Teachable Review(2023): Is It a Good Learning Platform?

It’s never too late to learn how to code! Thanks in part to the availability of less expensive and more robust software, it is easier than ever before. Read on for a review of this teachable review course that will help you get started today.

I signed up with Teachable in 2018 to create and offer my first online program. Since then, I’ve produced hundreds of dollars worth of Teachable and evaluated their numerous features.

If you are a professional blog owner, author, or content creator, an online program is a great way to grow your sales, support visitors, and build authority.

In this 2022 Teachable review, I’ll explain how I use Teachable and if it deserves the cost. I also put Teachable versusUdemy in the box. Finally, I will explain how the 14-day trial version of Teachable works.

What is Teachable?

Teachable is an online platform for bloggers, creatives, and instructors to create training courses that are taught live. It was founded in 2013 by Ankur Nagpal as Fedora Hotmart. Still, it rebranded itself a year ago with the hope of attracting more entrepreneurs who use blogging or creative content creation to generate revenue through their course sales.

Teachable Review
Teachable Review

Teachable allows people from all over the world – including those without traditional teaching background -to make money off creating engaging lessons on topics they’re passionate about while making life easier than ever before for busy professionals like you!

Who is Teachable?

Teachable is for teacher blog owners, creatives, and content developers who want to create online training courses and sell them to their audiences or fans.

You can also use Teachable to create a membership page and interact with your trainees.

More than 100,000 educators worldwide have conducted over 34,000 training courses for numerous trainees with top educational online developers such as Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income and Tiago Forte from Second Brain. Also, use it to offer seven-digit training courses for your target markets.

That is a lot of individual development!

Why I Picked Teachable?

Every online program manufacturer in the EU bills BARREL for the training courses offered. This tax liability hurts collecting and a lot more time to pay as you should keep track of what each student paid. Believe me. I consulted my accountant!

Teachable takes care of these migraines through the admin by building BARREL right into the pricing and paying my part, thereby streamlining the responsibilities for reporting tax obligations. That is the main factor that I registered with Teachable. It’s also the main reason I’m still with Teachable today.

I’ve also researched how I can use various WordPress plugins over the years to create an online program. It was even more challenging to use, and it eliminates the time spent recording a training course.


Teachable is an effective knowledge management system objective-built for developers.

If you’re interested, get a 14-day free trial today.

However, if you have an existing audience and enjoy advertising and offering training courses straight to aiming trainees, Teachable is a much better selection. You’ll possibly make even more money from providing an electronic product like a training course.

How to Teachable Works?

Creating an online program is simple in Teachable.

  • Set up an institution that represents your brand name
  • Create a training course within this college
  • Create components for your program
  • Upload lesson products for every component as an example video clip, sound, PDFs, lesson notes
  • Publish your program
  • Sell your program using a Teachable sales page

After signing up with Teachable, it motivates you to create an institution representing your brand name or website. You can link this college to your website utilizing a subdomain name, for example, course.yourdomainname.com.

As a brand new programmer, you can customize the look and feel of your brand new college by changing the logo design, fonts, and palette.

Students decide to enroll in college before taking a training course. Or you can grant access to all other training courses for a fee. It depends on how you want to inform and sell online.

I have created a lot of online training courses. Many non-teachable instructors offer multiple training courses as part of their college. More recently, it emerged that Teachable was a single pass for apprentices.

That enables trainees to see each of their teachable training courses in various institutions in one area (assuming the program developers choose to do so). It’s like logging into Google alone.

Teachable Pricing and Plan

Teachable review lately turned out a 14-day free trial. Start below before going any type of better. That stated, the Teachable pricing plan is split into three rates: Basic, Professional, and Business.

pricing and plan
Pricing and Plan

Teachable Basic Plan

This plan sets you back $29per month. Some vital features consist of:

  • Charges a 5% purchase charge
  • Monthly payments
  • Two owners/authors
  • Drip program content (described listed below)

Teachable price Basic appropriates many people to create an online program for the initial time since it’s budget-friendly. I started on a variation of this plan. It was adequate for two years if you’re brand-new to creating an online program, beginning below.

