Celoxis Review(2023): Why You Should Use This App?

Project Management Apps are like cars without fuel gauges or odometers. They can be easy to use, but they lack the ability to track important factors such as staff availability and project budgets. It’s like driving without knowing how much fuel you have or how far you’ve traveled.

Celoxis is the best of both globes. Take a few minutes of pasta with the app, and you have found you have enough to get started. Invest about a week to get information about your team and upload your energetic assignments. 

With Celoxis, you can project income, change project routines, and document billable hours. Celoxis seems ideal for tools or large organizations as much of its value comes from reporting and top-level exposure to tasks. The price is also affordable considering everything you get.

What is Celoxis?

Since we initially researched Celoxis, the app has yet to be refurbished, especially to the greatest extent when businesses have a high value. For example, customizable control panels, which we will define later in more information, give everyone on the team the opportunity to quickly and conveniently display the information they need most.

Celoxis Review
Home Page

Automatic tags show up alerting when a project’s schedule or budget plan goes into danger. Celoxis currently has burn-down charts, demonstrating how much job is left on a project versus just how much time you need to do it. 

Celoxis additionally preserves resource management tools that are simple to check out and comprehend, allowing you to see in a table not just when people are over-or under-assigned tasks however additionally when the same takes place to teams or divisions.

Another means by which Celoxis is highly supportive of companies is the what-if analysis tool. It’s an interactive record that lets you see how your employees, expense plans, and various other sources impact certain activities. For example, indicate that your company has five energetic tasks and three bidding tasks that you would like to get employment for.

Finally, Celoxis gives you tools to create custom apps that you can use to manage and improve jobs that aren’t always about a project. Some of the examples below are pest tracking, device quality checks, and out-of-office permissions.

Celoxis Pricing and Plan

When it comes to choosing a plan, you have two options. You can use an online variant called the cloud plan, or you can host the software program and all of your data yourself with the on-premise plan. Celoxis does not offer a free service.

Celoxis Pricing Review
Pricing and Plan

 However, you can get a free 30-day trial that doesn’t require a credit card. However, you need an email address for business domains as the sign-up form is rejected, addresses from Gmail, Outlook.com, and various other free providers.

The cloud alternative gives you back $25 per person per month with price reductions when you prepay for a year, two years, or three years. There are at least 5 people for the cloud account. This plan covers 2 GB per person in a storage room that is grouped. You can add 10GB of storage for an additional $10 per month.

The On-Premise plan sets you back a level one-time price of $450 per person, and it’s additionally for a minimum of 5 individuals. One year of support is consisted of. You obtain upgrades to the software program with this kind of account, as long as you keep a service agreement, which is a percent of your initial cost (each year).

How Do Celoxis’ Prices Compare?

Comparing the price of project management apps is difficult because they can offer very different types of services. First, it’s inexpensive apps that are usually best for small businesses. These consist of Zoho Projects ($3 to $6 per person per month), Gantt PRO (from $4.50 per person per month), and TeamGantt ($11 per person per month).

In second place are middle-priced apps that get you back around $15 to $35 per person per month. Celoxis falls under this classification. Apps at this rate usually offer something unique that establishes them among others. Celoxis, for example, masters time and resource management.

With Smartsheet, you can easily create automation in the app. ProofHub gives you tools for proofing files. Wrike has tools for handling tasks and non-project jobs (Celoxis for this problem too).

Lastly, the software is at the top of the range. These are designed for numerous tasks and hundreds of team members and cost USD 40 per person per month. Examples are LiquidPlanner, Mavenlink, and Clarizen. These premium tools often included innovative features, such as: For example, the immediate rescheduling of jobs if a due date is postponed or if a team member is suddenly no longer available.

Overview of Celoxis Features

Celoxis runs directly in the web browser. There are no desktop computer apps or committed mobile apps, but you can run them from a mobile web browser. Sign up for the 30 day trial of Celoxis, and your account will have three dummy tasks in it.

Having some data-packed up to date gives you a concept of what the app is sure to look like once you start using it, what it will do. Some project management apps open quietly and blankly, and it’s hard to see all the fantastic things they can do until you see them at work.

Highly Customizable Dashboard

The home display is a very customizable control panel. You use it to design charts and graphs, each of which you can customize to your heart’s content. For example, you create any reports or lists that you want to display in your control panel.

 Move them around to make sure the information that’s important to you is always on top. Rearranging the panel aspects is a drag and drop event convenient for you to transform at any time.

Examples of what you can place in your control panel are reviews of tasks due, task conditions in all active jobs, a schedule, prepared income versus real income, and so on.

