Omnisend Review(2023): What You Need To Know

If you are looking for the best eCommerce marketing automation tools, you have most likely discovered Omnisend. When it comes to software applications, they are the industry leaders in promoting omnichannel marketing, lead generation, and automation.

It perfectly optimizes your social networks, SMS messages, and online visibility so that you can follow all your marketing initiatives from one platform.

So if this seems like the kind of tool you’re looking for, excellent! Keep analyzing as we examine all of the little things Omnisend has to offer.

Omnisend has one of the most effective and most accessible to use contact automation contractors I’ve tried. Additionally, Omnisend was designed with eCommerce in mind, with much better Shopify integrations (and many other third-party integrations). Even better, you only pay for emails, not customers.

What is Omnisend?

It is a leading platform for the automation of shopping marketing and an innovative omnichannel marketing platform. Omnisend found in 2014 as an email marketing platform called “Soundest.” Since then, it has grown into one of the best e-commerce marketing systems on the market today.

Omnisend Review
Home page

Omisend is setting itself up as a platform for e-commerce. It deals with e-commerce services of all dimensions, from solopreneurs to international companies, and offers customers a wide range of industries.

Omnisend includes a selection of built-in templates that you can use to create custom emails. That includes many automation features for sending emails and segmenting your list. In addition, the platform can perfectly integrate with Facebook Messenger and your SMS marketing campaigns.

Omnisend also includes features to help you create beautiful, engaging, and effective lead generation forms. In this job, you will ask to improve your lead capture rates. There are many different design forms to choose from, especially (each of which can perfectly integrate into the marketing campaigns):

  • Popups
  • Registration fields
  • An even more interactive form in the wheel of fortune style

Last but not least, no marketing campaign is complete without a thorough analysis. That is where Omnisend’s reporting features earn their king’s ransom. The platform’s reporting capabilities also included click cards and real-time control panels. So I was confident that you would get all the data you need to assess the success of your campaigns.

All in all, Omnisend has everything marketers need to optimize their omnichannel marketing campaigns.

Omnisend Pricing and Plan

Omnisend Pricing Review
Pricing and Plan

Omnisend uses four pricing plans (all with a 14-day free trial):

  • Free
  • default
  • professional
  • Companies

The Free Plan

That is not a free trial. Rather, Omnisend uses a standard free plan that’s available for 365 days. That enforces a limit of 2,000 messages sent daily and 15,000 messages sent monthly. It’s beautiful for brand new services that are just messing around with email promos, especially those who don’t feel like they can use their hard-earned cash on a marketing platform just yet.

The Standard Plan ($16.00/month)

That is Omnisend’s very first paid plan, and it qualifies you for every little thing in the free program, as well as a few more features.

The Professional Plan ($99/month)

The Pro plan includes all the little things of the standard package and a few other functions.

Thre Enterprise Plan (Customized Quote)

Finally, Omnisend’s most extensive plan includes everything in the previous packages and all of the features.

For much more accurate pricing, you’ll need to contact Omnisend directly. You will then receive an individual offer that depends on the requirements of your company.

Overview of Omnisend Features

Omnisend is designed for marketers and entrepreneurs. Omnisend features are tailored to help them automate their marketing efforts by using it as a central hub only they can log into to manage email campaigns, send newsletters, create landing pages from scratch or pull one off the internet, and more!

Advanced Email Marketing

Omnisend offers many email templates and a user-friendly drag and drops email editor. That makes creating professional-looking emails a breeze.

When you combine this with Omnisend’s product selection function (as previously described) and Omnisend’s CTR boosters, such as: For example, their vibrant discount codes and scrape cards, you need to create and send emails that your customers want to deal with.

Smart Reporting

Omnisend’s reporting features design to do a thorough campaign analysis so you can get into the details. Rest assured, you can analyze every element of your marketing campaign to see what is working, and most importantly, what needs renovation.

You can also create bespoke reports based on your registration forms to get a better feel for your audience. Under certain circumstances, it will give you a first-hand look at the languages your customers speak, starting countries, the gadgets they are using when communicating with your brand name, etc.

Multi-Channel Marketing Campaigns

With Omnisend, you can create and start a marketing campaign with a diverse selection of networks – consisting of TEXT messages, email, and of course, social networks. That works wonders to expand your reach.

Users can also combine all of their social and communication networks into a linked workflow, making automating and monitoring your multi-channel marketing campaigns much more accessible.

