MailerLite Review(2023): Is MailerLite Any Good?

MailerLite Review: MailerLite is affordable and has the best of features. It is far better to use a software application that is working correctly. Instead of a component that the component has not yet looked at, you cannot change your email marketing campaigns. The customer experience must allow marketers to perform everyday activities comfortably. For example, create an email campaign and switch from action to tip.

That’s the case with the Mailerlite review. Admittedly, the eco-friendly one can be frustrating, and it doesn’t have the same modern, smooth user interface as its competitors, but what does exist below it passes over.

What is MailerLite?

Mailerlite is a service that claims to be able to increase open rates for emails. They claim that their solution solves the problem of email marketers not knowing what content will resonate with recipients and subsequently gives them more control over performance metrics such as click-throughs and conversions.

MailerLite Review
mailer Review

MailerLite Review Provides one-line descriptions of all functions at the time of use. That makes it one of the most effective email marketing software programs for newbies who need innovative parts and invest time creating and customizing their email campaigns.

MailerLite Pricing and Plan

While MailerLite review pricing doesn’t offer a free trial, MailerLite pricing provides a great free plan that lets you send up to 12,000 emails to up to 1,000 customers.

pricing and plan
Pricing and Plan

Yes, it doesn’t have all of the features of the paid plans. However, it has practically everything you need when you start email marketing. For example, email isn’t one of your primary marketing networks. Or when you want great value for (no) money. A company would view cost characteristics in various other email marketing software applications as granular segmentation and total customization.

The primary downsides of picking the free plan are:

  • MailerLite Prize Logo Design in All Emails
  • Limited analysis with no ability to view a heat map of clicks or openings by location
  • Basic planning skills
  • No live support
  • MailerLite’s pricing and plans share the same features and allow all of you to send unlimited emails. The only difference is the variety of customers you can send campaigns. It’s hands down the most straightforward and most accessible spot pricing version, making it a budget-friendly solution with MailerLite pricing predictable.
MailerLite price is four paid plans. Every one of which enables you to send an unlimited quantity of emails per month:
  • 1- 1,000 customers bring you back $10/month
  • 1,001-2,500 customers bring you back $15/month
  • 2,501 to 5,000 customers bring you back $30 per month
  • 5,001 to 10,000 customers will bring you back $50 per month

Choose your MailerLite pricing plan based on the many customers you have – Source: MailerLite software application.

However, MailerLite pricing does not provide you with the same reward for updating these articles because there are several other benefits besides different customers. The only additional “features” you pay more for are exceptional support, bespoke design templates, and a unique IP address.

Overview of MailerLite’s Features

MailerLite Review is designed to make email marketing easy and affordable. Mailerlite divides its functions into four main classifications- Email Marketing, List Management, Promotions & Social Media Connections.

Let’s dig in!

Form builder and popups

MailerLite Review Top Features Forms lets you design your “conversion tools” – website visitor e-newsletter membership forms and popups promoting a sale.

There are two types of forms: popup forms and embedded website forms. While the templates are different means of creating structure in MailerLite, they are the same.

Form and popup automation

After creating the registration form, add the follow-up circulation. For example, you may want new subscribers to confirm their registration and then send several automated follow-up emails (MailerLite marketing automation).

It’s great to be able to choose double-opt-in form after form. You don’t have to define it for your entire set of circumstances. That’s a fair bit of versatility. For example, you can create a Europe form for the GDPR and an additional one for the US where the email laws are a bit more, let’s say … easy!

Now we have determined when your popup will appear based on the time on the page/scroll depth on the page or / only on certain pages. Departure-intent popups that reveal a popup when someone starts to leave a website are highly efficient.

Mailerlite WordPress plugins and a Shopify integration, so the form and popup will automatically add to these systems.

Popups in MailerLite

The best features of forms in MailerLite are made up of all of their plans, and it’s pretty sophisticated, so you don’t need another popup software program. The pop-up forms have multiple triggers, and you can essentially automate anything after you fill out a form.

A marketer can use this feature to create innovative campaigns where a user fills out a form and collects emails to convert into a specific product. I can’t beat that for this price.

MailerLite Website and landing page builder

MailerLite Review Sites landing page dashboard.

It has a website and landing page builder. But do MailerLite’s landing page features compete with a CMS like WordPress?

They can host MailerLite’s landing pages and websites on their domain (. or display them on your website. If you’ve already set up a website, you can use MailerLite’s landing page builder to include some additional landing pages.

If you don’t already have a website, use the website builder to create your mini-site. Then, get a site up and running hosting MailerLite right away, and in the future, you can migrate to something else.

Let’s look at the ability.

MailerLite’s landing page editor

You can create a landing page from scratch or use one of MailerLite’s 30 pre-designed landing page templates.

The page editor looks and feels like the email editor (as it should!). With the drag-and-drop editor, you can incorporate modular “content barriers.”