The Teachable free plan is no more available.

Teachable Professional Plan

This plan sets you back $99per month. You obtain every one of the above and also:

  • No purchase charges
  • Payment processing using Stripe
  • Instant payments
  • Member- just area
  • Coaching items
  • Advanced reports
  • A program conclusion certificate
  • An unbranded website or college that you can customize with your branding
  • Live chat
  • Five admin-level customers

I recently updated this plan so that I can get access to two virtual helpers together. I also wanted access to instant payments through Stripe instead of PayPal. Why? Well, Paypal’s fees are more outstanding than a strip’s. Some trainees continued to ask for certificates to complete their training courses.

Choose this paid plan if you’ve created and launched your first online program and are receiving more than the monthly teachable program sales fee. That will surely help you to reduce the initial cost.

Teachable pricing Business Plan

Teachable offers this plan at $249 per month. You obtain every one of the above and also:

  • Bulk pupil registrations
  • 20 admin degree customers
  • Bulk pupil imports
  • Custom customer functions
  • Group mentoring calls

I didn’t use this paid plan. However, I am involved in this plan with several online program developers. It’s an excellent choice if you want to collaborate with a large number of employees, offer complete training courses, or expect hundreds of registrations.

I would appreciate it if Teachable could include multiple institutions in this plan. Also known as multi-tenancy, this would undoubtedly make it a lot easier for program developers with different websites or brand names to set up institutions for numerous business components under one account – much like universities setting up a college.

Overview of Teachable Features

I think this decision should be entrusted to the programmer/business owner and should not be teachable.

Again, you can solve this problem with Samcart as checkout software instead of using Teachable’s incoming payment.

Teachable is a straightforward, robust platform. The user interface is clean, and your students will have no problem accessing and browsing your programs. In my opinion, its strength lies in video-controlled content. Teachable also shines when it comes to simple tools that help support marketing training courses – such as the customizable sell, buy, and thank you pages.

It’s also worth noting that Teachable is just one of the greatest, if not the most significant, players in its system history. That is a crucial factor as many companies have offered online course platforms. Many of them will be gone in a few years. I don’t believe in the teachable will.

Creating A Course 

It is best to detail your program lessons and components and document your products before using Teachable.

Understandably, teachable functions cannot help you with this. I started creating a simple online program. I didn’t say it quickly, however!

When you have all set, upload the video clips, PDF documents, and discussions directly to the program platform. You can also import products from services like Dropbox, Google Drive, or One Drive. Then move them around using a drag and drop program builder. You damage a training course down to and including components with specific lessons per component by this factor. Or you can stick to a set variety of tasks.

In the teachable features, video clips and various other products are hosted in the LMS, so you don’t have to worry about losing anything. You also have your student program data. You can always export your student details, contact list, and prize information if you are concerned.

I occasionally obtained shade while clicking around food selection things on the Teachable control panel. However, the drag and drop builder is reasonably simple to use.

Managing Enrolments

Teachable traits indicate that they have signed up for a training course, class, and development today. You can conveniently log in via the control panel or unregister trainees. Students can simultaneously access any of your Teachable Functional Programs or pass feed products to them.

Here, too, you can complete a registration or obtain access at any time.

Occasionally the trainees asked for my training to be reimbursed. You can do this right from within the teachable functions, and I get a marginal customer service request.

Teachable features provide the ability to change the language for global trainees. I have not tested these options as part of my teachable review functions.

Communicating With Students

The most acceptable way to connect with brand new and existing trainees is through the use of email. Greet them on your program, request answers, or allow trainees to learn about a brand new lesson, component, and even a training course.

It includes well-known email service providers such as MailChimp and ConvertKit.

Alternatively, you can think of the integrated email service of the Teachable Features platform. I use this to email existing trainees to notify them of program updates.

