SendinBlue Review(2023): Very Cheapest Simple Email Marketing Service

Sendinblue Review 2021: Sendinblue is the best all-in-one marketing automation tool for small businesses, email campaigns, transactional emails, and SMS. 

You can quickly increase your sales and support your contacts using goals and our upgrade feature. It only takes 5 minutes to implement your welcome email or abandoned cart workflow. 

We offer many plugins such as WordPress, Magento, Salesforce, and Woocommerce. Send 9,000 emails a month for free and up to 10,000 emails for just $25 a month.

Sendinblue is used by over 180,000 companies worldwide and is an all-in-one marketing platform with which you can get in touch with your contacts and build much better customer relationships with targeted and meaningful communication. 

Cover your entire marketing channel with our complete solution for marketing automation, email marketing, SMS marketing, chat, Facebook ads, CRM, and sending transactional messages via email and SMS.

What is Sendinblue?

In 2019 Sendinblue partnered with Vonage introducing Vonage’s Nexmo APIs as the only SMS provider for SendinBlue customers. 

SendinBlue Review
Home Page

The collaboration includes additional email capacity for the Vonage platform and offers SendinBlue customers a choice of transactional messages.

Starting at $25 per user per month for the Lite plan, SendinBlue is an email marketing solution aimed directly at small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs). 

Sports activities are a well-designed and easy-to-discover user interface that covers email marketing and supports e-newsletters, automation, and essential customer partnership management (CRM) functions.

SendinBlue is currently an outstanding value for services that require email marketing and SMS functionality and is expanding its functionality for 2020. This year, Language Support (consisting of Italian and Dutch), a brand new editor for types, will add different accounts per company to support an expanded App Center and Assimilation website.

In general, we liked the ease of use, and SendinBlue’s Setup> Design> Receiver> Confirmation operations is practical given the four-tier simplicity that is far more important right now with the brand new drag and drop contractor. Despite these improvements, templates not use as efficiently as Campaigner, our editorial team’s choice.

SendinBlue Pricing and Plans

All SendinBlue plans are made up of unlimited contacts. The graduated prices are based on the number of emails you want to send each month.

SendinBlue Pricing Review
Pricing and Plan

The free pricing plan includes unlimited contacts and 300 emails per day. The Lite plan is $25 per month for 40,000 emails, the Essential goal is $39 per month for 60,000 emails, and the Premium plan is $66 per month for 120,000 emails. 

There is also an Enterprise plan with custom pricing for businesses that need to go over the 120,000 email limit (ideally for enterprises that need 350,000 emails per month or more).

Sendinblue differs from most other email marketing services in that it calculates the number of emails sent instead of the number of contacts. In the free tariff, you can also have an unlimited selection of connections. 

You’re only limited to 300 emails a day. Get up to 10,000 emails per month with the cheapest Lite plan.

Sendinblue has four different pricing plans:

  • Free – $0 / month
  • Lite – $25 / month
  • Premium – $65 / month
  • Corporate – Contact support

Sendinblue approves all major credit cards and debit cards in Europe when payments in European currencies. You can also pay with PayPal, which enables one-click payment and allows you to cancel or change statements without re-entering your details.

Overview of Sendinblue Features

Creating a Subscriber List

As part of your account, you should describe how you received the email addresses you plan to publish. It would be helpful if you also checked a box to confirm that your contacts have signed in. That triggers a pop-up window in which compliance with the CAN-SPAM law explains.

In general, my experience creating and customizing fields with SendinBlue has been a little confused, unlike some competitors like Campaign Monitor. You can’t include custom fields with handy inputs, but you can upload them from an entry type. After you have imported your documents, you need to map the areas to the appropriate fields in SendinBlue.

It identifies email addresses and names, but not dates like birthdays or various other text areas like gender. You cannot publish these mismatched fields or develop a new attribute and field type. For a birthday, you would add a date field and, for sex, a message area. Overall, the process could simplify.

When people upload efficiently, you will receive an email notification helpfully if you have large lists. You can too export your contacts at any time and even choose to ship them daily.

Can users segment the data you have collected from them through various automatic triggers, such as: For example, the date they were entered into the system, whether they ever checked or opened an email, as well as various other segmentation criteria.

Importing Contacts and Setting Up a Campaign

One of the most incredible things to do when SendinBlue is up and running is importing contacts. Simply importing contacts from spreadsheets or CSV files is sufficient, as you would indeed with most options.

