SalesHandy Review(2023): Is It Good For Automated Email Marketing?

SalesHandy is a software application designed to automate and track email marketing campaigns. You can do it to manage campaigns run through Yahoo Mail, Microsoft Overview, and Gmail. 

However, you can also use different Easy Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) servers after some back and forth.

Sales reps and email marketers generally use this platform. Both careers have had to make heavy use of email campaigns, making manual management virtually impossible. 

The use of software programs that help with the logistics of such campaigns is a criterion in the modern outreach industry.

What is SalesHandy?

SalesHandy is a sales enablement tool that allows you to get the email recipient’s engagement data and do even more with modern email productivity features.

SalesHandy Review
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You can track endless emails for absolutely free, send periodic emails, attach and send creative templates, automate follow-up emails, and get behavioral information from email interactions to identify the most engaged recipients faster.

It works with all email providers consisting of Gmail / Gsuite, Outlook, Yahoo, and others.

This SalesHandy review will surely help you determine if it is the best tool for your email marketing needs. I will cover the main features, cons, and prices to give you a much better idea of this email tracking software application.

SalesHandy Pricing and Plans

The majority of online tools use two main strategies for their pricing strategy. They either structure packages based on function scales or set different price points depending on the variety of registered people.

SalesHandy Pricing Review
Pricing and Plan

Fortunately, in addition to the completely free package, SalesHandy is offering a 14-day free trial period of the Plus package so that individuals can get a feel for the entire software application platform.  No debit card is required for registration.

SalesHandy uses four different pricing plans:

  • Free- two-week free test, access to email tracking choices
  • Regular- $7 per month per individual, email tracking, mail merge for various accounts, and document tracking
  • Plus- $16 per month per user, automated follow-up emails, email tracking, mail merge for different versions, and document tracking
  • Enterprise- $40 per month per user, all features, extra security, support top priority

Overview of SalesHandy Features

Saleshandy has a lot of features to make your life easier, such as easy-to-use integration with Gmail and Zapier connections. For the price, it’s worth giving Saleshandy a try because they have everything you need for sales presentations or brainstorming sessions.

Email Tracking

Using SalesHandy’s email engagement analysis, you can analyze the possibility of engagement to improve the effectiveness of your sales cycle. Plus, you’ll get desktop alerts for real-time tracking updates.

SalesHandy uses several free email tracking features that will teach you essential marketing skills, such as:

  • Email opened the number of recipients who have opened your emails. Sales cell phone brands opened emails with a double checkmark, similar to a read invoice in Mailtrack to Gmail (another email tracking app).
  • Click Rate: Number of Email IDs Click on a link in your email.
  • Reply rate: the number of recipients who replied to your email.
  • Document Tracking (Add-On Tracking): The number of times your email accessory was downloaded, installed, or forwarded.

Email Campaigns with Mail Merge

Sending personalized emails can significantly improve your email open rates, regardless of which email provider you use!

How does this help your email outreach?

Potential customers are more likely to open an email tailored for them than generic marketing emails. As with Yesware, another sales activation platform, SalesHandy lets you send tailored emails using the mail merge feature.

Exactly how do you do it?

Upload CSV data with your recipient data, such as names, company names, and email IDs, directly into the Gmail or Outlook plugin.

Use the column headings in the data as placeholders in your draft email. SalesHandy will then immediately insert this data into the placeholders for each possibility.

Follow-Up Emails

Email automation devices such as Sales Handy support you in automating follow-up emails with mail merge campaign sequences.

You can either:

  • Set a period after which the follow-up emails will undoubtedly immediately.
  • Set a trigger for automation. For example, SalesHandy may send a follow-up on an opportunity when your email open.
  • You can also send automated follow-up emails in the exact string to help winners see your new message in the context of earlier emails. That can significantly increase your available email prices!

Email Templates

Another feature of this software application is the email templates. You can use it by creating HTML templates and then using them in Gmail.  You can use it in Gmail in addition to expectations. That saves time as there is no need to create recurring emails.

You can share all of your templates with your team members with just one click with this feature. The email template feature can save you up to three times.

Features Of Email Templates:

  • Use in Gmail and Outlook
  • Use in mail merge campaign.
  • Manage templates in folders
  • Create HTML template
  • Track the performance of templates

Email Scheduling

Another fascinating feature of SalesHandy is email scheduling. It allows you free unrestricted email scheduling through the Chrome plugin in Gmail. 

