Easy Projects Review(2023): Is It Really Easily Manage Your Team?

Easy Projects is a project management software specifically developed for a wide range of companies, including small to medium-sized businesses and other organizations.

 It includes both essential functions such as creating projects and tasks and filling out the calendar and some advanced functions including an interactive Gantt chart, executive dashboard, time tracking, and billing. It offers integration with MS Outlook, is customizable, and has SaaS / on-premise options.

The software provides various features, including basic tasks like project creation and calendar management, as well as advanced capabilities like an interactive Gantt chart, executive dashboard, time tracking, and billing.

It also offers integration with MS Outlook, customization options, and the choice between SaaS and on-premise deployment.

Let’s dive into the depths…

What is Easy Project?

Easy Projects is a sophisticated tool that focuses on scoring points and saving teams money. It was developed by the Toronto-based programmer Logic Software and has been around since 2004. In this Easy Projects review, we will compare it to the competition.

Easy Project Review
Home Page

Customers include HP, Goodyear, and Reuters. Hence, it is an established player that numerous large companies rely.

We were enthusiastic about the properties and the high quality. Everything works fine, and there are many practical methods for keeping track of your project. The task management works together with the time recording and invoicing, and Easy Projects can store many documents.

We were much less amazed at the support not responding to our requests, even though the sales team had found the time to contact us at several events. However, aside from the sluggish support and price, we didn’t see much wrong with it.

We would undoubtedly recommend it to anyone looking for high quality, easy-to-use program. It’s not one of the most aesthetically pleasing software programs, but its user interface is readable, and it does the job without being fancy.

Easy Projects Pricing and Plans

Easy Projects claims to be spending for itself in 3 months. So that you can test the insurance claim, a return-on-investment calculator is offered on the pricing page, which converts the approximate time you save directly into a cash number.

Easy Project Pricing Review
Pricing and Plan

A team of 11 consists of one supervisor, which works out to nearly $7,000 using the standard Easy Projects numbers. That is an excellent picture of how cloud-based tools can save your money. It is worth noting, however, that its numbers do not include the mandatory training program.

The price plan is straightforward and only includes two tariffs. The team plan gives you $24 back per customer per month, and the enterprise pricing is flexible. It’s not the cheapest tool, but it comes with a free trial in addition to the 30-day money-back guarantee.

Most likely, you will be approached by sellers during your trial period.

Since the training prices are not shown on the pricing page, you will need to speak to them if you want to use them. According to our review, it is most likely a one-time payment of around $1,000 for ten customers.

Easy Projects also uses massive price cuts if you sign up for more than a year. Therefore, it makes sense to devote yourself to the long term if you wish. Educators and nonprofits can also receive price reductions by contacting the sales team.

To be reasonable, we’ve found the Easy Projects vendors helpful. They answered the questions that their support team didn’t answer. Payment is made with a credit card that we could inform about.

Easy Projects achieves a reasonable price. It’s not cheap, but it consumes a lot. However, be sure to consider the cost of the training program when dimensioning it.

Overview of Easy Projects Features

Easy Projects has a solid feature set, the tools, and user interface work well. We didn’t have any technical issues or concerns about using it.

The task center contains a list of the left and a Gantt chart on the right that shows how the functions interlock. You can change it to a multi-column Kanban visor if you want. If the Kanban visor suits your needs, it may be worth checking our Trello newbie overview for a more accessible alternative.

With the Easy Projects data set generator, you can create tables, pie charts, and bar graphs with all types of metrics. It has numerous options and filters and is alive.

Hence, it is an exceptional tool to turn your data into details right away.

If you want to report consistently, take a look at our Smartsheet review for another platform that does this well.

You can view time logs that show what team members have done or at least what they have logged. If you intend not to check out how your team members are working, you are not short of options.

Billing reports for customers are made up of, and you can create printer-friendly, detailed Gantt charts that will undoubtedly highlight planning issues for you.

There are tailor-made forms that you can use different details. You can create them or use them among the ready-made options, including documents for following up leads, job prospects, sprints, and much more.

You can convert things directly into different types of project data. So this is an excellent approach to allowing individuals to get into details reliably.

Easy Projects User Roles

Easy Projects gives you an enormous opportunity to define functions. There are five types available by default, and many more can be added. There are 15+ setups to determine what different types of clients can do in their entirety on your account, as well as options to define what they can do for specific projects.

