Apptivo CRM Review(2023): A Solid All-Around CRM Solution

Apptivo is a software specializing in providing solutions to businesses through cloud-based customer relationship management. Apptivo CRM has been around for over ten years. It is good because they are continuing to grow with their innovative features. Apptivo many things are going for it, but one thing that stands out about Apptivo is its simplicity. AppTIVO CRM offers an easy-to-use interface that allows you to manage your business from anywhere at any time.

Salesforce Sales Cloud Lightning Expert and Zoho CRM may not be as recognizable as other Editors’ Option champions. Still, we’ve eye-catching as a stable platform and an exceptional ideal for small to medium-sized services (SMB) as they are reasonable and affordable.

What is Apptivo CRM?

Apptivo CRM is a popular cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) platform. Its design to be a budget and easy-to-use solution to help growing businesses manage their daily and long-term maintenance and preparation. If you stick to the Apptivo rating, you will find out why this is just one of the best CRMs out there.

Apptivo CRM review
Apptivo CRM Review

The Apptivo CRM software program platform is appropriate for local businesses and uses customizable and scalable tools for a specific niche or large-scale project management. Apptivo’s CRM enormous range of services coupled with its online reputation for first-class customer care makes this CRM a memorable experience.

Apptivo CRM Pricing and Plans

Apptivo CRM offers a free starter plan and two paid plans, Premium and Ultimate. We evaluated the cost strategy ($10 per consumer billed monthly or $8 per customer per month billed annually) that gives you business branding, IMAP email, reports, news topics, and 3 gigabytes (GB) of storage per consumer, Authorization. And monitoring of insurance policies, billing, assimilation by third parties, and much more.

pricing and plan
pricing and plan

The increase to Ultimate (USD 25 per customer per month, billed monthly or USD 20 per customer per month, billed annually) includes much more storage space. Many more applications show an interface (API) that needs 24 hours a day. Hourly telephone support and access to selected top quality, sales preparation, and region management applications. The company offers an organizational tariff that includes ethical problems and additional white labeling for higher requirements. However, you need to contact Apptivo CRM for pricing.

30-day trial

To get started with Apptivo CRM, you can sign up for the 30-day trial version, determine the various service rates or sign up for the free version of the software program. Next, you will find a contrast table on the Pricing page showing the differences between the tariffs and a link to Apptivo CRM Enterprise. The last is Apptivo’s CRM method of preparing prominent companies for the appropriate performance right from the start. Finally, it offers bespoke pricing with massive price cuts.

If you log into Apptivo CRM directly, the schedule with your regular schedule and tasks will display in a navigation area on the right. You can choose to list or indicate the day, week, or month. Likewise, you can customize your tasks website to show today or overdue, upcoming, or completed tasks.

There are links to commonly used sources on the left side of the page, including schedule, tasks, phone call logs, job lines, follow-ups, emails, and notes. Above is a drop-down food selection that will take you safely to all of the apps you have included. When you first set up the software program, Apptivo CRM raised some concerns about its business. Your solutions will undoubtedly compile a list of recommended apps that companies like you in Apptivo CRM find valuable.

Overview of Apptivo CRM Features

Apptivo’s CRM solution features flexible organization and an intelligent user interface. Appointments can be set up with one click, making the process quick for busy sales professionals who need to keep close tabs on their clients’ needs at all times. In addition, the software is easy to navigate while still allowing users to filter appointments by category (i.e., prospecting), type of event (i.e., phone call), or other parameters that are relevant in your industry–allowing you to chart progress easily from anywhere!

Project management: work on tasks, tasks and manage the timesheets.

CRM: The CRM software application tracks the entire sales and marketing process to get many leads everywhere.

Email Campaign: Apptivo CRM campaigns help to engage customers effortlessly anywhere.

Procurement: We use a straightforward system of procurement to tracking inventory and purchase orders. This way, you can rest assured that your supplies are always where they should be at the time of need!

Billing: Enable handy bills for the orders and timesheets.