After posting a brand new lesson, I search the appropriate program, select all trainees, and send them a program email that can be reached. It is also an excellent marketing tool to allow trainees to find out about various other training programs. It is also possible to notify confident trainees.


You can create quizzes for a training course that test trainees’ understanding of a training course or subject. These tests can have multiple responses, and trainees can obtain quality and a certificate for the conclusion.


Some trainees like getting a certificate for finishing a training course—teachable features supply three various certificate templates that you can honor practical trainees.

Teachable features immediately include the pupil’s name, the program they finished, and your college. You can alter the shade and have a trademark. Alternatively, you can customize the appearance of these certs utilizing HTML.

Selling Your Course

What is the factor in creating a great program if you can’t offer it ?!

You may have a free program that improves a publication, product, or service. However, many program developers want to make money.

Teachable offers several sales page templates that have been created to transform. You are working with the Drag & Drop Builder. If you can create a page in WordPress, you can customize these templates again.

I recommend starting your duplicate sales and event images for the program in question before making the sales page.

I’ve been using the Teachable sales page for a couple of years. In the past, I have undoubtedly wanted to personalize the design of these pages. However, the newer templates work just fine. Nevertheless, the page builder still has some unique features.

Users can also link a custom website domain to their Teachable College. Alternatively, you can create a landing page with Clickfunnels or LeadPage and connect directly to the Teachout checkout page. I tried in the meantime. However, the landing pages and Teachable checkout are fine.

The Checkout

Teachable enables the checkout process to be adapted. You can add information about representations, support, and testimonials to encourage potential trainees on the verge of getting out of the car.

It also refers to your preferred incoming payment. In my case, this is Stripe via Paypal because of the purchase fees.

Teachable supports innovative pricing options such as one-time fees, a membership, a payment plan, etc. It authorizes a payment using PayPal, Stripe, and the major credit cards, including Visa and MasterCard.

Tracking Course Sales

The Teachable Price Control Panel shows how many trainees were authorized in the previous month and how much profit I made with each program within an offered duration.

Managing refunds and cancellations are part of doing business online. It’s pretty easy to cancel a student membership and request a refund from another student within Teachable.

Student Discounts 

Inside of Teachable price, you can establish up price cuts for trainees. Determine the portion you wish to remove the initial cost, and it will undoubtedly produce a discount coupon and a custom-made link. Then, offer either to the pupil.

I use this feature a fair bit as I occasionally companion with various other program developers. I produce a discount rate code that they show to their target markets.


The Teachable Professional Plan makes it possible to collaborate with associates. You can identify just how much they’ll obtain as payment for offering your program. It will undoubtedly provide a custom-made link to use and look after tracking and expenses. You can additionally include as several associates as you desire and even established up trainees as associates.

Additional Sales and Marketing Features

Teachable sustains innovative sales features like one-click upsells and packages. If you have greater than one program, you can offer brand-new trainees an opportunity to purchase the 2nd program on the thanks page at a discount rate. That is an excellent way of boosting conversions.

If you’re running a Facebook advertisement to advertise your online program, you can include your pixel on a sales page.

Teachable’s user-friendly user interface

The teachable review top features have an uncomplicated admin panel that makes building your initial course easy. Teachable’s navigating is clean with just the most essential customization features. A few other training course platforms have numerous customization features that a newbie can get a little lost.

Teachable’s payment processing

The Teachable platform features built-in payment processing with Teachable Payments. That conserves you the trouble of getting an account with a 3rd celebration payment processor and then set up within the platform. Teachable Payments fees are comparable to industry standards, Stripe and PayPal at 2.9% + 30 cents per deal. The only caveat is that Teachable fees a 25 cent fee for each payment, which is negligible if you obtain your payments once or twice a month.

Unlimited Video Hosting

The top educational features offer unlimited video clip hosting to their customers. That means you can upload as much video clip content as you want, and Teachable will NOT charge you much more for looking at a specific limitation.

Suppose you’ve ever tried offering online training on your website using video clip hosting services like Vimeo or Wistia. In that case, you know how great the range of unlimited video clip hosting is.

