MemberPress Review(2023): Is It Worth Your Money?

MemberPress is one of the best all-rounders for membership plugins. MemberPress offers a solid feature that sets up a straightforward recording process with great management features and options.

It took me a long time to write this review as I originally acquired Member Press in June 2014. I’m glad I waited because of the time range. My position on MemberPress has gone from being just another membership plugin to being one of my favorites. Why?

Well, it has introduced numerous brand new features over time. In my opinion, this offers him the side to his competitors. And it’s just one of the simplest yet most feature-packed plugins for members.

MemberPress is advancing and includes brand new and improved features and integrations. Customer support was always quick.

What is MemberPress?

MemberPress is a WordPress membership site plugin that lets you easily set up and sell your digital products. It’s like an online store. Only everything for sale on it can be downloaded directly to your computer or mobile device (if you have the right app).

MemberPress Review
MemberPress Review

Memberpress is a great way to create an “online shop” with all of its benefits: being able to offer offline convenience in addition to having instant access anytime, anywhere! We’ve been using Memberpress as our head honcho because we want people who buy from us again soon after purchasing something new, so they don’t forget about us when shopping around.

MemberPress Pricing and Plan

MemberPress price offers three packages: MemberPress price Basic Plan, Member Press Price Plus plan, and theMember Press Pro Plan. All rates supply core features of Membership Site Builder from WordPress and its affiliated providers but vary in capabilities. For example, you can purchase a basic package for $29/month that comes with 5 integrations per month or choose to upgrade your account by subscribing to a more advanced package at an additional cost.

pricing and plan
Pricing and Plan

MemberPress Pricing has altered lately, and at the current upgrade of this article, MemberPress pricing was as adheres to:

  • Basic: $179 each year
  • Plus: $299 each year
  • Pro: $449 each year

MemberPress price consists of 1 year of updates and support ( a relatively common version for membership software programs). If you intend to get those, you will certainly intend to restore them after 12months.

Overview of MemberPress Features

When it comes to protecting content or access rules like MemberPress calls, there isn’t a lot that you can’t cover, consisting of pages, messages, classifications, tags, files, and personalized item types. Unfortunately, gaining access to established guidelines also implies that it is easy for different member elements to use the same content.

Regardless of the version of MemberPress you have purchased, you can have unlimited members and total participants. Also, since attendees can access more than one membership at a time (which is not possible with different membership plugins), this is an excellent choice for websites with multiple programs or membership elements available.

Pricing Table

Another fantastic feature if you are likely to provide multiple membership levels is organizing your articles and using these teams to create upgrade and downgrade courses (e.g., bronze, silver, gold). It will create automotive pricing tables that you can place on your sales page as you start each product/membership level.

All you have to do is enter the features you want to display in the pricing table and which product team they belong to. There are numerous price tables to choose from. If you’re not happy with any of these, you can also code your own or avoid the pricing table entirely.


A unique feature of MemberPress is the Paywall, which allows you to give non-participants free access to a certain amount of membership content before becoming a participant. Depending on your website, this can be a great way to offer individuals a cup of the great content you provide and encourage sign-up.

Coupled with the above is a handy feature where all you can do is check a box that implies that search engines like Google are treated as subscribers and can index your membership content and display the links in search results.

This is not something that many membership plugins re-offer. However, it can be an excellent means of directing traffic to the construction site. It can also use in conjunction with the Paywall discussed above or the “Excerpt” feature of MemberPress, which allows you to view a certain amount of a secured page as an introduction to non-attendees before forwarding them to sign up.


It’s one more large feature of MemberPress. You can create as several promo codes as you desire, customize the code made use of, control when the promo code runs out, and the number of times it can use (fantastic if you intend to advertise an offer for the very first ten individuals just!). You can likewise use promo codes to bypass trial durations or create trial provides on existing subscriptions, and there is the choice to use a discount rate to the very first payment just also.

Ease of Use

Given that MemberPress Review has even more features than some other member plugins, I was happy with how easy it was to set up. It will also create an auto manufacturing account, thank you, and login pages for you and anything exceptionally well outlined. With multiple functions, it’s easy to tick a box to toggle it on or off, and that’s it.

It’s effortless to create personalized messages for items like account pages, unapproved access to runners, a thank you message for a specific product, or personalize emails sent. Edit boxes usually open on the same page, too, so you don’t have to go back and forth a lot. You can also quickly create personalized registration areas if you need additional data when a customer logs in.

Setting pricing could not be more straightforward.

Setting up your payment provider is relatively easy. Also, duplicate and paste some preliminary information for verification by MemberPress and the payment provider’s chat. You don’t have to switch between your websites all the time. And your payment CPU to create bills (that drives me crazy about wish lists!) We can also quickly collect up to more than one payment provider and activate multiple payment options when checking out (e.g., Stripe and PayPal).

