Salesmate Review(2023): Is This CRM Fulfill Your Team Needs?

Salesmate is a leader in the CRM market, helping companies convert leads into customers. The stage is simple and easy to use, so any sales rep on the team can customize it to suit their company’s needs.

It has everything you need to improve the sales process, strengthen long-term customer relationships and generate more sales.

With Salesmate CRM, companies can quickly and efficiently achieve their sales goals. The Salesmate login and the Salesmate pricing suite are the components that make this possible.

What is Salesmate? 

SalesMate Review is an online business resource that can help your sales team grow and thrive with new knowledge, skills, and experience.

Salesmate Review
Home Page

Sales training videos, online video tutorials, and email newsletters are now a significant part of Salesmate. That is because it takes significantly less time to use a resource for your business owner’s day.

Then, when Sales Mate takes part in sales training or attends an actual business sales seminar, it is also straightforward for sales reps to keep abreast of new techniques, new trends, and emerging trends in the sales industry.

Sales training videos are a fantastic tool that will give your sales reps the skills, knowledge, and confidence they need to complete new projects, increase profits, and achieve more in their current jobs.

For example, suppose you have underqualified employees or do not have the required tasks to do tasks effectively. Then use a video tutorial or online training.

That is relevant to the particular business area in which you are active. However, it goes a long way towards ensuring your sales reps have the best training resources available to them when they need it, especially when they need it most.

Sales Training-Mate videos are created and hosted by some of the world’s most renowned and experienced sales training gurus. Because of that, they are one of the best tools to help salespeople succeed.

Salesmate Pricing and Plans

The SalesMate price for almost all CRM software programs starts at a high start-up cost. However, if you’re looking for sophisticated features at a great price, Salesmate is the one for you. In addition, it offered a 15-day free trial.

Salesmate pricing Review
Pricing and Plan

Unlike Salesforce, Zoho, or Insightly, in which prices increase every time you add brand new features, Salesmate uses a substantial and affordable plan that is $12 per user per month when billed annually. After that, the cost increases to $15.

All sales and CRM functions, bidirectional mail and phone combinations, live conversation, and email support fall under this price range and unlimited support customers, mobile applications, extensions, and a multitude of different other tools.

The 15-day trial version does not require a credit card and can cancel at any time. You can start your trial by simply creating an account and involving as many users as you want. In addition, you have unrestricted access to all CRM functions.

When the trial period expires, you can choose either a regular monthly or annual payment plan. No CRM can rival Salesmate in terms of pricing, features, and support.

Overview of Salesmate Features 

The SalesMate review is inexpensive and has one of the world’s fastest-selling customer relationship management (CRM) software. In terms of features, however, it is still far from the top.

The two companies that lead the market regarding sales and customer support software are BlackBerry and Microsoft. While both companies offer outstanding products, several Sales Mate offer FeatuThat

Customers would prefer not to include it in an e-brochure or other sales receipt. 

As is well known, Sales Support Marketing, or SMS Marketing, is considered by many to be one of the most efficient systems to increase sales and grow the business.

Contact Management 

Handle your contacts and relationships properly with a 360 ° contact management feature from Salesmate CRM. Easily import or record your contacts/leads, enrich them, keep track of all activities and conversations, and have in-depth discussions with better understanding.

Stay familiar with all information about your contacts to be in touch with your potential customers at any time. Prioritize communications, support relationships, and improve sales results by systematizing and structuring all of the data you bring in contact in one organized place.

Salesmate’s contact management helps to offer your customers a comprehensive focus. But, don’t miss the lonely sight of existing relationships.

Manage through a single page 

Don’t miss an opportunity. Manage all your contacts on a single website with the Salesmate Business Contact Manager. Work smarter and save time with the contact management system. It offers a uniform overview of your contacts and their tasks.

Contact timeline 

Get up-to-date insights into your numerous contacts through Salesmate’s contact management software. This easy-to-use call manager creates a visual timeline with complete contact background information.

Information includes task management, email tracking, and communication of dashboard activities. That is critical to check the reputation of your prospects. Use our contact management software for your local business to plan better actions for a positive response.

Bulk activity 

Perform numerous activities on numerous contacts at the same time with the Business Call Manager. It’s simple, practical, and convenient to use. For example, send an email, message, or inform the mass contacts with each other now without wasting your valuable time.

Minimize the time required for manual tasks and save up to 37% of your time with our contact management system.

Task management 

Use local business contact management software to create new tasks, set reminders, and review past lessons. It helps you keep thorough records to manage your sales orders in addition to time.

You will inform of past and upcoming tasks to carry out the necessary activities at the right time for your company.

Data integration 

Use the contact management software, integrate it with third-party applications and synchronize your information. Getting in touch with data integration can expand your reach. Access your prospect’s call and email directly from your Salesmate account.

Add tags & intelligent filters.

With Salesmate’s contact management system, you can select different tags for your contacts. In addition, Salesmate allows you to arrange connections using more than 50 filters made up of titles.

