Mailjet Review(2023): Is It a Good SMTP Service Provider?

Mailjet has a unique shared email editor that allows you to send emails from multiple accounts at once. It also provides excellent transactional email performance, with in-depth reporting and analytics on your messages’ delivery rate, open rates, click-throughs, etc.

It is challenging to choose an email marketing software application because all of them claim to be the most effective and do anything you ever crave (although, sadly, you haven’t washed up yet).

And there are refined distinctions as you enter the basics of innovative features, pricing, functionality, and support. Because of this, it is imperative to be transparent about what you are looking for before starting your software application selection.

However, segmentation and autoresponder capacities are falling. Unless you plan on investing a lot of time in your email marketing campaigns, this can come in handy, mainly because it uses a free plan.

The critical point to think about is whether Mailjet or various other email tools can make your life less complicated and save time and money.

What is Mailjet?

Mailjet is an effective email company that uses +150,000 companies worldwide to compose, send, and track their marketing and transactional emails. Its versatile framework can automatically scale the sending of up to 15 million emails per hour using our email API and during the most critical sending periods. Our drag and drop email builder helps you create 100% responsive emails in no time. In addition, thanks to our sophisticated custom management and content locking, companies have far greater control over their branding and accounts.

Mailjet Review
Home page

It has offices worldwide (consisting of Paris, New York, London, and Berlin) and works with over 100,000 customers and companions in 150 countries. Teams can create compelling email templates together using the intuitive, multi-user drag and drop interface. In addition, Mailjet offers an innovative SMTP relay to enhance flexible APIs that allow developers to integrate its services into their apps or services quickly. The company’s cloud-based framework is scalable to any business size, and its modern proprietary technology ensures that emails displayed in the inbox.

Who is Mailjet for?

Mailjet is an easy solution for email management. It has an intuitive shared editor and excellent transactional delivery performance, so you can focus on your work instead of worrying about pesky emails that don’t go through or looking at a cluttered inbox with messages all mixed in one spot.

It lacks the innovative power that would surely make it a valuable tool for seasoned email marketers who plan to create setup campaigns. Plus, the small business pricing plans aren’t great value for money.

This platform is designed to help you manage your website and email marketing campaigns through one central location. They offer detailed reporting, subscription services, a drag-and-drop editor with more than 400+ templates, A/B testing for emails in minutes or hours instead of days–plus so much more!

MailJet was created by developers who were frustrated at the difficulties they faced when trying to do things like sending an email newsletter out on their own site without knowing about coding languages or how that might work. To fix this problem, MailJet provides a web interface where users can easily create newsletters from scratch (or edit existing ones) without needing special technical skills whatsoever.

Mailjet Pricing and Plan

Mailjet offers a free plan that allows you to send up to 6,000 emails per month, with a limit of 200 emails per day. The free program provides extremely minimal functionality with no A / B testing, segmentation, or automation options. It does not consist of the ability of multiple people to modify email at the same time.

Mailjet Pricing Review
Pricing and Plan

There are far better free plans out there, such as Mailchimp and Zoho Campaigns.

Mailjet has two primary paid pricing plans: Basic and Premium. In addition, the company also uses an Enterprise plan. First, however, you need to contact sales about the cost.

The basic plan starts at $9.65 per month and allows you to send up to 30,000 emails per month with no daily sending restrictions. After that, the price increases the more emails you want to send per month.

For example, the costs of the basic plan:
  • $18.95 for up to 60,000 emails per month
  • $68.95 for up to 150,000 emails per month
  • $166.95 for up to 450,000 emails per month

The basic plan isn’t great value for money as it has exceptionally minimal features, no A/B testing, and no segmentation options.

The Premium plan, which starts at $20.95 per month for up to 30,000 emails per month, consists of a multi-user partnership that indicates that many people can change an email simultaneously. It also uses autoresponders that allow you to create automated emails, and it has segmentation capabilities. That is the most effective value of the Mailjet plans.

If you pay annually, you get a 10% discount on all plans.

Mailjet offers a free plan and two paid primary prices, and an enterprise plan with personalized prices.