If necessary, you can remove specific payment options for particular items.

Integrating your autoresponder is just enough. Next, it consists of choosing whether to use dual opt-in and checking a box for an email subscription on your registration forms, including a personalized message.

You can create a global email list for individuals to be included in the membership details listing, as well as a list of membership details. However, it should note that terminated attendees will be removed from your email list immediately when the membership level is determined rather than worldwide graduation.

The one location that allows Member Weigh down a little content protection. Now, presumably, this is truly simple. You merely most likely to Rules and you establish up brand-new gain access to regulation for your product.

You can pick a range of various kinds of content to safeguard

You can now select several different types of content to protect from a drop-down menu (made up of personalized item types, so anything you can think of can shield). After that, you can choose the specific page/category/post depending on your selection and so on.

That is easy. For example, suppose you mainly use dots like personalized item types. Then, children’s pages or article classifications after that, you will most likely be reasonably satisfied.

You can protect content for specific or multiple membership items. You can also save content for particular participants. That could work if you have a much more 1-2-1 focused membership product.

The disadvantage is you can finish up with many different Rules.

For example, suppose you need to protect many individual pages. Or have great deals on various membership items. For large websites, this is much less than suitable and can become unwieldy. However, you can choose to protect all child pages of a given page or a complete classification.

So this could be a method to alleviate the concern. But, unfortunately, you cannot set up direct access to layers on a page when creating. It’s as possible with several other plugins, which is a little unsatisfactory.

It couldn’t be easier to let content trickle or expire when you lose great content offerings on the plus side. However, it would help if you had a different rule for each piece of content you want to distribute. So this, in turn, can become unwieldy.

For example, suppose you provide several different membership items with varying levels of access. In this case, too, it can be easy to get confused with your rules. And in the end, content is inadvertently protected against each other, and access is blocked.


Integrations are a place where MemberPress reviews critical features. Unfortunately, that could get worse, especially when it comes to payment CPUs.

By default, you limit yourself to PayPal or Stripe for payment integrations. An internet authorization option is also available for even better prices.

Most websites have PayPal and Stripe order penalties (both we use with MemberPress academy verification). However, staying in a nation that rejects these options is limiting. Currently (2018), a WooCommerce integration in the beta could fix this problem. Nevertheless, it does not benefit directly recurring settlements, but only one one-off.

There are third-party integrations available for carts like ThriveCart.

However, these override MemberPress subscriber management capabilities, making them inappropriate to my concerns.

For autoresponders, you have all the major competitors like Mailchimp, Aweber, GetResponse, EnergeticCampaign, ConvertKit, Drip, and lesser-known options like Constant Contact, Mad Mimi and Campaign Monitor. Note that integrations for EnergeticCampaign, ConvertKit, and Drip aren’t available for the standard MemberPress rate and don’t offer complicated tagging options.

For associates after that, MemberPress includes.

Affiliate Royale as a component of its more excellent rates (or you can buy this independently). It likewise incorporates perfectly with Affiliate WP, one more favorite of mine.

An AWS add-on also contains MemberPress with Amazon s3. In addition, I allow you to create outbound links to hosted files. There or protect your files, video clips, and sound content by avoiding downloads.

Integrations are available for bbPress online forums. Blueberry PowerPress for creating podcasts for private participants. Quarter or Avalara for advanced tax liability options and various other tools like HelpScout, LearnDash, and Sendy.

Not all integrations are available for all plans. So be sure to look at the functional diagram to make sure you have the options you need. There can be a significant drop in prices between the individual levels if all you need is an additional add-on.

Member Management

As you would expect, as a manager. You can manage all subscriptions and offers of your participants (participants develop as customers) via WordPress’s back-end. You can also quickly resend your welcome email or invoice if you need a factor. For example, when you manually subscribe to a person or don’t receive the first email.

You can quickly cancel, stop, or refund attendees. And fast (participants can also promptly complete or prevent their accounts on their account page) – all via the MemberPress tab in WordPress, instead of using your payment CPU.

Due to the means, settlements establish up.

MemberPress instantly converts membership to access upgrades or revokes membership to cancel membership or time out. It also has built-in options for dealing with failed billing and runs out of credit cards.

The main features of MemberPress Reviews differ from various other membership plugins with their reporting tools that give you data like the number of participants. Which subscriptions are best known, and how much money is refundable?

And also the average lifetime worth of a participant.

You also get a photo record of the last seven days right on your WordPress control panel when you log in, so you can see precisely how your membership is doing at a glance.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t immediately provide statistics such as spin or the variety of brand new or terminated participants each month. I want it to have done that!