You can import documents (CSV or TXT), copy and paste them from a list, or paste them by hand to add contacts. You can also publish email and SMS contacts to be blacklisted (e.g., contacts obtained through various services). Standard fields are name, surname, email, and SMS.

SendinBlue goes even further as it understands that some customers may move away from competing products. To make the change easier, SendinBlue makes it easy to get your details and contact information from services like MailChimp, Sendgrid, Getresponse, and Active Campaign through an easy-to-use integration option.

That helps SMBs when switching between services. Note, however, that it is not always a one-to-one conversion. If you omit areas in the mapping process, you will not synchronize them within the assimilation. All that is required is to map at least one email or SMS field.

Marketing Automation

SendinBlue’s marketing automation tool is a simple solution for anyone looking to create new operations or newbies that automate the entire series of emails.

The device has eight basic process templates that can be modified and redesigned for specific jobs. Your account includes a welcome message, a birthday message, abandoned carts, page visits, website visits, product purchases, and activity-based templates.

Custom workflows start with four input factors. You can create workflows with the following types of documents: a standard contacts file, a contact who has finished email or website activity, a connection who submitted friendly data, or communication that logs your website view.

Once you have determined which contacts to add to the tasks, base your series on a set of “if / then” conditions to decide what to send for your subsequent interaction.

If someone opens an email afterward, they’ll get a different message than someone who hasn’t. There is no limit to the variety of communications that you can create within tasks—however, your account limit due to the number of emails you can send.

New Integrations

Given our initial review, the SendinBlue group added a variety of plugins to the system. You can currently connect SendinBlue to various analytics, shopping, CRM devices, and much more.

There are other readily available plugins. These include integrations similar to Google Analytics (which is used to monitor website web traffic based on your email content) and Zoho CRM (which can add new contacts from the system to SendinBlue contacts).

The platform also has an open user interface for application programs (API). An experienced programmer in your group can develop new integrations that meet your company’s requirements. SendInBlue has a brand new Facebook ad campaign capacity that should please marketers who choose that specific audience.

Contact Management

SendinBlue’s contact management functions are available for each platform variant. That is a significant plus for email marketers of any degree. You can search, segment, categorize, and develop checklists that are instantly updated based on your selected criteria.

That is vital to any practical approach to email marketing, and SendinBlue uses much more than a number of its much more expensive alternatives in this regard.

They combine with the automation features that are also available to all users (although they are limited to a particular variety of contacts).

SendinBlue’s contact management implies that you can address people on your email lists with personal messages as their customer needs change.

That is what you want to do in email marketing.

Campaign Reports

Reporting is the main area in which SendinBlue differentiates its Free and Lite packages from the much more expensive versions. You receive standard real-time reports for all variants of the platform. However, Essential, Premium, and Enterprise customers also get the following reporting features:

  • Geography and device reports
  • Heat maps
  • Advanced Open and click Accounts

If SendinBlue is your only email marketing program (we also use ActiveCampaign), these additional reporting tools are worth buying. 

The heatmaps will provide you a better idea of how efficient your email designs are. The open-and-click reports show you how engaging your email headings and content are.

Transactional Messaging

The feature that makes SendinBlue an essential part of our email marketing method. While we rely on ActiveCampaign for automation and contact management, SendinBlue’s transactional email capabilities are incredible.

Necessary to send order confirmations, payment receipts, password resets, and other transactional emails that will associate your customers with your brand.

An area that several email marketers (and email marketing systems) forget. Fortunately, SendinBlue takes the customer journey seriously and offers dedicated transactional email templates, delivery features, and reports for it.

That means we can automate transactional emails for a wide variety of customer actions (purchases, invoices, memberships, logins, loss of login details, logouts, and more). We, too, get reports showing how many of these are in people’s inboxes (not their junk folders), how often they are open, and when people gave us an invalid email address.

For us, this is the feature that SendinBlue uses in addition to other email marketing platforms. That’s why we’ve been using it for three years.

Email Deliverability

There’s nothing worse than investing the moment and the resources to build an email list, build your campaign, and then realize that only 50% of the people are getting your emails.

Making sure your email ends up in the recipient’s inbox – not their spam folder is a difficulty every email marketing professional encounters.

SendinBlue is aware of this, and its platform is optimized to help you get the best possible delivery prices.

There are a variety of reasons individuals could not see your emails:

  • They are asking to stop receiving emails from you
  • You have high levels of hard bounces (emails sent to invalid addresses).
  • Your email mark as spam.
  • The domain name and IP address have an inadequate reputation.
  • Your contact receives lots of emails, and your shed in the mix.