Apptivo’s 40-plus apps

Choosing from over 40 Apptivo CRM apps is essential in getting the software program up and running. The good news is that you can always customize them. For example, you might want to add product management and supply chain tools to your collection if you stay in retail, such as B. The apps for orders. This level of customization is available in Zoho CRM. However, Apptivo CRM also feels friendlier in its technology.

Whatever your need to develop, be it a task, business, tour, or opportunity, you can find it under the group’s web links at the top of your page. For a study, click the Task Management drop-down list for Task Management, and then click Projects. That will take you to your job news feed, where you can see all of the jobs from everyone on your team. Click the Create Task button on the left. You can choose to create a brand new project from scratch or optionally modify an existing project. You can add an expense schedule so the software program can generate a payroll or timesheet with the click of a switch when it’s time to receive payment.

Any tasks or arranged tasks that you attach to a project, lead, contact. Or anything else in Apptivo CRM will indeed show up in your schedule. Likewise, any adjustments made or study required will undoubtedly show up in your colleagues’ newsfeeds unless you choose otherwise in the setups. If you don’t like something in the software, transform it.


Apptivo CRM has tools called triggers to create bespoke workflow automation guidelines for each deployed app. Rules can be based on specific events or detect events over time. The sales apps also consist of additional tools for handling multiple sales lines and providing built-in arguments to control when offers carry over to the next phase.

The platform also consists of permanent campaign management functions. To improve Apptivo’s ability to compose email topics and send emails to your connection. You Receive Bulk Email Marketing Companies can create targeted CRM lists to turn to for complex projects. For which they can develop a custom email layout with the platform’s visual programmer.

Customization Level

This degree of customization also includes area options. For example, a range reference offers customers the opportunity to create tailor-made organizations between data in different Apptivo apps, e.g., B. Capture CRM data (such as business addresses or payment terms) and display an additional app (e.g., billing). Another brand new type of area is custom formulas to find sales reward metrics based on a certain bargain amount. The final brand new choice is Field Conditions. That allows managers to create workflow guidelines within a scope format, such as B. Exposure guidelines that undoubtedly hid. Or display areas and areas on a form based on input from a customer.

These changes will help Apptivo CRM bridge the space with Zoho CRM and place it even further ahead of off-the-shelf systems like Pipedrive CRM and InternetSuite One Globe.

If you want your employees to enjoy the software program, all you have to do is wait for it. Then, make sure you use Apptivo’s handy configuration tools to optimize all of the information for your business. You don’t have to be a developer to make challenging adjustments to the system. It only takes a little while and is geared towards minimizing clutter, using correct terms, applying business guidelines. And you are promoting your team’s activities.

One important place to look at remains on the master layout.

Here you can choose which areas are available in each Apptivo app and how they display to your customers. When determining what a contact profile looks like, take advantage of the field conditions. That allows you to create a workflow that gives an overview of each customer when information updated in CRM.

Let’s say an employee introduces a brand new lead directly into the system. At this point, they must enter contact information. Can you make the various other areas conditionally noticeable so that they can be displayed when necessary? For example, you can specify a location for the type of service (shipping, advice, sales) and disclose to the customer the following collection of required information when choosing a style.

With tools like this, you can create your entire workflow and allow the software program to keep track of your customers every time you act in your business.

Reporting and Third-Party Integrations

Apptivo’s list of suitable software programs is relatively short. However, this is because hardly anything achieves in Apptivo. The options for the third party consist of Google G Suite, Office 365, Slack, QuickBooks, Xero Paypal, RingCentral, and Dropbox. In addition, RingCentral integration allows customers to place phone calls directly in CRM by clicking a contact’s phone number or making an outbound phone call.

Apptivo CRM has a ton of power to run all facets of your business in this app. For example, suppose you are using a different accounting or project management software program. In this case, you might want to include these devices instead of possibly moving everything into Appivo. Unfortunately, you cannot import files from various other accounting software applications. So you have to go back to the first point if you want to use Apptivo’s billing functions. Finally, there is the Salesforce light beam with its significant area in assimilations for the third celebration.