You can set the hours for each day, manage holidays and select the start of the working year. If you’re an absolute beast, you can choose to treat weekend vacations as days as well.

That means that you can also define public holidays and even create your own.

You can also upload your team logo design to make your office feel even more like a house. However, there are a few different aesthetic customization options.

It has an easy-to-tweak notification system that lets you choose how often people receive notifications. That is useful when you want to decide whether to scold people about anything or leave them alone to focus.

Easy Projects gives you many more notification options than many other tools and allows you to change the templates used for over 20 types of templates. Editing is technological but an effective way to customize your team’s plan for connecting to the platform.

The storage space depends on your rate. 50 GB are available in the team plan and 500 GB for enterprise customers. If you need, even more, check out our ideal online storage for team posts or think of a service with unlimited storage. You can check among those in our monday.com review.


Easy Projects isn’t a primary tool, but it’s okay to get its solid function to work. It is not aesthetically pleasing, but it regularly receives points directly from the user’s perspective.

Signing up is straightforward, although the form will change in a few additional areas after you offer her the initial details. It requests a phone number but does not require it to be provided.

The terms and problems appear to be practically legible even for humans.

A 10-minute first video clip reveals the essentials but conveys a PowerPoint feeling. Once you have joined the app after receiving your confirmation email, you can select classified tutorials.

There are many of them, and while the popups are tiny and fiddly, they are accurate and down to the point. You can access it as needed by pressing a switch in the upper right corner of the display.

The sample project consists of tasks that will help you figure out how to use it. We have seen the approach in a few tools, and it remains our favorite to discover using brand new systems.

The standard visor is the task center, which, depending on the setup, can consist of a task list, a Gantt chart, or a Kanban visor.

Click between tasks to see the options available. Duties can be assigned, classified, and focused on team members. To do this, you have to click on a plus button, select from a list of your tasks and choose from numerous trust types.

It has an ordered structure, with subtasks being easy to include and sight in an expanding list. You’ll likely use subtasks a great deal. Also, You can additionally talk about and connect files to every task.

Easy Projects Gantt View

As with the task visors, the Gantt visor allows you to create dependencies by drawing lines from the tools at the end of each task. That will undoubtedly result in them moving immediately in some cases to make sure the schedule is convenient.

If you enjoy digging into the Gantt visor, TeamGantt is another tool that is well worth checking out. Read our TeamGantt review to find out even more.

Easy Projects also has an exceptional “Audit Trail” function that shows the adjustments made by everyone. It’s an excellent way to keep track of what has been done and hold individuals accountable. If anything, it’s a little thorough.

Indeed, we would stress that we need to prevent individuals from making adjustments because they can see their every activity. It’s still there when you want to use it.

If you have concerns about keeping tabs on your online duty, check out our PRISM, Edward Snowden, and federal government monitoring posts for fascinating details.

There are many tools that you can use to set up these functions. However, if you want them out of the package, Easy Projects is a great option.

Another tool that will help you properly assess the business side of the points can be found in our Mavenlink review.

Easy Projects does what it guarantees, is easy to use, primarily insect-free, and allows users, business related details to be entered and tracked. There are fewer complex systems out there, but Easy Projects does a great job of doing the complexity work and improving the ratings right here.

Security & Privacy

Business-built tools need to make sure their customers’ data is safe, and Easy Projects goes a long way in keeping you insured.

It uses Microsoft Azure to feature rich facilities such as B. harmonizing the network load and the integrated patching of software programs. Easy Projects has various accreditations consisting of SOC 1, SOC 2, and HIPAA.

It uses continuous backups that are geo-redundant and guarantees that your data will be restored to the exact second from any factor in the last month. That’s a remarkable level of precision, and it suggests that you don’t have to worry about data loss.

You can choose whether your data host in the UNITED STATE, Canada, or Europe can be beneficial when selecting the privacy policy of a detailed area. The frequently asked question is about secure data facilities in the UNITED STATE and Canada. However, the records are out of date, or the European data facilities are not safe.

Easy Projects Privacy Policy

It has a lengthy yet human-readable privacy policy and a different page describing its initiatives to be certified with the General Data Protection Regulation by May 2018. 

It resembles that the page is past due for an upgrade, as well. We did not locate a reference of the EU-U.S. or Swiss- UNITED STATE privacy guard structures, yet the UNITED STATE federal government does not appear to be keeping up to date on those, either.