Versatile Lead Generation Forms 

Omnisend uses a wide variety of choices when it comes to capturing leads. In certain circumstances, customers can choose a subtle login field. 

Traditionally, marketers would certainly place these either at the bottom or to the side of their websites.

Alternatively, you can opt for a versatile popup widget. That is a very preferred technique for collecting email addresses. Or maybe you have an interest in getting involved in gamification? If so, you’ll be delighted to hear that Omnisend lets you introduce a wheel of the fortune-style enrollment form.

Regardless of your lead generation strategy, there is an excellent chance that Omnisend will have a signup form that will suit your needs.

Harness Automation to Personalize Your Marketing

Personalizing your messages is critical to supporting the partnership with your audience. With the help of Omnisend, you can determine where customers are going on their customer journey and send the products that match where they stay in the cycle.

You can set up intelligent triggers to ensure the right message is sent to the ideal customer pool. In certain circumstances, a welcome email will send to brand new customers. Or an order confirmation email is sent to a customer who has purchased. There are several cases; however, you understand.

Best of all, Omnisend comes with a selection of pre-built marketing automation processes. These are exceptional to ensure you get the most out of automation – and save you and your team a lot of time!

Smart Segmentation

With Omnisend’s intelligent segmentation function, you can split your email list directly into small communities. You can base these “segments” on your subscriber’s demographics, behavior acquisition, branding partnership, etc., to give marketers the ability to send more personalized messages and thus increase customer loyalty.

You can also use Omnisend’s auto-renewed segments to categorize your customers based on their: intelligent categories.

  • Shopping behavior
  • The channels through which they interact with your brand
  • Your campaign activity

This type of segmentation is beneficial when you want to create custom promotions and personalized messages.

In-Depth Examination

With Omnisend’s intelligent reporting capabilities, you can dive right into the details of your marketing campaigns and get a feel for what is working and what is not.

Programmed Item Suggestions

Using an expert system, Omnisend encourages customers to customize product proposals based on their customers’ acquiring backgrounds.


Omnisend presents native integrations for more than 30 apps in numerous groups – shipping and logistics, e-commerce systems, sales conversion and optimization, customer support, and others.

Some of the even more preferred integrations from Omnisend consist of:

Omnisend Customer Support

Omnisend offers live chat and email support for all Omnisend customers. Omnisend prides themselves on their customer support and is always looking for ways to improve it.

Omnisend also offers a 24/hour phone line that will put you in contact with an Omnisend representative within seconds.

Customer Support
Customer Support

If you’re a Pro or Enterprise person, you’ll get a dedicated Account Supervisor. That is a readily available contact factor whose job is to ensure that all of your concerns are addressed promptly.

Omnisend Money Back Guarantee

Omnisend does not offer any refunds. But they do have a 14-day free trial.

According to their policy (Terms of Use, Section 5.), the Quality, Pro, and Enterprise plans are monthly prepaid subscription services with monthly or yearly payments. The subscription is automatically renewed at the beginning of the paid period unless it expressly cancels before starting the new billing period.

Omnisend Alternatives

Marketing automation software may be a widely used technology, and many people are looking for safe, robust software solutions that include social listening, online behavior tracking, and event/webinar marketing.

Other essential factors to consider when looking for alternatives to Omnisend are marketing campaigns and email marketing.

We’ve compiled a list of solutions that reviewers voted for based on Omnisend’s best overall options and competitors, including ActiveCampaign, Klaviyo, Autopilot, and Drip.


In summary, Omnisend is the perfect omnichannel marketing solution for any business owner looking to automate their marketing campaigns.

With Omnisend, marketers can automate campaigns with a single click and get back to the important work of building relationships. Want to learn more about how you can use this tool? Check out our website!

If you’re not sure if Omisend is best for your business, you can give the free plan a try. You have absolutely nothing to shed and everything to acquire. Let’s see exactly how to access it in the comments box below!

8.5 Total Score
Omnisend Review

Omnisend is a powerful marketing automation platform that will help you turn your business into an all-inclusive, one-stop-shop. By bringing together the different marketing channels under one roof and utilizing smart workflows to make sure every customer has their needs satisfied, Omnisend allows for maximal profits with minimal effort on behalf of the company owner.

  • High email marketing conversion rates and sales
  • Customizable templates
  • Superb integration
  • Content Editor
  • Quick and helpful Support
  • Simple and Easy to Use
  • Cloud-based Service only
  • No customized themes are available.
  • Minimal formatting options
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