Celoxis provides you with a list of filters and options conveniently accessed through the widget to transform any data set. You can also create a custom control panel and share it with other people in your organization. 

Many of these reports open a start window that gives you additional insight into the information with one click. In some cases, you can also connect to it directly in drill down.

When speed and simplicity of use are done right in the online software programs, it’s simple to forget them. In various other words, obtaining them is a thankless task. Interactive aspects, such as spanner bars on Gantt charts, react in actual time. If you believe you can modify a text area or widget by clicking it, you most likely can.

Tasks and Views

As a project management app, Celoxis meets all the assumptions regarding the provision of functions that you would undoubtedly expect. Plus, some were typically only discovered in premium project management apps for large teams. 

In other words, it consumes a lot of value at a very affordable price.

Let’s start at the task level. Each task can include a name, a summary, resources/assignees, a top priority ranking, prepared and actual start and end days, percentage completion, budget plan, ongoing condition, disability, etc. – and much more. 

You can upload files to a task, add annotations including fans, and keep track of the time on the job by either running an in-app timer or entering it manually. Celoxis offers you personalized areas so that you can also consist of another order.

Gantt charts work fine in Celoxis, but they can take a minute to be recognized if you’re new to the app. When you open a project, you’ll see a long list of tabs and options at the top. At the very end, there is a symbol switch that opens the Gantt visor.

You can change tasks in the Gantt view, change their due dates and dependencies, and much more. Celoxis gives you the option to schedule tasks based on their dependencies and various other information instantly, or you can disable this feature by preparing them manually.

Another helpful feature in Celoxis’ Gantt card view is the ability to set multiple standards. There is also a one-click alternative to view essential course details.

Budgets Tracking

Celoxis did not include all project management apps tools for managing spending plans, however, and these are pretty detailed. They can consist of a budget plan for each project, regardless of whether it is billed by the hour or an agreement is made on equal costs.

You can also keep track of finances for the task level. Like with tasks, you can make tasks billable at a set price or by time and product. Celoxis does not have an invoicing system. However, there are tools that you can use to write down what is there, not the invoice. In addition, you can integrate Celoxis into QuickBooks to compile bills much better and more conveniently.

Celoxis has tools for running expense forecasts based on actual prices and just how much development your team has made towards finishing a project. Another handy tool is that the app allows you to see when tasks result from being finished, based upon their existing schedule, and when you’ll have the ability to costs customers, which assists create a lot more precise income projecting.

Time tracking

The time recording consists of Elexis. Each task comes with a timer that you can run while keeping track of the job. For example, let’s say you’re starting time tracking a brand new task if a timer is currently on. In this case, the first one will stop immediately and keep the time logged so far available in a tiny timer pop-up box. You can see the minutes and hours on the meter as you work. If you want to go back to the previous task, you can go back to the timer.

When you’re done and dedicating the time to the time log, Celoxis will cause you to update the percentage completion condition for the task to reflect the evolution you’ve made.

Collaboration and Communication

Celoxis has basic interaction features that you would undoubtedly expect in a project management app. For example, there are rooms for conversations within tasks, and they support @indicates. Notifications help everyone to keep track of the events. 

Celoxis’ announcements are pretty good.

When someone changes a day on a task, the resulting alert is created in a small table where the task name, the previous day, brand new day, and customized day can be easily checked.

There is no in-app chat box that some project management apps do, despite the rising appeal of team chat apps, such as B. Deficiency. If your team is currently using Slack, it’s now ready to integrate with Celoxis.

We saw that some job management apps provide a message placement area that is handy for connecting a message across the company or with everyone on a given project. Basecamp is respectable for this goal, as is ProofHub. Celoxis doesn’t have a statement room.

Celoxis can improve the means of managing file add-ons to be friendlier to teams with standard proofing procedures. You can upload files to a project, task, or turning point, and that’s a penalty. To open and discuss a file, you need to download the file, install it, and modify it in another app. Then upload the brand new variant.

Scheduling and Resource Management

As with LiquidPlanner, some of Celoxis’ standout features relate to scheduling and instantly changing routines when a target date is postponed or changed. As mentioned earlier, Celoxis’ Gantt charts are interactive and give you an excellent visualization directly related to dependencies.

Select some of the automatic schedules. Celoxis can also reschedule tasks as various other changes such as employee vacation and rest day visited the team’s schedule. Again, the automated program is optional, and you can disable it by ticking a check box.

Celoxis helps supervisors easily identify the potential source and resource circulation issues when it comes to resource management. You can create an essential resource management table during all tasks to help determine if a team member or department has an excessive amount on their plate or does not have a decent job. 

