Unbounce Review(2023): Best Landing Page Builder, Why?

Unbounce was bought by Leadpages in 2016. It’s one of only a few landing page builders that supports A/B testing, the others being Unbounce and ConvertPlus.

Recently, Unbounce added social sharing tracking to its website platform so you can see who shares your content when they share it across their social media accounts.

While various methods drive and collect potential leads, landing pages capture the audience’s focus in a more engaging approach. The catch is landing pages that convert and require careful planning and processing.

Are you looking for a landing page builder to help you start your online business? My Unbounce Test could help you.

In this post, I’m sure to tell you how Landing Page Builder can help you grow your leads and improve your conversion rates on top of the various other features. 

Why is it recommended for beginners like you, and how can it reduce the difficulty of the job until it becomes a beginner-friendly editor?

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What is Unbounce?

Unbounce founded by Rick Perreault and five other specialists, Unbounce is a detailed electronic marketing solution that meets the needs of local businesses – landing pages to be precise.

Unbounce Review
Home Page

It mainly provides help for purchasing companies, SaaS and small to large agencies. The platform price itself is a hassle-free, yet inexpensive tool, many thanks to its drag-and-drop landing page editor. 

It doesn’t require coding skills, which is an essential facet of any builder to be additionally available. The editor has a collection of 100+ Unbounce landing page templates that can be used and tweaked.

Aside from being an important feature, Unbounce also offers various other valuable rewards to help business owners optimize, consisting of sticky bars, popups, A / B split testing, and third-party integrations.

Here are some factors that help make the software application work:

  • You can use it to create your page.
  • With Unbounce, you can customize your landing page.
  • It gives you all the electronic support you need to increase your sales.

In addition, the company offers interested customers the opportunity to test all functions via the 14-day free Unbounce trial version. 

The company offers a collaborative program where attendees can earn up to 20% permanent payment for every sale they make to generate additional income.

Who Should Use Unbounce?

The software application can use by anyone who wants to start their business trip or improve their lead generation and conversion. 

However, the software application has various features tailored to clear goals. It is also possible that there are no aspects that you need.

To see if Unbounce is the right marketing solution for your business, below is a list of people who are sure to benefit significantly from the platform’s rewards:

Digital marketing expert

Online marketers are sure to benefit significantly from Unbounce tools. That is especially true for users with landing pages as their leading product/service.

People collaborating with multiple customers

It can be challenging to help multiple clients at the same time when done by hand. 

The company has built in an agency-centric function that allows individuals to manage, arrange, and monitor numerous accounts in one control panel. Perfect for small to large agencies and freelance marketers.

Entrepreneurs without a limited budget plan

It’s one of the minority challenges I’ve seen in Unbounce. If you are a beginner and your budget plan is relatively small.

I recommend you miss out on Unbounce and discover an additional platform that is budget-friendly.

Get $79 back per month on the Standard plan. And if you want to take advantage of all of the features, you’ll need to buy the Enterprise package, which costs $399 per month.

Unbounce Pricing and Plan

Unbounce offers a free 14-day trial period and flexible pricing plans based on your monthly subscriber count (including social sharing tracking). The basic plan starts at $49/month, which is an excellent deal for small businesses wanting to test out landing pages or get more traffic without spending too much money. Standard pricing plans start at $99/month, with professional costing $149 and enterprise packages priced upwards of $499 per month.

Launch Unbounce pricing

For beginners, the Unbounce pricing Launch plan consists of tools required to build, test, and optimize. It features up to 500 conversions, 20 000 visitors, and one linked domain.

Optimize Unbounce pricing

For $108 a month, the Pricing and Unbounce Optimize plan consists of all standard procedural tools with additional rewards such as A / B testing, intelligent traffic, and Dynamic Text Replacement (DTR).

Accelerate Unbounce pricing

For the expansion of electronic agencies, the pricing and the Accelerate plan fit perfectly. For $180 a month, you can get 2,000 conversions, 40,000 visitors, seven linked domains, and Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP).

Scale Unbounce pricing

For large electronic agencies, the Scale price plan suggests. 

For $270 per month, you get everything you can get in Accelerate with more significant allocations.

Overview of Unbounce Features

Unbounce has an extremely effective matching technology that allows you to collect email addresses with a single form field on your landing page – no more multiple fields or problems mixing up URLs when someone wants to give their email address to you after filling out a form!

This is what makes the tool so easy for beginners to use. Just drag and drop elements from the library onto your blank template, choose some colors and fonts, add in any images, text, or video content you like and publish it within seconds. You can check out how to build landing pages using Unbounce here.

Landing page builder

The key features of Unbounce Review are the Landing Page Builder, which provides all of the tools marketers and business owners need to create a visually engaging landing page for a regular editor. From video clips to social widgets, you can incorporate all of these rights into your template.

No need to stress in case the standard design doesn’t match your brand name. All aspects contained therein are adaptable and scalable. You can change the font size, change the theme and shade of messages, and insert links in certain circumstances.

Unbounce, on the other hand, doesn’t just refer to what’s good in the eyes. It also has options to set meta and alt summaries to make it SEO-oriented.