On the last page, you can edit the settings of the target page. These consist of:

  • Page title
  • The URL of the page
  • SEO setups like page metadata
  • Descriptions and metadata for sharing social networks
  • Google Analytics tracking codes

MailerLite’s website builder

You can use their website builder to create accessible, multi-page websites.

The only weird thing is when you create a MailerLite site. It would help if you linked it to a subscriber team. It doesn’t have a negative impact but was a bit confusing at first. Forms link to multiple groups.

The site templates are based on different sectors and use instances. I chose a real estate website to test: a five-page template with featured properties on the home page, individual listing pages, and a Meet Team page. I haven’t sold a house yet, but who understands: 

The editor is the same as the landing page editor. The templates are pretty significant.


A/B split campaigns (to test different types of emails against each other)

Auto Resend (Resend messages to people who haven’t opened them for the first time with a changed subject line, brand new content, or a custom message included.)

RSS campaign (send your RSS feed by email).

A significant downside to MailerLite is that templates not include in the free plan. So you have to create your emails from scratch. That is not optimal, mainly because people who sign up for the free program are much less likely to be influential people who either have the skills or the time to compose emails themselves.

While the drag-and-drop email editor is easy to use and lets you insert an extensive range of content blocks (switches, web marketer rating, video clips, countdowns, social media sites, blog posts, etc.) can. You still have to spend a lot of time designing the email to look like a result of the inadequacy of the templates.

The drag-and-drop email editor lets you add content barriers to customize your email—source: MailerLite software application.

Once you’ve created your email, innovative segmentation allows you to send it to specific teams of individuals. For example, people who have authorized the use of a particular source. Or recipients who have currently received a certain number of emails, and so on. There are many options for segmentation, as shown below. consisting of

  • Filing date
  • Registration source
  • campaign
  • Time not active

They can be dealing with numerous issues at once, suggesting that you are getting out of the set-and-blast method and receiving the emails you send incredibly.

The advanced switch allows you to send your campaign to different email teams – Source: MailerLite software application.

The final action is to schedule your email. Again, the options are limited: you can either choose a time to send or – if you have the paid plan – you can choose to deliver it according to your customers’ time range. Unfortunately, there is no way to automate airtime based on past customer actions.

Scheduling your emails is straightforward. First, choose a time to send. You also have the option to follow the campaign through Google Analytics Source: MailerLite software application.


In the customer’s area, you create your sections. Choosing to develop teams extends segmentation ability by allowing you to select individuals with any problem.

There aren’t many options to manage your customers; You can include or remove them and have them in sections or teams. But, unfortunately, we can’t penetrate to see specific customers’ actions, see list evolution, or look for customers based on specific standards to create a section.

You can conveniently choose your recipients and involve special teams to receive your email campaign—source: MailerLite software application.

On the plus side, MailerLite has persistent analytics that gives you access to some valuable statistics on subscriber actions. Such as You can then use these insights to grow your campaigns.

You can use a valuable tool to get rid of customers who have been on your list for more than six months and have not opened any of your emails.


MailerLite is a great way to create and maximize popups and ingrained forms that you can use to build your email checklists.

You choose one of the most appropriate popup templates for your goal, whether you’re receiving a direct email sign up for an e-newsletter, a price cut popup, a full-screen popup, or one that “pops up in the margin.” “and then customize the content and thank you page.

Choose a popup template. After that, add your form settings before making them energetic. Source: MailerLite software application.

Popups can still be valuable. Otherwise, they will use it appropriately. However, they can destroy your customers’ experience of your website and irritate them so much that they will go elsewhere. That is why the settings, regularity, and presence of MailerLite are so crucial for the popup.

You can choose when to display the popup (scrolls one by one or all at once), how long you want it to appear, and if you wish to say it on specific pages or gadgets.

Set up the popup actions and the frequency that the form is sure to appear. Source: MailerLite software application.

Creating a landing page can optimize it for SEO to appear much better on Google searches, and its appearance will optimize for sharing on Facebook.

You can include various bespoke barriers in creating an excellent landing page—source: MailerLite software application.

Tracking the effectiveness of your various marketing aspects is critical to getting more of the jobs done and optimizing (or finishing) what isn’t working. MailerLite allows you to track the success of your popups and landing pages by measuring list development and conversions.


Automating behavioral campaigns is critical to their success – sending them out by hand is practically difficult. MailerLite allows you to set up operations that activate activities after specific actions, such as B. filling out a form or completing an e-newsletter.

You can set up processes that activate certain activities – Source: MailerLite software application.

These activities include sending an email to individuals, including this one in a section, or moving them to various workflow actions. You can automate entire chains of activities based on customer actions and pay close attention to which tips ideally support customers and lead to conversions.

Because you can see the results of these operations and procedures being opened, clicked, and performed by customers via email, you will get a far better suggestion of what type of activities will work best after specific triggers and then adjust the circulation accordingly.