In this way, the managers can monitor the workflow. It also has essential expense management tools.

Reports abound. Just in the Food Selection drop-down list for announcements, you can create a range of information consisting of insufficient timesheets, late tasks, project financials, project health records, project income, and so on.

App Integrations

Celoxis can have an excellent selection of apps made up of numerous incredibly prominent (and essential) companies. They’re made up of Salesforce, Trello, GitHub, JIRA, Harvest, Wufoo, Zendesk, Freshdesk, Google Drive, Email, etc. While Celoxis doesn’t consist of payments and invoices, you can attach it to QuickBooks Online to get data from Celoxis to use costs customers.

Several verification services support Okta, One Login, and Google Authentication. Customers can also work with the Celoxis API for additional integrations.

An Excellent Option

Celoxis is a solid challenger among online project management systems as it offers a lot of value at a slightly discounted price. It’s ideal for tools and large companies that rely on project management tools to work together as a team and understand how good business is when to get brand new tasks done, and so on.

For large companies, LiquidPlanner keeps our editorial team’s honor for project management as it does dynamic planning a little better and takes care of project schedules immediately when problems arise. 

It also takes advantage of the ability to customize tasks to a certain extent and mobile apps for team members who need a conveniently available variant of the app for on the go that Celoxis doesn’t have. Even so, it can take weeks for a large company to set up and customize LiquidPlanner. It will take you some time to figure out that Celoxis is a little easier to use. For this reason, it comes close to LiquidPlanner.

If you have many more small requirements in a project management app (and an extra small budget plan), stick to our Editors’ Choices victors for small companies: Zoho Projects and Teamwork.

Celoxis Customer Support

Celoxis offers three training packages: Essentials, Enhanced and Comprehensive. The Essentials package includes clients who are already familiar with project management systems and who want fast onboarding. The package consists of six hours of coaching that are wiped out for a week.

Customer Support
Customer Support

In addition to a kickoff session and a Q&A session, opposing sessions will cover basic and advanced project planning, setup, and follow-up functions, as well as team collaboration.

The extended package is aimed at customers who want to train their employees in advanced Celoxis modules such as resource management, time and costs, and project finance. The package consists of 19 hours of coaching over three weeks, including ten one-hour sessions on specific Celoxis modules, three two-hour hands-on virtual sessions on particular functions, and three one-hour Q&A sessions.

The comprehensive package is designed for brand new enterprise customers and includes basic and advanced training on Celoxis. The package consists of 30 hours of coaching over five weeks, which provides for 13 two-hour hands-on virtual sessions on all modules and four one-hour Q&A sessions. Telephone and email support are available.

There is also a web repository where users can access product documentation, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), quick guides, short videos, and a configuration guide. In addition, users can participate in community forums and recommend new ideas or features for Celoxis.

Celoxis Money Back Guarantee

Celoxis do not offer refunds. However, they provide a no-obligation-free 30-day trial, so you can verify if the application suits your needs. After the free trial, you can start a monthly subscription to reduce your risk.

Celoxis Alternatives

Celoxis isn’t the only choice for project management software. Explore other degree options as well as alternatives. Project management software is a widespread innovation, and many people are looking for reputable, conveniently managed software services with dependencies, resource assignments, and persistent tasks.

Various other essential variables to think about when looking for alternatives to Celoxis include features and task monitoring. We have compiled a list of solutions rated by the reviewers as the best alternatives and competitors to Celoxis. These consist of Microsoft Project & Profile Management, Clarizen One, Targetprocess, and Mavenlink.


Celoxis loads a great deal of worth right into a project management app for medium or big companies, particularly for decision-makers and business proprietors.

8 Total Score
Celoxis Review

Celoxis consists of cutting-edge scheduling features, which integrates real-world issues, such as resource time off, multi-time area, part-time resources, working weekend breaks, etc., right into one schedule. People can immediately send reports as an add-on in an email to a collection of users and roll up data recorded from personalized fields to the below tasks to sum up, tasks and tasks. Also, Celoxis interactive Gantt chart can take care of 10,000 tasks linked from numerous tasks.

  • Quantity and duration-based discount rates
  • Applications available for Android and iPhone
  • The trial variation available with all the features
  • Ample reports and various other tools for decision-makers
  • Outstanding value
  • Easy to use and inform setup time
  • Includes time tracking, budgeting, and resource management
  • No proofing tools
  • No free version
  • Just two pricing plans to pick from
  • No in-app chat for individuals to connect with each numerous other
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