The Landing Page Builder includes tools that you can use to build up converting pages. To give you complete information about each phase, I’ve broken it into four stages: Create, Customize, Optimize, and Transform.


Landing page creation using Unbounce features has been made more accessible, thanks partly to clever and innovative tools that have made non-programmers business owners much less complex. The creation phase consists of user-friendly and time-saving functions, the collection of Unbounce templates. 

It has 100+ layouts that can either use as-is or customized to match the look of your brand name. The editor also functions as a drag and drop. You don’t need to code for this reason.

Likewise, there is an alternative where you can replicate an entire page instead of creating an additional page from scratch. Of course, options for duplicating and pasting are also available.

Here are the various other programs you can use:

  • Accelerated mobile page builder
  • Publish to your domain
  • Publish to WordPress

Aside from that, you can add bespoke manuscripts and pixels right into the page for extra functionality. If necessary, the script manager tool allows you to use all documents on different pages with one click.

You can also create mobile-friendly landing templates with the mobile layout wizard. Having a desktop version of your landing page will undoubtedly change the template to a mobile responsive page.

 You can reach -tune, and control how your page is displayed on the move while maintaining the desktop computer variation.


The adjustment process is also a little easier. You can either be sharp from scratch or choose a template from the collection and customize it. 

Suppose the layouts in the Unbounce collection don’t match your preferences or brand name. If so, you can review and download and install templates from the customizable landing page layout from Themeforest Marketplace 240+.

Another feature to consider is the pixel-perfect tool. This feature allows individuals to quickly make changes to their pages instead of sticking to grids and executives.

In reality, this is what Unbounce collections are for alongside their competitors, as most of them contain grids, boxes, and leaders.

You add pictures quickly and easily. Either upload your own or choose from Unsplash 8,000+ aristocracy-free photos. It also has an automatic image optimization tool that allows you to adjust your images to prevent your landing pages from shrinking.

The use of video clips as a background is also possible via Unbounce. You can paste them anywhere you want.

Wondering what the builder appears to be?

Check out this live preview of the Unbounce landing page builder.


Unbounce top features ensure the customers’ continuous diffusion of leads by offering tools, especially for optimization goals.

With the A / B split test tool, you can, for example, test and compare two or more variants of a landing page. That allows you to see which page is completely resonating with your audience.

What intrigues me, however, is that there is an AI-powered feature called Smart Traffic. The suggestion is that your viewers instantly link to a page that is most likely to change them. However, it’s still on the BETA stage.

On the one hand, it has a real-time data control panel that business owners and solopreneurs like you can use to manage and monitor how their pages are working.


The conversion tools for Unbounce features focus on lead generation and complete customer satisfaction. For example, the Lead Burgener Form Builder and gated content options are best for building email lists.

The latter allows you to capture your target market focus by distributing “valuable content” – such as white papers and digital books – for their contact information. At the same time, the last option allows you to incorporate drop-down lists, checkboxes, and wireless switches right into your pages.

There is also an alternative to creating your thank you message. 

A tool that allows you to send your viewers to an additional page or content is also available. It’s an excellent strategy for enhancing your customer’s shopping trip.

Security and efficiency

If the landing page editor is the main dish of the software application, its security toolbox is the topping off. Data reliability is an essential aspect of running an effective online business. 

Without it, you and your customers’ information are at risk of being fished and used for prohibited tasks.

The landing page platform consists of 8 different tools that have been adapting to optimize your website security. In reality, Unbounce is GDPR certified and meets strict data protection guidelines and security criteria, which consist of CASL and PCI-DSS.

Automatic SSL encryption.

All Unbounce pages are encrypted using HTTPS to ensure that they protect everything that is protected.

Two-element review. It allows you to do a second check on an additionally used device. It indicates that once someone has used your primary password without your consent, you will be notified for sure.

Data protection through design. All pages and forms design to protect your data, including that of your customers and visitors.

When it comes to maximizing your website’s efficiency, Unbounce has focused on options that aim at reliability. The five global dates concentrate on the whole world. 

For example, make sure your pages load quickly in each country where you plan to showcase your campaigns. It also has a speed increase feature that meets Google’s speed criteria.

Account management

Working with multiple customers has just gotten easier. Many thanks to the Unbounce Account Management System tool. Perfect for freelance marketers and electronic agencies, small to large, this feature will help you get all of your tasks done and stay on track.

In essence, individuals can manage and monitor customers, participants, and campaigns through a control panel. For example, you can review your team tasks and activities in the builder and download and install the data you want. There is also an alternative where you can download the details of your leads independently in CSV.

You don’t have to worry about managing different passwords either. The system has a single sign or SSO function that allows you to manage all user names and passwords from one place.

Here are the various other points you can use:
  • IP filter
  • Transfer account
  • Create and share templates
  • Free hosting

Popups and sticky bars

Give your page personality and increase conversion at the same time Unbounce price by including this type of call-to-action.

However, Unbounce has a built-in feature that makes it easy for you to share them without coding.

Sticky bars are headings that stay on top of your landing page, while popups are screens that appear anywhere on the page and rely on their triggers. 