App for Android and iPhone

There are variations of the Apptivo app for Android and iPhone.

The mobile app adapts to the requirements of your company. Before that, Apptivo had different apps for some functions like invoicing or support. However, since 2020. The complete mobile service remains in one app.

The chat support is very receptive, and a significant plus is that it is available around the clock. At the end of each page, there is a small switch to assist you in using the chat so that help is never far. Telephone support is also available around the clock for the Ultimate tariff. However, the various other packages have limited telephone support times. You can also contact the company via email or social media (the Twitter account is more energetic than the Facebook page).

Apptivo has a detailed security check. Therefore, different customers can perform tasks in each app within the CRM. In addition to data control, datasets, and easy access to areas, Apptivo offers can be managed using the browsing functions. For example, all complete tasks in the app Administrators can restrict access to performing bulk procedures, removing papers, sending emails by email, enjoying notes, and importing or exporting contacts with data.

One-Stop Customizable CRM for SMBs

The range of services from Apptivo makes it a comprehensive CRM tool. Companies that buy it can get a solution that mirrors the version of more expensive items like Salesforce. In addition, with many customization options, SMBs can optimize and equip Apptivo with tools as their business grows.

This adaptability makes it a one-stop solution for virtually any type of organization, regardless of the dimension. All of this makes Apptivo our Editors’ Choice for CRM software showcasing Zoho CRM and Salesforce Sales Cloud Lightning Professional.

Apptivo CRM Customer Support

After purchasing Apptivo, you can get used to the service by enjoying webinars and reading the detailed solutions to frequently asked questions on the website. In addition, the support lines are open for phone calls from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Pacific Standard Time Monday through Friday.

Customer support
Customer Support

If you have additional or much more detailed questions, there are several other methods you can use. Apptivo’s primary customer care offerings include a customer support team available around the clock via online chat. The website guarantees punctual feedback times for these live discussions.

However, if you expect to need more extreme customer support options, consider upgrading your plan. While you have to spend a bit more money, paid plans give you perks like direct phone calls and direct email communications with support teams if you have the Enterprise plan.

Apptivo CRM Money-Back Guarantee

We believe you will be satisfied with Apptivo. However, if, for any reason, at the end of your 30-day trial period, you are not completely happy and want to discontinue our service, email us within that time frame, and we’ll issue a full refund in cash or credit card. Balance; without questions asked!

Apptivo CRM Competitors

You want software that is easy to use, quickly managed with campaign management and marketing ROI. With companion connection management? CRM technology has become a widely used option in the business world, so it’s essential to find the best solution for you by checking out similar options or competitors!

We at have compiled a list of some excellent alternatives to Apptivo. For project management, we recommend Wrike and Capsule CRM. And for features like email automation and expense tracking, give Nimble All-In-One CRM a try!

Apptivo Conclusion

We’ve looked at the features, benefits, and limitations of Apptivo CRM. It is an excellent tool for project management that can scale to suit your needs. If you are looking for an all-inclusive solution with robust functionality, then this may be the perfect fit for you! What do you think? Let us know in the comments below if any questions we didn’t answer or topics we covered that you would like more information about!

8 Total Score
Apptivo CRM Review

Apptivo is a cloud system of bundled service applications designed for businesses of all forms and dimensions. Manage almost any company job, using Apptivo's Apps, from sales & advertising to invoicing & assistance. With Apptivo, there are no per-app prices; you get access to the entire platform beginning at just $10 monthly/user (per consumer). Whether you employ it for one app or handle your whole business with Apptivo - it will undoubtedly provide excellent worth!

  • Comprehensive attribute established with various modification alternatives
  • Impressive mobile applications
  • Granular security controls
  • 24-hour support
  • Economical
  • Extremely adjustable
  • Customer assistance round the clock
  • Limited third-party combination choices
  • Efficiency can feel slow-moving
  • Could use prolonged APIs
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