I ask to create a username and business ID for my platform. Remember what you choose. You need to consider all of these details to be able to log in again in the future.

Clicking a handful of boxes below my control panel led me to a complete collection of video clips showing exactly how to navigate to my administrator’s various components.

The video clips are one minute each and are extremely helpful. UltraCart has also provided great offers and incredible offers with small help overviews on every page. You can discover these overviews by moving your arrow over the i-symbols, which distribute in small eco-friendly squares on each side.

When I included a product, most likely, I found that the product features are significant. I have also found that the UltraCart administrator is not particularly user-friendly. It hadn’t been difficult to include a brand new product, but it explicitly designs for dummies.

Then I adapted to the area of ​​web design. Hoping to come across a drag-and-drop editor, I found that the only way to change your entire strategy is to find a template language.

Fortunately, you can use some WYSIWYG editors to update shading and a little bit of content without too much difficulty. It took a while, but at some point, I discovered the page where I could add a brand new post.

Web Design

It provides the shopping cart solution for copying and pasting code on which it was initially built. If you have your website, you can duplicate and paste your shopping cart directly. You can adapt the HTML and CSS code of this checkout to the look and feel of your existing website. You have to keep in mind that it certainly won’t change if your website is not mobile responsive, including UltraCart. Sales informed me that your checkout page would undoubtedly be mobile sensory, but that’s it. You are responsible for the rest.

About three years earlier, UltraCart presented the alternative “Storefronts.” You select a motif, adapt it to your requirements, and use this motif for your entire website. It’s all hosted on UltraCart’s servers.

Showcases are the marketing alternative that UltraCart markets the most. UltraCart currently offers nine free mobile-friendly themes. That is a relatively limited range of options, but UltraCart disagrees that they provide the highest quality beyond quality.

Unfortunately, these styles are not easy to customize. As noted in “Ease of Use,” you must understand the UltraCart template language to make adjustments to your format. And if you want to update content, you need to understand the basics of HTML (which is not that hard at all. You may find that this is just a nuisance).

Integrations & Add-Ons

UltraCart has more than 150 companions. Most of them are payment portals and means of satisfaction. However, UltraCart also includes some trick marketing and CRM tools. You can check the list of UltraCart partners on their website. That is a small part of what you will discover:

  • CRM systems
  • Online marketplaces
  • Email Marketing Campaign Systems


UltraCart is a tier 1 PCI compliant provider (read more on what this indicates). Because UltraCart provides in-house hosting, it can guarantee on-site security around the clock for the facilities that support your shopping cart. SSL certifications are available for an additional monthly fee (see Pricing for more information).

Payment Processing

UltraCart contains over 50 preferred payment portals. Take a gig below for my quick recap, or check out the complete list.

UltraCart Customer Support

UltraCart offers free customer support for all payment levels, which is extremely good.

Customer Support
Pricing and Plan

Because support base in the US, it is only available during typical business hours, Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (EST). I’ve found UltraCart’s phone support to be highly responsive. I had answered my inquiries in just a few minutes.

  • The United States phone support: 1-209-383-9870
  • support@ultracart.com
  • sales@ultracart.com

If you have difficulties after this time, you can solve the problem yourself with the help of extensive documentation from UltraCart. You can take a look at some of the sources listed below.

You can also contact UltraCart on their Facebook and Twitter pages. In addition, UltraCart points to a support forum that I discovered in my administrator. The discussion forum seems full of energy. There are many current inquiries and promotions.

I broke into UltraCart’s customer service as part of my trial. I really couldn’t find the familiar copy and paste code anywhere in my administrator, so I sent a support ticket (it was a two-part problem). Then I got an action over twenty minutes later. The move responded to my first concern but not my second, which was a little startling. Nevertheless, I will offer UltraCart essential factors for such a quick action time.

UltraCart Money-Back Guarantee

The refund policy for UltraCart is quite lenient. There’s no need to worry about purchasing since they’re willing to offer you your money back if it doesn’t satisfy what you had in mind. It really seems like this company wants nothing but the best and is more than happy with exchanging or returning any product that falls short of expectations, so long as they get their cashback first!

UltraCart Alternatives

Also, if you are considering UltraCart, you should check out similar alternatives or competitors to find the best solution.

Various other important factors to consider when looking for alternatives to UltraCart are ease of use and reliability. Therefore, we have compiled a list of options selected by the reviewers as the best alternatives and competitors to UltraCart. These consist of Constant Contact, Square Ecommerce (previously Weebly), Ecwid, and OpenCart.


I see a few factors in choosing UltraCart over various other systems. First, you need to consider UltraCart if each user meets the requirement: you have your website. You want to keep the look and feel of your site (or have sufficient technical skills to customize a storefront template). Second, it requires extensive warehouse management controls. Finally, it would help if you had excellent technical support, and you have nothing against the knowing outline of the administrator.

Otherwise, I recommend looking at Ecwid (for those who currently have a website and want to include a store) or Shopify (for those going back to the first place). Finally, Magento is my top recommendation for tech-savvy users looking for customizability.

However, if each of the issues I identified in the first paragraph applies to you, why not sign up for a free trial with UltraCart? You have 30 days to experiment with your platform. Safely click the link below to get started.

7.5 Total Score
UltraCart Review

UltraCart is a full-featured e-commerce site builder that enables you to integrate online shopping features right into your website or blog in multiple methods. You can include just a straightforward button to your page, or you can add a full-featured shopping cart and check out procedure. UltraCart was developed by the moms and dad company BPS Info Solutions and has been around for a solid 15 years. Unlike various other shopping cart platforms, UltraCart is meant to be integrated right into your existing website.

  • Scalable
  • PCI-certified
  • Good customer support
  • 30 Day Free Trial
  • Quick and Easy Order Corrections
  • Some neat, innovative features
  • No Scripts to Install
  • Basic pricing plans
  • Absence of 24/7 Support
  • No Video Tutorials
  • Usually difficult to use
  • No Smartphone Integrations
  • Developer skills required
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