SendinBlue has several built-in features to maximize the deliverability. First of all, email addresses that cause a big bounce are immediately blacklisted to prevent you from sending additional emails to them. 

You can also sort your contacts by whether they have opened your email in the last 6 to 12 months and target them with a campaign to reactivate them or remove them from drives.

SendinBlue’s shared and committed IP addresses are also of great help here. Corporate users will receive a free dedicated IP address as part of the plan, but regardless of which SendinBlue variant you use, you can continuously purchase it independently.

There are many and features under the hood that you can use to maximize deliverability. Some of these will automate for you. 

SendinBlue also offers various documentation and the most sophisticated techniques for deliverability and other topics to help you get the greatest out of email marketing.

Security and Protection

It’s not easy to find many details about SendinBlue’s security and privacy plans.

Nevertheless, you can be sure that the SendinBlue data centers secure by video surveillance around the clock. In any case, we analyze all video recordings, task records, and logs that the company needs to access. 

SendinBlue also has a security breach detection system for each data center.

In addition to protecting data centers, SendinBlue offers robust security with modern SSL technology to keep your messages encrypted and secure. In addition, SendinBlue is committed to GDPR certification, so you can be sure that your data will not be associated with third-party brands.

SendinBlue also offers a zero-tolerance plan for anyone attempting to send spam content to target markets. You need to create sure that everyone on your contact list has received an email from you. In addition, SendinBlue plans the right to have accounts that believe in uploading spam without warning.

SendinBlue Customer Support

Like any software program, SendinBlue is not secure. There is a risk that you will encounter an error while using your applications or not realize how to use a particular tool. Thankfully, SendinBlue offers several options for those who need help getting the most out of their brand new financial investment.

Customer Support
Customer Support

You can visit the SendinBlue Help Center for a wide variety of assistance and suggestions on how to use your account, manage your email and SMS campaigns, or develop transactional emails.

If you have a specific additional problem that a DIY technique cannot fix, you can send questions and concerns to SendinBlue through the ticket system as well.

A phone line is available, but it does not intend for assistance and assistance. On the other hand, you can reach SendinBlue on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. Twitter is probably the best option for quick customer support.

SendinBlue Money-Back Guarantee

Sendinblue will not use refunds unless there is a technological bug or you cannot send campaigns from their shared IP addresses. That indicates that your service will always run until your next billing date.

For example, I canceled my account in the first week of the month. However, it stayed full of energy until my next billing day a few weeks later, which meant I could potentially take full advantage of what I was currently paying.

SendinBlue Alternatives

Are you looking for alternatives to Sendinblue? Countless people want email marketing software to improve email deliverability, surveys, and social media assimilation.

The challenge is to find out if the software application you have chosen is correct for you. We have compiled a list of email marketing software that the reviewers used to select the best total compared to Sendinblue.

With the reviewer data, you can see precisely how it is holding up against the competition, review reviews from existing and previous customers, and see which ones are most effective for your business. MailerLite, AWeber, Bronto Marketing Platform, and Mailchimp are some of Sendinblue’s best-known alternatives and competitors.


Since SendinBlue could confuse new people, it’s nice to understand that it has decent sources of support. A help switch on many pages provides context-sensitive help.

Again, you can ask for tech support by creating a ticket, speaking to SendinBlue about the internet guy, or calling a toll-free number.

SendinBlue is evolving from a valuable tool for marketers who intend to also reach their customers via email via text to a functioning local business services hub.

The press towards automation and the addition of some standard but practical CRM features make it a particularly appealing solution, especially for smaller businesses and startups with modest needs. SendinBlue is excellent on its way as a comprehensive marketing tool.

8.5 Total Score
SendinBlue Review

Sendinblue is just one of the most popular and reliable electronic marketing systems running. A rich feature set and affordable price factor set it head and shoulders apart from its competitors. With more than 80,000 active individuals sending more than 100 million emails daily, Sendinblue is a crucial component of the modern-day digital marketing landscape.

8.5Expert Score
6.8User's score
  • Hassle-free control panel
  • Good email layout support
  • Stats and Logs
  • Has a recorded API actually
  • Has webhooks for events
  • It allows you to send to several people at once.
  • It will enable you to have as many customers as possible.
  • No membership or auto-renew for SMS service
  • Deal Email delivers just stopped working without any feedback from support for three days (!).
  • Undependable, if something doesn't function, there is nobody to aid you.
  • Support is slow - they can take hours to days to respond.
  • It is tough to establish.
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