The Easy Projects website is no longer displayed today, but it covers most of the basics of privacy and security. In our contribution to the protection of your privacy, suggestions are also used.

Within the app, the security settings give you a lot of control.

You get a fantastic range of options and can change your customers’ password requirements, create a banned password list, and manage password expiration.

You can secure customers after a large number of quick logins and choose whether to open them immediately after a recording time or to restore the password for the customer experience. Users can also lock after a long period of inactivity.

Login with SAML Solitary Sign-On is also available for those who select the business plan. There is no two-factor verification, however.

We enjoyed our options right here. Two-element verification would undoubtedly be a plus, yet you obtain numerous setups to customize just how your team connects with the platform. It offers security and privacy the interest they are worthy of in enhancement to having multiple accreditations.

Easy Projects Customer Support

Easy Projects offer support with several approaches. You can contact them by phone, email, or instant messages and provide remote access to your projects, so those who choose to keep the human touch have plenty of options.

Customer Support
Customer Support

An onboarding session is available once a week, but it always starts at the same time. Therefore, due to your location and business hours, it can be challenging to attend.

There is also a neighborhood online forum, but few requests get responses, so it doesn’t look like something to rely on.

In the lower right corner of the display, suggestions and video clips are used in a popup when you first go to the platform’s locations. Many shows also have a detailed popup that shows what the display can do with suggestions.

We have raised concerns about the payment approaches using the in-app messaging system but received no response despite the person we asked for helpful automated suggestions.

There is also a contact form that you can use.

We did not receive any response there either, and after waiting patiently for a few days, we tried again to submit our inquiries. This time it stayed with feedback on a sales email we had received from his product expert.

This person came back to us with a solution to most of our inquiries. However, it was frustrating not to receive any response from either of the support networks we tried, mainly because the online forum doesn’t. We also received numerous sales messages via email and through the in-app provider, which was even more frustrating after receiving the cold shoulder from support.

Easy Projects Money Back Guarantee

Just contact our support team within 30 days of the end of your project. If you haven’t received 100 names and ask us to honor the guarantee, we’ll return all of your money – our fees, the project award, every penny!

Easy Projects Alternatives

When you think of Easy Projects, you may also want to research similar alternatives or competitors to find the best solution. Project management software is a widely used modern technology. Also, many people are looking for easy-to-use, easy-to-use software solutions with dependencies, resource allocation, and repetitive tasks. 

Various other essential elements to think about when looking for alternatives to Easy Projects are project management and features. We’ve compiled a list of services that have been rated by reviewers as the best natural alternatives and competitors to Easy Projects, including Mavenlink, Microsoft Task & Portfolio Management, Clarizen One, and Wrike.


Easy Projects impressed us with its remarkable collection of functions and a well-functioning user interface and offered you many methods for managing your projects. While it doesn’t look perfect, it’s a valuable and efficient tool.

The feedback times for support were frustrating. So, if you value service that gets back to you quickly and accurately, we encourage you to look elsewhere.

This isn’t very comfortable because other than that, Easy Projects gets the most worthy points and has excellent features.

 The core platform is solid and efficient, with exceptional time tracking and bookkeeping. Record generation is excellent, complex partnerships between tasks are easy to establish, and you have a lot of control over alerts and security.

If a platform is tremendous yet has weak support, we can generally advise those who choose to figure it out themselves. 

That stated we could not see that type of person- inviting the duplicated sales calls and mandatory training. Though we approved of Easy Projects, we feel many individuals will certainly locate a far better suit for our summary of the very best project management software program.

8.5 Total Score
Easy Projects Review

Easy Projects is a top award-winning project management platform created for fast-moving midsize to enterprise-level teams. Our flexible solution includes aesthetic project preparation, resource preparation, wonderfully created reports, best-in-class security, and many more. We support 2,000+ integrations so your team can use the tools they like best. Customers that use Easy Projects report a 30% decrease in the project period and a 98% completion price, causing more projects and revenues.

  • The enterprise version includes a whole lot of unique features
  • Applications available on Android and iPhone
  • Customizable for enterprise & huge teams
  • Good customer support
  • Customizable feature collection
  • Low knowing curve
  • A reliable project management application
  • Special features for big companies
  • Sluggish sometimes
  • No free option and troublesome to request a trial
  • Outdated interface
  • Expensive monthly cost
  • No cloud storage integration options
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