With most alternative video clip hosting services, you could be paying hundreds of dollars a month to host your online program videos.

This feature is available in all of Teachable’s pricing plans.

Teachable Transaction Fees

Teachable review top features do not charge dealer fees on course sales if you get on the Pro plan or higher.

If you register for the Basic plan, they charge a 5% purchase fee on all sales made through their payment gateway.

I have navigated in the past by using an alternative checkout software program like Samcart, which begins at $49 per month.

Click the image to obtain a free trial of Samcart

However, if you’re marketing a training course for just $297 and making more than 20 sales per month on the basic plan, using Samcart as a workaround will save you money in the long run.

I currently use Samcart to collect payments for each of my training courses, digital products, and services as there are no additional merchant fees. With Samcart, I have instant access to my funds and much more control over checking out.

Teachable Customer Support

The support is receptive. I’ve raised several tickets over the years for personalizing my college prices and designs and received helpful responses.

Teachable provides a knowledge base, although I noticed that some of the articles expired on the day describing the last name Fedora.

If you have a request, you can create a ticket and listen to it within a day. Customers with professional, teachable ratings can receive a live chat.

Teachable Money-Back Guarantee

Teachable Review Pricing has a 30-day refund policy on all sales made through your payment gateway. In my opinion, this is an additional disadvantage of the platform.

While I offer 30-day refunds directly to each of my customers, I know that under certain circumstances, a program developer may want to provide a shorter or no refund period at all.

Teachable Alternatives

Teachable is a terrific online program platform. Thinkific is an additional fantastic platform to look right into if you are such as to shop around. I assemble a thorough Thinkific review for you based on my experience using it. On top of that, I likewise have a Thinkific vs. teachable review so you can contrast the two head-to-head.

If you’re assuming the features available with the Teachable LMS do not have what you need, you might wish to consider a WordPress LMS plugin. You can have a look at the detailed LearnDash review and LifterLMS review I assemble for you.

Teachable vs. Udemy

In the last few years, I have created and offered several training courses with teaching material. I also had two training courses for Demy. In the long run, I didn’t make them available.

Udemy packages and markets great deals training courses together. These usually come at a high price with coupon codes and Udemy emails. With Teachable, you have complete control over your program and how much it costs.

It makes you even more back to using Teachable while you can publish a free training course on Udemy. These price differences reflect the decrease in income that Udemy applies to program sales.

Teachable offers more advanced tools for program developers than Udemy.

For example, you can personalize the look and feel of your college. A branding training course fits into Udemy. Teachable also gives you even more control over price drops, coupons, and student enrollments.

Udemy is an excellent selection if you create a training course regarding a prominent subject like web development or developer and do not have an existing audience. They will certainly look after the promo for you.

Teachable Conclusion

Blog Post Conclusion: In the last year, Teachable has seen a lot of growth and is now being used by over 10,000 instructors to teach courses in more than 150 subjects.

If you’re looking for an easy way to create your own training course but don’t know where to start or how to market it once you do – we can help! We have experience with both designing creative content as well as helping our clients find success through digital marketing campaigns that drive traffic back into their stores. Contact us today if this sounds like something you might be interested in learning more about.

It is an excellent knowledge management solution if you wish to create and offer training courses. It’s reasonably simple to use and has great deals of practical tools for any program maker. The 14-day free trial is an excellent chance to test this service on your own.

8 Total Score
Teachable Review

Teachable is the online course authoring system that helps businesses of all sizes. The service provides you with a variety of ways to teach, including videos, lectures or quizzes and also enables instructors to create personalized certificates for trainees who complete their classwork. It's easy enough for supervisors too - they can track sales; gain insights into offered courses; collect feedback through surveys on the dashboard linked by Teachable.

  • Building out a training course is simple
  • Affordable
  • New features included frequently
  • High-converting sales pages
  • Handles EU BARREL reporting
  • Not feasible to have one than one college
  • Drip emails challenging to establish up
  • Page builder has some peculiarities
  • No multi-tenancy
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