Benefits of use of MailerLite

MailerLite is a simple, easy-to-use solution with an easy-to-use interface that makes it easy to quickly install, run, and find the feature you want. In addition, its assisted method and the concise description of all functions reduce training and additional support costs.

With its excellent subscription form functions, MailerLite helps you build and expand your email checklists quickly. In addition, the automated workflow implies that you can adapt content to customer actions to increase campaign efficiency.

Convenience of use

MailerLite’s verification features are most likely not going to win elegance contests for its interface design (UI), and it looks out of date, unlike many other email marketing apps. However, how the functions arrange makes them easy to use.

Getting authorization

There is one major obstacle to getting started with the MailerLite verification features. The authorization process. First, you need to submit an extended profile to be “approved.” And create the details (instead of choosing from drop-down boxes) on information like an address, just like how you collect leads and where you read about the product.

It is unclear what method or standards MailerLite uses to accept accounts and accounts. After many days, I still hadn’t received my report. First, however, I would fill out my profile thoroughly.

You cannot send an email while you can use any MailerLite verification feature while waiting for authorization. You also can’t upgrade to a paid plan before your account has accepted, which seems like a strange retail version.

Easy and instinctive

MailerLite Review has a simple and efficient interface. The primary refined food selection is broken do into the four main functions of the software application:

  • Campaigns
  • Subscribers
  • To shape
  • Automation

When you click on one of these food selections, you need to have another control panel with all of the tasks you have done so many times. Along with a big orange switch with the main task in each group.

Even if you are not used to email marketing software applications, it is still clear where to complete certain activities. You don’t need to take a trip with the product to see precisely how it’s being used (which is equally essential since it doesn’t appear to be). It’s just like making the most of all of the features as they are either listed in the main food choices or the sub-menus.

Many of the features have a descriptive phrase or guideline that guides you through the various procedures. They allowed newbies to understand the different parts.

MailerLite Customer Support

MailerLite offers different support options depending on whether you have a free or a paid plan.

They offer 24/7 live chat and email support. However, live chat is only available if you have a paid plan.

You can pay an additional $100 per month if you want access to a specialized account manager and want to go to the top of the queue for live chat support (the columns would indeed have to be Black Friday – size to make it worth it, out my point of view). That seems pretty high considering that a pricing plan for up to 10,000 customers will cost you $50 per month.

MailerLite Money-Back Guarantee

MailerLite knows that you will love their software and if by chance, for any reason it does not work as expected with your business needs or to the level of excellence MailerLite has set forth.

Mailerlite is so confident in its product they are willing to offer a money-back guarantee! , So if, for whatever reason, our software doesn’t meet all your expectations – don’t worry; we’ve got you covered.

MailerLite Alternatives

Sendinblue is just one of the most affordable all-in-one email marketing tools out there. It is available in 6 languages and has innovative automation options and an integrated CRM.

ActiveCampaign characterizes by the fact that it is just one of the systems with more innovative automation – the options available to you are much more creative than with MailerLite. Not only are they very effective, but they are also easy to use.

GetResponse is a powerful alternative to MailerLite with many professional options (e.g., conversion funnel) and excellent automation. Unlike MailerLite, they offer their platform in more than 20 languages, and their design and testing tools are top-notch.


MailerLite is an affordable email marketing service far more powerful than email blast software. You can create $10 monthly email campaigns, automate a new subscriber onboarding process, and create and host your landing page. I can’t beat that.

  • MailerLite is efficient and straightforward. It’s newsletter software that does the job.
  • The MailerLite email editor is easy to use, and the entire system is easy to set up.
  • They have a great free plan, and paid plans are cheaper than competitors like Mailchimp.
  • Automation works but is not as complicated as complete marketing automation tools.
  • With all of the features you’ve expected, MailerLite is worth the salt.

And when you start, they have free prep for up to 1000 subscribers and 12,000 emails.

Unlike other MailerLite reviews, it is among the best options for blog owners, small businesses, and senders: B. a clean email user interface. Every Mailchimp customer, in particular, will find a great home at MailerLite.

8 Total Score
MailerLite Review

MailerLite is the ideal email marketing software application laser-focused on supplying remarkable worth to its existing customers. Consisting of a user-friendly consumer experience, fast 24/7 online support, and straightforward rates that make a sensation for small organizations. Made for people of all ability levels, MailerLite urges you to create expert campaigns from beginning to finish.

  • A free plan is available.
  • Easy to use email as well as create home builders.
  • Affordable Pricing.
  • Beginner-friendly.
  • Outstanding customer support.
  • Robust Tracking & Building Tools.
  • No Credit Card Forever Free Plan.
  • Limited advanced features, also for paid plans.
  • No interesting features.
  • Cover plans for New account authorization.
  • Segments and also teams can make complex.
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