Strikingly Review(2023): Very Easy To Use Website Builder

Strikingly Review 2022: Strikingly, a software company founded in 2012, has introduced a simple and efficient technique to create one-page websites in a matter of hours.

These days, if you want your business to be successful, online can be lively. Unfortunately, creating a website is usually sophisticated and costly expertise.

What if you don’t have the technical skills and coding expertise to create a great website? The most typical alternative is to show it to an expensive graphic designer and web building group.

However, there is a choice. Strikingly’s website builder is a quick and easy way to build digital expertise, whether you’re looking for a weblog or an online store.

What is Striking?

Strikingly Review
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What may be noticeable is a website builder that enables users with little or no development experience to create mobile-optimized websites “in minutes.” What might stand out is a feature-rich website-building tool that allows those with no experience to quickly and easily create modern, beautiful websites. It recommends by marketing guru and bestselling author Seth Godin.

Strikingly Pricing and Plan

In terms of pricing, Strikingly could be very affordable.

Strikingly pricing
Pricing and Plan

There is basic “free” account access when you click the “Monthly” options on the pricing page. First marks the paid “annual” packages in a noticeably robotic manner.

Unfortunately, the free bundle doesn’t offer you much.

Sure, you can build websites. However, you can have your domain name, and your bandwidth is only 5 GB per month. While a simple internet retailer could access it, you can only use it with one product per website.

Suppose you do decide to make some cash, the subsequent completion of the “Free” app. This plan gives you an accessible area for a package that you pay for annually. Two websites are accessible with “limited” features and a variety of free websites that are accessible. You pay roughly $8 a month if you pay annually, or $12 a month if you spend a month at a time.

The “Pro” pricing plan is probably the most compelling choice.

It removes unwanted bandwidth restrictions and branding.

You can create up to three professional websites for each account and support the sale of up to 300 gadgets in your online store. Additionally, there are many different extras to think about, similar to embedded HTML, password security, a website search, and a lot more.

If you pay annually what Strikingly recommends, you’ll pay $ 16 a month for the Pro-Choice. That means that Strikingly is reasonably affordable software – and far less expensive than spending your graphic designer.

The “Pro” plan is for the individuals who actually cannot afford to compromise on their site.

This package allows you to create five professional websites and host up to 500 goods on each website. You will also receive support for English cell phones inaccessible with a different plan, account management services, and priority customer service.

All plan options include a 14-day free trial. That means getting an excellent feel for what the service can do before signing up with a credit card.

One of Strikingly’s standout features is how much you can save by opting for a longer time interval when paying to your website. Then you can save a small fortune. The annual costs reduce.

You also have the good thing about purchasing the Pro or VIP variations of the Strikingly bundle.

The Pro package is the tentative plan billed annually only at $16 per month if you pay for the full 12 months. It gives you access to unlimited free websites and bandwidth. That can also be the plan that will allow you to remove conspicuously advertising so that you can build your model online.

The free area that comes with Strikingly’s Pro bundle is another good contact. A fundamental level to note here is that space renews annually. That means that you no longer have to worry about shopping for your website after a set time interval. As long as you stick with Strikingly, you still have your website.

What is striking is that Pro offers an easy selection for retailers that supports up to 300 goods per website. You can create multiple pages here, embed HTML or CSS, and even protect your website with a password. You can even upload a custom font.

It is noticeable that you only have the Pro pricing plan as this is the most expensive choice. More recently, however, the company has also updated a VIP plan. The VIP plan is much more costly than the Pro at $49 a month. Again, you can pay the program for a full 12 months to join VIP.

The VIP package includes:

  • Five professional websites.
  • 10 GB of storage space per website.
  • The ability to set newsletters to up to 2000 contacts per month.

That is an excellent feature for people who want to do everything from their website to their email campaigns in one place.

Someone who needs a pricing package other than Strikingly and wants the customized email solution can find an email for $25 per 12 months. You will receive an email offer tailored to your website.