These aspects are used both for the market and as a call to action.

Unbounce provided a customizable way to display targeted deals. Here’s what you expect from the function:


For Unbounce, customer needs are a top priority. Hence, the platform enables business owners to incorporate various other marketing options to promote and leverage their marketing initiatives.

  • Google Analytics
  • Foreclosure
  • HubSpot
  • Zoho
  • Mailchimp
  • WordPress
  • AWeber
  • Active campaign
  • CRM
  • Zapier
  • Campaign monitor etc.

In total, Unbounce can integrate with a total of 106 marketing options.

Unbounce Choices

Suppose you assume that the platform’s toolbox is not the right mix of solutions for your electronic needs. I am writing down some bounce options below that you may want.

Landingi is a full-featured marketing software application – like Unbounce – that recognize for its landing page builder. It offers various options to assist small business owners with their electronic needs, with specific landing pages.

I find Landingi pretty much like Unbounce. In addition to collecting page templates with layouts influenced by numerous industries, individuals can also include various other marketing options. The difference is that Unbounce has more than 200 templates and Landingi only has more than 100.

In addition to creating and publishing landing pages, you can use the software application to automate critical tasks, manage potential customers, and analyze and optimize data.

Leadpages is a marketing platform that helps solopreneurs and business owners with prospecting and building email lists. It also works like Unbounce. The only difference is that Leadpages has even more.

Beneficial Features

There are webinars, guide magnets, etc., in certain circumstances. It also allows individuals to host video clips for free. That means that if the design fits, you can install video clips on your landing pages. Perfect for those who run tutorials online.

Individuals can also host webinars, send SMS and create sales pages on Leadpages. That ing said, it offers tools that Unbounce also provides. The only downside I saw is that there is no built-in email autoresponder.

Unlike Unbounce, Clickfunnels is a marketing software application designed to make it easy to create sales funnels. And as opposed to drawing in and producing leads, the key feature is to convert leads directly into paying customers.

Clickfunnels also has a landing page builder. It doesn’t require any coding skills as the editor acts as a drag and drop. The only downside is that, unlike Unbounce. Access is except for beginners.

If your primary concern is creating landing pages, the platform can confuse you with features. It’s also expensive for newbies. Therefore, I only recommend it to experienced marketers and business owners with a specific business plan.

Unbounce Customer Support

Unbounce has an extensive knowledge base and frequently asked questions section. You can also get in touch with their customer support team, though you may have to wait a few hours for responses during peak times (9 am-5 pm PST).

Customer Support
Customer Support

You’ll find that most of your queries can be answered by following the step-by-step guides on Unbounce’s website, but they’re really useful if you just want a quick answer to something.

Unbounce also offers live chat, monthly webinars, and even paid training to help you master landing page design.

Unbounce Money-Back Guarantee

Unbounce offers an alluring 60-day moneyback guarantee for those who aren’t completely happy with their service – just contact them through email or phone call at any time within this time period should they need assistance from someone qualified.

If there’s anything about the app itself which isn’t as powerful enough as expected then we’ll gladly provide one of our knowledgeable professionals to answer questions and address queries before deciding whether or not it meets what was advertised right here.

Unbounce Alternatives

Have you tried to come up with alternatives to the Unbounce review prices? Countless people want to land page builders to help with A / B testing and respond to mobile devices. We have compiled a list of landing page builders that the reviewers selected as the ideal total instead of Unbounce.

With the reviewer information, you can see how Unbounce is piling up against the competition, review past and current user reviews, and find the most effective solution for your service. ClickFunnels, Instapage, Landingi, and HubSpot Marketing Hub are some of the best-known alternatives and even competitors to Unbounce.


It is hands down a comprehensive marketing solution that helps tiny business owners increase their conversion rates.

The Unbounce Review goes beyond the fact that the Unbounce Review gave priority to the Landing Builder and added value to the security of their customers and the overall efficiency of the software application. Now you can protect your data and your customer’s payment information from hacking while continuously creating high-converting pages.

All in all, I find it to be a fantastic platform to support business professionals in their quest to become effective online business owners. If you want to learn more, we recommend you try the free trial.

8.5 Total Score
Unbounce Review

Unbounce is most likely to save you way even more time than it costs and, once you're up and running with the system, it's quite tough to do. The touchdown web page building contractor is terrific, the templates offered are exceptional, and you get a lot of flexibility to tailor-make your web pages.

  • Promptly release and also develop touchdown pages.
  • Quickly create variations for screening.
  • Outstanding templates and third-party sources like ThemeForest for a lot more templates
  • Extremely customizable
  • Excellent landing web page contractor
  • Split screening functionality is excellent
  • Form building contractor does not have some vital features.
  • You can not divide test existing landing pages produced outside of Unbounce (something you can do with systems like VWO and Google Optimize).
  • Our Unbounce touchdown pages were a data source in Google Analytics. We found a workaround, yet it wasn't suitable.
  • You can not add personalized classes to switches, so we needed to rebuild them in HTML, which prevented us from tracking objectives in Unbounce
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