Overview of Mailjet Features

With Mailjet, you can see exactly how you can take advantage of the even more extensive features by offering short product trips.

These describe each function’s value and use case, explain the different actions you need to take, and mention the other options of the radio button. That will help marketers who used these pre-solicitation features before receiving them right away.

Mailjet offers product trips for even more features.

Some pop-ups provide valuable electronic marketing suggestions and Lin and Site topic articles on topics like customizing subject lines and the most effective ways to start an email throughout the software application.

Mailjet lacks some critical features like segmentation and automated email series.

That makes it difficult to create targeted direct marketing campaigns that speak to customers in a particular way. So instead, it’s just maintaining elegance, an excellent shared email editor that multiple people can use to modify emails simultaneously.

Email Editor

Mailjet has an additional minimal number of email newsletter templates in email design than various other email marketing software applications. That is especially the case when using templates for multiple destinations such as welcome emails or flash sale emails.

The design of these templates is standard, too, so you’ll need to invest even more time blowing up your emails.

However, if you want to make your own, you can use Mailjet’s drag-and-drop email editor to fancy and use its full suite of editing tools to create a successful design.

You can insert text, switches, pictures, and video clips and customize each block of content by changing the gradient shadow, format, text designs, and language.

In this way, you can immediately create highly unique and individual content.

Mailjet offers extremely customizable email templates.

Mailjet’s email editor is ubiquitous and allows numerous team members to modify the email simultaneously and in real-time. You can also secure areas of the email to ensure that no one else can change them.

It also doesn’t check precisely how likely it is that your email will end up in a recipient’s spam folder. You can find this feature in various other email marketing software applications such as Benchmark Email.

The sending options are also because you can send as soon as possible or at a detailed time in the future without the ability to ship by time range or send at an optimal time as per the company’s previous habits.

Contact management

Mailjet makes it very easy to move data from an additional solution. You can import, contact via an API, or upload them by hand.

Once you’ve imported the contact, Mailjet will match buildings like email address, name, and location, so you no longer have to do this by hand.

For every email list you create, Mailjet provides an activity list so you can see all of your tasks, such as B. sending campaigns and adding brand new entry information to the list.

Mailjet offers a standard segmentation service.

When you create a section, Mailjet lets you select issues based on market data and see if they were recently opened and clicked on an email.

It does not have innovative segmentation capabilities. Create a section based on product page landmarks and previous acquisitions.


So that you can quickly set up autoresponders – computerized series of emails triggered by customer habits – Mailjet offers various templates for usage situations such as welcome campaigns and when a customer updates their information.

Mailjet offers a collection of autoresponder templates.

However, Mailjet doesn’t offer any other autoresponder options besides these templates – for example, if a customer hasn’t opened their email for an extended period – which suggests you can’t create an extremely complicated automated series.

Transactional emails

One place Mailjet focuses on is making sure your transactional emails – order review, delivery information, and so on – land in your recipient’s inbox.

This advanced feature requires some programming skills and integration with the Mailjet API.

Mailjet consists of templates specially designed for transactional emails, such as B. a reduced payment technique.

Mailjet consists of a variety of transactional email templates.

You can also get real-time notifications when your business emails failed to send, when delivery has been delayed, or when recipients are closed and clicking on those emails.

Reports and Analytics

Mailjet’s reporting performance is solid but inconclusive. For example, it has neither sales-oriented analytics from Mailchimp nor funnel-driven reporting capabilities from GetResponse.

Mailjet corrupts its reports through complete email efficiency and personal contact. The email efficiency reports consist of statistics on:

  • Opens (consisting of email provider)
  • Clicks
  • Bounces
  • to unsubscribe
  • Spam reports

The contact reports show the number of emails in both percent and percent, and a person opened and clicked.

Ease of Use

Many email marketing services include a list of activities you should do the first time you visit the software application.

Mailjet does this action better by offering a complete setup and using a map in one area. That starts with creating a test email campaign and importing your contact, building an email template, editing your connection, and using more advanced features like A / B testing and segmentation.

Mailjet provides a complete setup guide to get you started.

This technique is part of the offer of a virtual training guide.

Navigational Problems

You will encounter navigation problems regularly.