This set function eliminates the need to adjust the torque ranges. No longer need to stay until you send a specific email; schedule it for a later date, and SalesHandy will take care of the rest.

All you have to do is select the time, date, and specific time zone you want the email to send to each customer. The time zone function of the email routine takes care of it. 

You can check all of your arranged emails in the Drafts area as well as in the SalesHandy app control panel.

Document Tracking

Many email marketing software application solutions offer link tracking choices, and SalesHandy is no different in this regard. When choosing document tracking, the platform stands out.

Many email marketers use graphics, sales brochures, and various other results in their campaigns. It’s not always simple to keep track of how individuals engage with these – but you can see this with SalesHandy too. 

If your campaign consists of email accessories, you can easily view open rates using SalesHandy’s document tracking options.

That is a helpful tool for time-sensitive email campaigns because you get this data in real-time. The information it contains is quite extensive, so you can see more of it than just opening your email attachments. 

You can view the reading times and locations, as well as other lead details, about the users who have opened them.

SalesHandy Customer Support

The icing on the cake is the 24-hour customer support and success group that ensures that you always get the greatest out of this fantastic solution.

Customer Support
Customer Support

They have 5 Different Support Systems:

  • Email
  • Phone
  • Live support
  • Training
  • Tickets

The fact that SalesHandy technical support isn’t there doesn’t help either. The Enterprise plan provides top priority assistance as promoted. 

The support group is asking for access to user systems for minor concerns, which is a security concern for many people.

SalesHandy Money-Back Guarantee

SalesHandy is a customer-oriented app that has been designed to help small businesses make smarter decisions. The 14-day refund policy ensures you can quickly and painlessly get your money back if the service doesn’t work out for any reason within two weeks of signing up.

Transaction costs will not be reimbursed, but as long as it’s used by someone who paid with a credit card or PayPal, we’ll give them their money back in full!

SalesHandy Alternatives

Are you looking for alternatives to SalesHandy? Countless people want email tracking software to help them with open rates, link activity, and attachment tasks.

The challenge is thinking out whether or not the software you have chosen is right for you. We have compiled a list of email tracking software voted the best general by reviewers compared to SalesHandy.

With reviewer data, you can see how SalesHandy is stacking up against the competition, review reviews from current and past people, and find the best solution for your business.

Yesware, Mixmax, Bananatag, and Reply are the best-known alternatives and competitors to SalesHandy.


With SalesHandy 2.0, you can guarantee a constantly growing sales chart. It’s super easy to use all of the features available with the brand new and updated user interface.  You can find out that your prospects are the most engaged and approach them wisely.

First and foremost, SalesHandy creates to ensure the company can achieve and maintain better customer loyalty and helps them make better use of email and records. 

With this system, you can analyze your customers’ habits, spot trends, see which files or email templates are working, track emails and check sales performance.

SalesHandy makes it easier to work with business opportunities and uses the sophisticated email campaign and automatic follow-up function. You can quickly scale your initiative while always knowing what is happening on the various other ends of your email.

Finally, we would like to show you that with SalesHandy Review, you can put together your sales teams effortlessly.  The icing on the block is the customer support and success team, which is open around the clock and guarantees that you are getting the most out of this outstanding solution.

8 Total Score
SalesHandy Review

SalesHandy is a sales engagement principles that enable sales teams to scale their email outreach procedures effortlessly. Campaigns on SalesHandy are the most comfortable way to routine and send hundreds (or thousands) of multi-stage automated follow-up emails to your leads simultaneously. You can individualize your email campaign, making use of merge tags, and have automated follow-ups sent out based on engagement (open or clicks) on the last email. You can set up these emails to head out in your recipient's time zone also, so your emails don't get buried in their inbox.

6.8User's score
  • Fantastic client service Great training videos Simple to use Works with Gmail Makes sending out follow up emails so easy.
  • Simple and easy to use. Pricing is reasonable Notifications are great!
  • It is an easy tool that enables us to track each vital element of our service. As an Industrial specialist, I believe it enhances productivity and sales by 40% of my job group.
  • I do not see the remainder of the market with a mobile application for press alerts or sending but also for my requirements is perfect.
  • It is not a dislike. That can improve upgrading and make brand-new extra tools of productivity and communication; they have good ones. However, you can always do better.
  • Nothing details. Yet I discovered that after sending few emails, google provides the denial mistake. If that problem is fixed after that, it's ideal.
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