You can use these smart filters to sort information and create a view. That means you don’t have to use filters every time. Hit the saved sight, and you too did!

360° client sight 

Once, whatever! Salesmate’s contact manager uses the 360 ° customer view to capture every detail of your contacts and display them on a single screen.

You can access activities, offers, notes, emails, files, messages, and any significant development from the contacts timeline. You will also see Smart Insights that shows the total revenue for each call.

Salesmate’s contact management software allows you to do Global Find of any piece and search for information that includes your keywords.

You can filter the data based on various characteristics such as contacts, companies, offers, activities, and notes. You can also forward the results via the ownership of the connection.

Built-in phone

This feature gives Salesmate the best contact management system without a doubt! Thanks to the integrated calls, you can contact us without leaving Salesmate.

In addition to making phone calls, Salesmate’s built-in phone lets you send text, create call logs for accessibility, document phone calls, and get insights into markets.

You can use digital or toll-free contact numbers to call your customers quickly and easily!

Sales Pipeline 

The sales pipeline is the best feature of the Salesmate review. See, organize, prioritize and track quickly using a simplified pipe view of your complicated sales process to get even more bargains.

Salesmate CRM Pipeline Sight makes it easy to identify bargains that require interest. Know which offers have overdue activities. Shake out the values that get stuck while you still have time on your side.

Finding and clearing traffic jams on your sales line has never been so complicated.

Smart Emails 

Know what’s happening in your email when you hit send. Build email templates and measure their effectiveness for a workable understanding and maximize your sales process.

Know when you’re interested in prospects by tracking sales emails. Send the best follow-up in seconds to open even more emails, set up meetings, and win deals.

Automate your sales program and save hours composing beautiful emails by using well-designed email subject collections. Instantly track and organize all email discussions for each business as well as for customers.

Sales email alerts 

Find out when an opportunity opens your email, clicks on web links, or downloads the web content. So you can register your follow-up while they are still thinking of you.

When the passion is high, reaching at the right time will open even more emails, answer calls, land conferences, and win deals. Set email tips and keep track of your interactions with your Salesmate.

Find out in good time and never miss a sales follow-up. By keeping track of sales emails, you can invest even more time serving the prospects and putting the cool on autopilot until they act.

Action and enhance email performance.

Don’t worry about your email discussions and get actionable insights with email tracking. For example, the pricing available via email will help you identify which topic lines are best for your customers.

The clicks will undoubtedly inform you of the attractiveness of web content in emails. In all of these Salesmate CRM writing sections, you can see your success. Would you please select the subject lines that your customers can’t resist and create email material that inspires them to act?

Allow your entire team to appreciate learning to use drop-down email templates. Our software can help you automate and track your success.

Instantly track all email conversations.

Ever had to poke through your inbox to find the last discussion you had with a customer to date? Isn’t it painful and ineffective?

Salesmate captures and arranges the emails associated with the deals and contacts. With the built-in email client, you can quickly send and retrieve emails and fully track your prospect’s communications with them.

The next time you need to get a quote, look at the quote’s timeline. Every email ever sent or received before is arranged and tracked. You saved your hours of uncomfortable digging.

Stay clear of repetition with email templates.

Save hours composing the duplicate emails and continuously use well-designed email templates for every stage of the pipe. Then, build your collection for your entire team to use with just one click.

Using email templates to send automated emails allows you to personalize emails to thousands of customers without breaking a sweat. For example, do you understand which Topic Likes are getting high prices available? Also, which activity views get the most clicks?

Using Acumens for Email Templates, you can measure the effectiveness of any design template in real-time and improve it for greater participation.

Smart BCC

Logging your email conversations is effortless with Smart BCC. Regardless of which email service provider or client you use, forward your email to the customized smart BCC address to include in the appropriate timeline.

Salesmate recognizes the affected recipients immediately and connects the emails in real-time with the real bargains, contacts, companies, or tasks.

You can link emails to the offers directly from your Gmail inbox without using Smart BCC to use the Chrome plugin.

Built-in email customer 

Don’t waste time juggling your inbox and salesman to manage your important emails. With built-in email customers, you never have to leave Salesmate to access all your important emails. Try Salesmate CRM for your local business and see how seamlessly you can be with your email.


The key features of Salesmate Review are Series that develop a healthy mix of emails, tasks, and messages to keep track of your prospects regularly and get significantly more bargains, all working on autopilot.

Instant setup

The sales cadence (series) will surely help improve the engagement with your contacts by creating a quantifiable contact point collection. Set up your sales sequences with a variety of phases that meet your follow-up needs.

Establish the hold-up

Choose the period between your follow-up series and engage the prospects throughout their sales journey.

Email and also message (SMS) tempo

Send a collection of timed emails or messages to your leads so that you never lose touch and close more deals by keeping track of the autopilot.

Activities and also tips

Don’t let a hectic job eat up your sales tracking schedule. Leave your suggestions in Salesmate CRM and carry out activities depending on specific actions. Adjustments.

One size doesn’t fit all. Salesmate offers numerous customizations to customize the design of your business and take marketing with your teammates to the next level.