For example, when I selected the alternative of designing an email from the Create Campaign list, I returned to the primary control panel. An activity doesn’t always result in an excellent additional resource, and I found that I had to use the back button in my web browser quite a lot.

Sometimes I felt stranded staying at the center of a task and wanted to wait and go back to the staple food choices, but this was not a choice.

Benefits of Mailjet

Mailjet is a company that offers solutions for organizations looking to improve their email marketing and deliverability. Mailjet provides real-time reports of the status of an organization’s emails, with features like Delivery notifications as well as changes in payment information so you can stay on top of your messages from anywhere at any time.

MailJet helps businesses send transactional emails faster and more easily by providing them with accurate reporting tools to see if problems deliver their message through specific channels such as mail or spam filters across different devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, laptops, etc.

Mailjet offers some features that are not available in other email providers. For example, it has real-time collaboration, easy-to-use themes, and templates, the ability for multiple people to edit an email simultaneously, as well as powerful integrations with CRM programs like Salesforce.

Mailjet Customer Support

Mailjet’s support options are limited. However, they offer a live chat to help you debug any problems that might come up along the way.

MailJet offers assistance in resolving technical issues through their easy-to-use website and mobile app interface for Android and iOS devices alike!

When you click on the help alternative, generally food selection, you have three relatively obscure options:

  • documentation
  • Ask a deliverability expert
  • Do you need help?
When I clicked “Need Help,” I expected to be taken to a page with ways to contact Mailjet.

Instead, it would help if you went to the Mailjet Support Center, which has frequent questions, overviews, and white papers. There is an alternative “Contact,” which you can use to submit a ticket on this page.

There are no phone support or live chat options and no information on promotion times. Also, it is not immediately obvious how to contact Mailjet. I only discovered the alternative through trial and error.

Mailjet’s Support Center has self-service help resources.

If you click on the alternative documentation, you will need to use a comparable database arranged differently. The Ask A Deliverability Expert alternative tries to update your plan to get insights among the Mailjet specialists.

Mailjet Money-Back Guarante

Mailjet will now refund your entire campaign fee for any email that doesn’t have a click-through. So you can be sure you’ll get the highest ROI possible on all of your campaigns!

This guarantee ensures that if you’re not satisfied with your purchase, return the item within 30 days, and Mailjet will refund 100% of its cost. Imagine how great it would be to shop without any worries!

Mailjet Alternatives

Discover the best Mailjet alternative for your business by reading honest reviews from customers who have used it. Email marketing software is a joint innovation that has been constantly innovated with new and improved features, such as surveys and social media integration.

Several other essential variables to consider when looking for alternatives to Mailjet consist of features and campaigns. We have compiled a checklist of options selected by the reviewers as the most effective alternatives and competitors to Mailjet, including Sendinblue, Amazon Simple Email Solution (Amazon SES), Mailchimp, and Twilio SendGrid Email API.


Mailjet delivers strong performance with a great email editor, valuable transactional email performance, and good reporting capabilities. However, it doesn’t have the innovative segmentation and autoresponder features many other bulk email services offer.

The pricing plans are also off-putting as the free and basic techniques don’t consist of A/B testing and segmentation services.

Considering that the price of the basic plan goes up significantly if you want to send more than 30,000 emails per month, it is not a software application that is good value for money.

It’s relatively effortless to use, but there are much more user-friendly options like Zoho Campaigns that make creating and editing email campaigns a lot easier.

8 Total Score
Mailjet Review

Mailjet has been an email marketing powerhouse since it was established in 2010. Mailjet is a cloud-based system that allows users to send both transactional and promotional emails, with the ability to track their delivery rates. In just five years, they've grown from 10 employees to over 100 on staff across three offices--Paris, San Francisco Bay Area, and Taipei; no wonder this company's revenue reached $56 million last year!

  • Free SMTP Server
  • Customizable Templates
  • Joint email editing
  • A/B Testing
  • Transactional email templates
  • Multi-User Collaboration
  • Subscriber Management
  • Handy set-up resource
  • Managing Lists Can Be a Hassle
  • Limited Automation Functionality
  • Minimal Choices for Segmentation
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