LandingCube Review(2023): Is It Really Help Amazon Seller?

LandingCube Review: If you list on the Amazon Marketplace, conversion rates can make or break your success. Using third-party links in articles and content to direct external traffic to be high converting landing pages, you have a higher chance of succeeding with sales.

A lot has changed since last year’s Landing Cube review! One major change is that Facebook Messenger lets users send messages from within their inboxes as well as through chat dialogue windows – which means they don’t even need an app for this anymore! This will allow brands new ways of finding customers by leveraging text messaging options without leaving the site first, like before it was introduced.

LandingCube is the ultimate landing page builder! You can find several different elements that will help you build loyal customer bases on your site. If this sounds like what you need, read our LandingCube review to see if it’s right for you; we have no doubt that any company owner would want to use it in their marketing strategy after reading more about this third-party tool.

What is LandingCube?

LandingCube is a company that aims to help you create landing pages for your Amazon products with even more external traffic. They mainly design outside of the box, custom-made landing page designs specifically targeted towards what article content people prefer viewing most on their website.

LandingCube Review
Home page

Not only does the company focus on its customers’ conversion price from Amazon vendors, but it also records emails, carrier apps, reviews, offers go-it-yourself promotional codes and unlimited discount coupons, and improves Amazon Listing. With Landingcube in your tool belt, prepare to attract a base of customers who like and want your items.

You can find all the details about LandingCube’s collections on the company’s website, apart from the competition. The company focuses on helping you rank your items on Amazon, bring the products to market for a public listing, and get your customers excited about finding and rating future articles. You can also view a test landing page the team created to record emails and carrier apps and advertise things on Amazon. In addition, anyone can start a free trial to try LandingCube for themselves and to submit reviews.

But how exactly can you take advantage of the items and services offered by LandingCube?

What Are Landing Pages?

If you are an Amazon product provider looking to provide a choice of traffic resources, you have to rely on a more extensive page than your product page. The ideal way to collect unlimited traffic and offer it on Amazon FBA is to inspect external traffic via landing pages.

By using landing pages, you can use tools like Facebook Pixel, Messenger, and Google Analytics. By using these external traffic resources, you can target and review customers and generate even more sales. You can build a suitable customer list and see more significant conversions.

Landing pages are unique in that they mainly focus on the marketing and reviews of a product.

When you get a landing page designed for your product, you get:
  • More customers
  • Better positions
  • Higher prices and ratings when checking out conversion tracking

If you use the technique to generate even more sales, you can also create even more leads for your business. Potential customers can register and provide you with their email address or their carrier. The existing email addresses allow you to send single-handed promotional codes, unlimited discount coupons, and various other types of discount coupon codes.

By focusing on landing pages, you are recording emails with the consent of your customers. From there, as a carrier, you can send them marketing content and reviews for future items.

What are the Benefits of LandingCube?

It is essential to have high-quality third-party sources that can be verified and used as an Amazon vendor. Without a landing page creation company, you’ll have to do all of the added jobs yourself. It would be helpful if you created email marketing campaigns, monitored your ratings and positions on Amazon, and tracked conversion, to name a few.

You can reach, but you take care of everything yourself. That takes a lot of work. If you want to make a living as a seller without working 24/7, you should explore and review sources like LandingCube.

How Does LandingCube Work?

LandingCube com gives you a variety of landing pages or allows you to customize your own. Using the software program, you can design entire landing page campaigns that use social networks, customer reviews, an email list, and direct links to drive external traffic to your Amazon product pages.

Sellers select a product (or item) for which they want to create landing pages. From there, they use the LandingCube software program to design pages.

The software program provides the users with all the tools they need to customize the landing page. Consisting of:
  • A countdown timer
  • Messenger robots with frequently asked questions.
  • A specific voucher code for each customer
  • Templates for ratings
  • Interesting is developing to engage buyers proactively.

The company charges a monthly registration fee to give customers full access to their content. When you sign up for an account, you get a free 21-day trial. You can review previous customer ratings before purchasing. The prices divide into three levels depending on what Amazon sellers are trying to find.

After payment, customers can download and install the LandingCube software program directly onto their business computer system. The program makes it easy for small and large Amazon sellers to create a beautiful landing page and offer their articles to many other customers.

How Do I Make a Landing Page?

If you want to create a landing page for your Amazon product, you need a campaign name and a link to the object. From there, you can toggle the prices, the promotional code, the reviews revealed, and the duration of the campaign.

If you’ve kept the changes, you’re ready to create your landing page—the photos import from Amazon. However, unlike the provider’s website, it can consist of video clips on your LandingCube exterior.

When the first page is ready, you can include:
  • 5-star reviews.
  • Details about the product itself.
  • Reviews from customers who previously purchased it.

You can also have a counter that offers customers discount coupon codes for their email addresses.

Finally, configure your setups and keep everything. From there, you can monitor conversion tracking, Facebook pixels, brand-new reviews, and various other elements of your campaigns.