Salesmate’s sales pipelines are very customizable to suit your sales processes. You can develop as many steps and pipes as you want. Then, with the odds of winning, you can create your automated sales projection model in seconds.

Create custom layouts

Everyone needs more than just standard information about their contacts and bargains to guide the sales process. For example, the prospect’s LinkedIn profile, company website, company size, etc.

Salesmate lets you develop around 200 custom fields to capture whatever information you want. All types of designs are fully customizable, with different field types and validations to ensure data consistency.

Mobile CRM

Salesmate checks essential functions are mobile CRM. Grow your wealth while on the go with Salesmate’s IOS / Android mobile applications. Get a 360 ° view, conduct business, or plan and carry out activities.

When you’re away from work, you never miss an opportunity or important task. So turn your smart device directly into a sales management tool to quickly move offers down the sales pipeline with Salesmate iPhone and Android Mobile CRM.

Get quick access to your activity checklist and call for information on the go and stay updated. With Salesmate’s straightforward mobile CRM, you can connect with your prospects, share information with your colleagues, track your sales and support relationships.

With fast, easy-to-use, and straightforward mobile CRM, you can efficiently work from anywhere, anytime, anywhere.


The key features of Salesmate Review are customizations, including the integrations required to save time and provide advanced functionality. Add your favorite applications and improve business operations.

The bonus is always much better. Include additional functionality with Salesmate CRM to integrate your favorite application to ensure that you can differentiate your business and grow it without restrictions.

Activity Management 

Constantly monitor what is happening and what needs to be done to generate more sales and improve group collaboration. For example, does your employee understand what to do when a new business is a product? Do you know what your entire team is investing their time in?

Is your team taking the right action and planning to close deals faster? Use a sales activity tracker to plan and track your team’s tasks and automate your sales process steps.


Boost your development with the proper analysis and aesthetic coverage for every aspect of your small business. Then, make sure your team is pursuing the necessary goals with the best technique.

Expand your entire sales channel by using interactive, ready-made, and also personalized sales documents. Take the guesswork away and make intelligent decisions with data. Identify barricades and remove them as well. Speed up coaching and even performance measurement.

Product Management 

The main features of Salesmate are product management. Companies that deal with several products or services can easily create and add the exact offers, edit the listing of items and link the exact offers. Keep track of everything you offer.

In Salesmate CRM, you can keep track of everything you market to your customers. With the article component in Salesmate, you can seamlessly manage the services and products you sell to customers.

Build a consolidated list of all the products you’ve sold, associate items with offers, and keep track of them. Then, sales managers can find brand new ways to attract customers and get accurate information when customers have concerns.

Salesmate Customer Support 

All Salesmate Customer Support agents possess the ability to be customer advocates, problem solvers, and salespeople.

Customer Support
Customer Support

Their key responsibility is ensuring that our customers have an excellent experience at every stage of their interaction with us throughout this process-from answering questions about products or services on the phone through email correspondence to providing technical assistance during installation.

They will also guide live chat when appropriate; they’ll share product insights from time to time; but most importantly for them, it’s all about solving your problems!

Salesmate Money-Back Guarantee 

Salesmate is a service that allows you to sell any product with the option of giving back your money. Those who are not satisfied can cancel their account and return for 100% of what was paid within 30 days. No other refund options will be available on this platform so make sure you like it before subscribing!

Salesmate Alternatives

Have you considered Salesmate? Many people are using CRM software for document management, integrating social networks, and managing their partners.

The challenge is to find out if the software you choose is right for you. We have put together a checklist for CRM software that customers have selected as the ideal general versus Salesmate.

With customer intelligence, you can see how Salesmate is stacking up against the competition, examine reviews from past and current customers, and determine the best solution for your business. Freshworks CRM, Pipedrive, HubSpot Sales Hub, and Zoho CRM are some of Salesmate’s preferred options and competitors.


Salesmate is a CRM solution that Salesforce developed. It gives sales reps the tools they need to manage contacts, leads, and prospects. Sales reps can drive leads through detailed reports. And streams of activity and creating and organizing contact information that makes it possible.

They should understand the critical areas in their business where their sales are weak and strengthened. Sales reps need access to a full suite of Salesforce tools, including the Salespeople application.

The Salesmate online registration portal through which contacts can manage leads managed and further leads generated With Salesmate CRM software, sales reps can perform their tasks more efficiently and save money by automating some of the processes in their company.

9 Total Score
Salesmate Review

If you're looking for CRM software that includes marketing, customer service, after-sales support, and planning, then Salesmate is the solution! From pro forma to voice features, it has everything your company needs. Compare prices and packages from Gold all the way down to Silver.

6.8User's score
  • Pipeline customization consisting of customized fields
  • Two method email integration &click to call feature
  • Incredible customer care
  • Always seeking to enhance the product.
  • Very affordable
  • Multiple App integration
  • Extended trial duration
  • Small business concentrated
  • The ability to switch in between deals straight from within the bargain itself
  • Can boost load time; however
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