You can use the Members tab to view a list of all the attendees on your website. Your equivalent membership, membership is available—a variety of offers and amount of money paid as well as start and end days. You can filter these details based on membership levels, balance (e.g., accessible, energetic, finished, stopped), and payment CPU.

Let’s say you are currently using another membership plugin. In this case, you can also use the MemberPress Importer to import all existing membership information. They make this a lot easier to manage. Do you have to intend to make the switch?

User Experience

The plugin creates a front-end login and account page for attendees. However, you can bypass these with shortcodes if you want to personalize them fully. On the account page, participants can change any account information, which consists of passwords. In addition, view and manage all subscriptions, check the payment background, and update credit card details (depending on the payment CPU).

MemberPress prices can also update or cancel your membership directly on site. Without having to contact you or undergo your credit card or PayPal account. When you have activated the ability to stop, you can do this below as well.

The plugin also creates your registration forms for each product. Authorizing is a pretty shiny process, though the checkout pages want a little more design.

Overall the customer experience is relatively smooth, and I can not honestly fault it in any way. However, the reality is that it’s simple to transform the customer trip based upon membership levels by modifying the thanks pages. Welcome emails, after login pages, and extra is likewise a benefit.

MemberPress Customer Support

We’re here to help you take advantage of our incredible features. That’s why we’re always available if you have any questions or need some troubleshooting assistance. Could it be that easy? You can get support right now!

Customer support
Customer Support


We have put together a comprehensive knowledge database for MemberPress. It covers topics to get you started, determine precisely how to use the advanced features of MemberPress, and troubleshoot problems as they arise. In most cases, the knowledge base can point you in the ideal direction.

Current Customers

You can submit a support ticket using the button below if you have purchased a MemberPress license and have an active support license. Once you submit a technical support ticket, you can expect feedback from a customer service representative within 1-2 business days. Our office hours are 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., US MST, Monday through Friday (excluding US public holidays).

Future Customers

Please get in touch with us with any inquiries or questions. You may have before your purchase if you’re wondering whether MemberPress is the right fit for your business. We’re right here and delighted to help!

MemberPress Money-Back Guarantee

The MemberPress risk-free refund guarantee is a way for you to try out the service without fear.

If, within 14 days of opening your account, and decide that it’s not what you were looking for, then reach out to our fantastic support team, who will gladly cancel your subscription and issue a full refund!

MemberPress Alternatives

The most common alternatives to MemberPress are Association Management Software services, and they offer a range of features from content management systems (CMS) to e-commerce integration. For example, CMS platforms allow you to control your review’s website design with easy drag & drop functionality for any user level on the backend – while many other frontend solutions charge an additional fee just for this interface!

ECommerce is also possible through these options, like well event registration software that integrates seamlessly so visitors can easily register their attendance without having another window open or worry about filling in yet more fields.

We have compiled a list of solutions chosen by the reviewers. The best available options and competitors for MemberPress, including ClubExpress, iMIS, Mobilize, and Fonteva for Associations.

MemberPress Conclusion

MemberPress is an inexpensive and first-class functional check. It is currently the most effective all-inclusive critical member plugin available when incorporating its function defined by its ease of use and setup.

It is essential that you and your participants can easily manage all account information. What can reduce support problems? And you can usually manage every little thing easily in WordPress. For example, you don’t have to log in to your payment provider directly to iron out issues or create payment counters.

I discovered that it was one of the most accessible and most structured membership plugins to establish. While it has many features, most of them can be toggled on and off with a simple click of a box instead of diving straight into the globe of HTML or shortcodes.

Suppose you want additional customization options or advanced features available using built-in shortcodes. The Developer Tools add-on enables advanced integrations and the ability for sophisticated personalized development. There are also a variety of government agencies and third-party integrations available to enhance performance.

Overall, it is just one of the top rate options available, while it’s not the best plugin. It remains, in reality, the membership plugin that we use for our very own membership site, Membership Academy.

8 Total Score
MemberPress Review

MemberPress is an easy-to-use WordPress Membership Plugin. This effective Membership Software sets up just on your site and assists you promptly start billing to gain access. Unlike many other Membership Software solutions, MemberPress incorporates fully with your already-existing WordPress website, is very durable but is likewise easy to utilize.

  • Easy configuration.
  • Very adjustable membership levels.
  • Ability to produce as many subscription levels as you want.
  • We have personalized content trickling.
  • We have personalized content expiration.
  • Combination with many email marketing solutions and also various other tools.
  • Highly customizable promo codes.
  • Capacity to membership levels with Groups.
  • Comprehensive reporting.
  • Absence of modification registration login kinds.
  • No lifetime purchase alternative, making the plugin rather expensive gradually.
  • Features that ought to integrate often bill as add-ons.
  • Lack of built-in forum innovation.
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