The landing page campaigns allow providers to collect even more hits on their Amazon lists. LandingCube lets you make even more money with Amazon Plus. You can compile an email list to send customers updates on future items, discount coupon codes, and various other details.

LandingCube Pricing and Plan

The LandingCube team is always on hand to help you with any queries that arise, and they offer a free 21-day trial of their plans. After the initial period has passed, feel free to either end your subscription or upgrade it for one of The Landings Cube’s many appealing options!

LandingCube Pricing Review
Pricing and Plan
The three plans on offer are the FBA Novice Plan, Full-time Salesman’s plan, and Large Corporate:


If you get going as an Amazon seller, the plan will undoubtedly help you. The Newbie Choices allow you to run three different product campaigns. All of these landing page links started a custom domain that you choose. The plan’s monthly fee is $49 month while the annual goal is $29 per month.

Retail sellers

You will find the private supplier choice ideal for those ready to go in the Amazon for a while. You can run up to 10 energetic campaigns once. Instead of one domain, you can use up to 5 different parts. If you choose to pay monthly, you spend $79 per month. Annual payment plans came in at $47 a month.


Do you work for a large company that uses Amazon to sell its items? LandingCube’s business choice fits those who do wholesale on Amazon. Your campaign options are unlimited, and you can have as many domains as you are sure you want. The monthly fee is $199 per month, while the annual cost is $119 per month.

Overview of LandingCube Features

LandingCube is the world’s easiest-to-use and best-paying landing page builder. Not only does it have 5 stars, but its interface simplifies customer experience for newbies to increase external traffic from potential customers that can buy products on Amazon with ease.

If you are looking to succeed on Amazon, LandingCube is the way to go. This tool can help your company stand out from all other sellers by analyzing and understanding what makes yours better than theirs! With a 30-day trial period with no promotion code needed, there’s really nothing stopping you from signing up for this app today!

If you can be associated with any of the factors listed below, consider taking advantage of the energetic landing page developer:
  • You have no experience in electronics/website design.
  • Start your Amazon business.
  • You have lowered the conversion rates compared to your competitors.
  • Use Facebook ad campaigns and Facebook pixel tracking.
  • You integrate your Amazon product page with Google Analytics and the Facebook provider.
  • They use email marketing providers and an email list to send out single-handed promotion codes through a carrier.

LandingCube works primarily as a landing page developer. However, it also allows you to control various other elements of the marketing of your items.

With the application, you can not only design campaigns to acquire even more customers but also use a variety of functions:
  • Readjust the email settings and compile a contact list
  • Provide your customers with a brand new promotional code for your Amazon product via email
  • You can keep track of your customer base and create brand new content that suits them in particular
  • The product functions integrate with WordPress
  • Allows the use of click-to-carrier marketing

With each element of the landing dice, customers can customize numerous aspects.

Landing Page Builder

As an Amazon seller, you will need to make some minor changes to the details of your products.

You can’t just purchase a product and then put it up for sale on Amazon without making any alterations whatsoever. Certain things must change for those items to appear under your name as “sold by” or have them show up with accurate information about size, weight, price options, etc.…

Make sure you like the product images, summaries, reviews, and various other elements of the sales campaign before your launch. The templates allow you to have a base that includes features that you like.

Email Capture

You’ll better serve your customers by providing them with a coupon code that is exclusive for each of the people who sign up. You can also reward loyal customers and give those new clients some incentive to choose you over someone else!

With our email list management software, every customer will receive their own unique promo code when they enter it in at checkout time. This way, you won’t have any duplicates or overlapping codes, which could lead to an unhappy client – plus, this provides a loyalty option where old and new shoppers alike are rewarded for choosing your store!

Indeed, with their email in hand, you have a greater chance of making even more sales. Also, you can get a feel for the audience who are curious about your products. Among other things, you can send e-newsletters and inform customers about the products they want.

Coupon Code

Our customers are so busy running their business. They don’t have time to maintain a unique code cache for every customer.

With LandingCube’s automation tool, your team can spend more of its precious hours building new features and innovating instead of spending days trying to create an individualistic solution that each customer deserves.

Email Integration

LandingCube is an email application that captures all of your emails and organizes them into one spot. It integrates with major marketing tools like Mailchimp, Constant Contact, GetResponse, Aweber to give you the highest quality customer service experience possible!

Landingcube provides a clean interface for organizing all of your emails in one convenient location, so they are easy to find when needed. TheIn addition, they grate seamlessly with popular third-party mailing list providers such as MailChimp or Sendgrid, making it easier than ever before for companies who want high-quality customer service without any technical knowledge whatsoever!

Tracking and Retargeting

LandingCube is a new app that keeps track of any email, Facebook ad, or IP address you want. It has been designed to help businesses and individuals monitor who they are communicating with to align their strategy better with what people actually care about.

LandingCube offers an easy-to-use interface for tracking emails, online advertisements, and IP addresses on your computer or mobile device. Hence, it’s easier than ever to keep up with the latest marketing campaigns coming from all corners of social media sites like LinkedIn – plus stay informed when friends change jobs by checking out their profiles on other networks such as Twitter!

The app will no doubt tape and review all of your sales. From there, you can create brand new campaigns and manage unlimited traffic.


LandingCube is an innovative company that found a way to blend the best of both worlds. They have successfully created an all-inclusive website in which they host every feature and function without needing any outside domains or third-party software integrations.

LandingCube blends innovation with simplicity, making it easy for their customers to create landing pages when they need them on short notice while also not having limitations from other resources like domain names or third-party programs such as Google Analytics and eCommerce platforms.

WordPress Integration

LandingCube’s new WordPress plugin is the easiest way to start generating leads from your site. With LandingCube, you can build traffic campaigns and optimize conversion rates for Amazon products with just a few clicks in our dashboard.

Landing Cube offers easy-to-use tools that help businesses generate more revenue by selling more on their website or through other channels like Google Ads.

Facebook Messenger Bots

Facebook has announced the launch of a nifty new feature for its users: carrier robots. This is great news because it means that you’ll never have to miss out on any updates from your friends again, even if they happen to be away traveling or at home taking care of their family all day!

Facebook’s latest innovation will mean no more waiting around impatiently as we wait for our favorite friend or relative to return and post an update about their adventures in Australia (or wherever). Instead, send them off with one of these Facebook-branded bots who can communicate directly through social media so there won’t be any disconnects between what people are doing online versus offline.

Alternative Landing Page Solutions

There are many other agents and landing page builders in the market for Amazon vendors. Ideal choices would undoubtedly be Helium 10 Portals, AMZ Promoter (currently a leading agency regarding landing page marketers), Zon Pages, and my delivery buddy.

LandingCube Customer Support

LandingCube has a customer-oriented business model with quick and reliable support. We’ve found that they usually get back to you within an hour of your ticket submission, depending on the time of the week, but if it’s outside their operating hours, then expect about 24 hours for a response, so be sure to email them at least 12hrs before needing help!

Customer Support
Customer Support

LandingCube is committed to providing its customers with superior service in every aspect: from answering tickets quickly and reliably (usually around one hour after submitting) during regular office hours; or up until 8 pm Monday – Friday EST), as well as being open throughout Saturday 9 am – 1 pm EST). If our team doesn’t have enough resources available, we’ll try notifying other departments that might

Did you know that even those with no web development experience will find the software easy to use? The interface is user-friendly, and there are plenty of support articles available if you run into problems.

LandingCube Money-Back Guarantee

LandingCube is a company that prides itself on customer satisfaction. They are committed to making sure every single one of their customers has the opportunity for an easy and hassle-free shopping experience. That’s why they offer 60 days, no-questions-asked refund policy on all products purchased from them!

LandingCube wants you as a loyal customer so much that it offers up incredible policies like its 60 days money-back guarantee – even if you just recently made your purchase!

LandingCube Alternatives

LandingCube is a tool that allows you to control external traffic (such as from Facebook ads) and convert them into your Amazon listings by creating landing pages. Landing Cube has been built specifically for online product promotion in the Online Services category.

There are four alternatives to Landing Cube, not just websites but apps for SaaS as well. Free Co is a multi-purpose platform that can be used with any business or industry and offers some really great features like analytics reports on conversions rates, customizable packaging options, simple checkout process all in one place!

Other popular sites worth checking out include AmzBooster, which specializes in brands looking to get more reviews from their customers, so they don’t have such low conversion numbers.

Zon Pages is another site where you’ll find customer feedback tools and other SEO help necessary when trying to make your store successful online.


Landing cubes are an app that can help Amazon sellers bring more traffic to their page and generate even more sales. These apps provide a way for buyers to find products on your site through the power of social media, boosting brand awareness in one easy step!

It’s never been easier to run your own business and make more money. With a free 21-day trial, you’ll find all the features that will help you get started instantly. You can even offer these great features for FREE if they’re not available on Amazon yet – but don’t wait too long because customers are going crazy!

8 Total Score
LandingCube Review

LandingCube provides Amazon sellers with the tools they need to build a responsive landing page that can turn visitors into customers easily and affordably. LandingCube is perfect for beginners who want something simple. But, if you're looking for more advanced features like A/B testing or lead optimization campaigns, it's time to take your business on another level!

  • Perfect for newbies without any design experience.
  • Pricing is perfect for individuals starting with their Amazon business.
  • Works well with Google Ads and Facebook Ads.
  • The LandingCube is excellent to use.
  • Include pros in the review area.
  • The regards to service are laid out.
  • Draws and reviews information straight from your Amazon suppliers page.
  • Allows you to create sales and channel traffic to your Amazon account.
  • You can only use discount coupons to get even more sales.
  • It does t have many features that allow it to differ from the most effective competitors.
  • May does not have sufficient features to help make it a staple in your Amazon business.
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