Overview of Strikingly Features

No typical website builder is conspicuous.

This program emphasizes the simplicity of creating websites with only one page. That essentially means that your customer is reasonably browsing your entire website rather than clicking from page to page.

The free model of the service allows you to create a customized URL. A professional or limited understanding of the app gives you access to a personalized area. Hosting is in the market as part of your monthly budget.

When you start building your website, you may have a multi-section page to present your crucial business information. If you want more space, subscribers can get up to 10 pages with the paid service.

Strikingly offers a multitude of suitable tools to help you build your website at a comparatively low price.

Embody characteristics:

  • Dozens of website templates are divide into classes like “Fun” and “Portfolio.”
  • Easy to use interface and drag and drop builder
  • Domain shopping for options
  • Ready-to-use themes
  • E-commerce functions
  • Functions for creating blogs
  • Management via iOS gadgets


The first thing you can see when using the Strikingly Website Builder is selecting templates to choose from.

There are only a few dozen options. Still, it’s a great place to start if you’re new to digital design. However, if you’re looking for something a little more advanced, Strikingly, unfortunately, needs alternatives like Weebly and Wix.

So what’s good about Strikingly’s templates?

Well, what they lack in choice, they make up for in ease of use.

The template library divides into classes such as:

  • event
  • Companies
  • Portfolio
  • business
  • Startup
  • Blog
  • personally
  • service
  • Companies
  • product

The business class probably seems to have a lot of choices, and some templates appear in several categories:

The excellent news?

If for once, you are not thrilled with a template, you can adjust your options.

Change the colors, design, structure, and various functions at will with no added value. While there isn’t a neat selection of canvas templates, you can still make additional customizations with a professional account by accessing your footer and header code.

You can also add your LinkedIn data to Strikingly – which is especially useful for professional portfolios.

Strikingly Editing

Once you have selected one in each of Strikingly’s templates, you can take them over from the editor. Here you can adapt all specialist knowledge, change the structure, including the titles, and add additional templates. Within the editor, you may also be able to add hyperlinks to goods, assets, and other information.

There are three classes to choose from Styles, Settings, and Sections in the Eye-catching Website builder sidebar.

You can exhibit your character in the “Styles” section.

Let your perspective shine by changing the color scheme, customizing your navigation menu, or importing your corporate brand. Striking may even recommend a color scheme that is based on your brand as well!

The striking “styles” editor also offers customized animations that change the scrolling of your page or add results to the images when customers move the mouse over them.

In the “Settings” part, you edit most of the elementary details together with:

  • Site information: such as your website title, business class, and language. You want integrations to place specific languages ​​on your website.
  • Domains: Register a brand new domain name or add an updated URL to your site. If you don’t have a professional account, this is where you can upgrade and declare an unbranded domain name.
  • Mobile Actions: Activate features such as instructions, calls, SMS, and additional features for cellular customers.
  • Sharing Information: Add icons and Twitter cards to mix your website with your social media campaigns.
  • Header and footer: Decide which functions should treat and displayed in your mobile phone and desktop website variations
  • Custom Code: Add extra personalization pieces with this Pro feature

You want a professionally paid account to pull out some of the fancier features.

Things like the flashy SEO guidelines and the Analytics tab are only accessible when you pay for your service. You also have exclusive access to a one-sided site until you improve. Once you turn to a paid profile, you can add up to twenty pages to your region.


As of 2018, 52.2% of all web traffic worldwide came from the cell here.

What does that mean for you?

Your website needs to be mobile-friendly.

The great news is that making an efficient cell site is remarkably easy. On the “Settings” page, you can determine which functions you would like to present individually on your site’s desktop and cell variants.

There are even options to remove navigation from your mobile site, remove buttons, and change your header and footer elements.

There is also a Strikingly app for website homeowners who prefer to surf in their cell.

The app is available for Android and iOS and offers:

  • With a cell editor, you can add new sections to your site, manage content, upload images, and much more. There’s even an iPad editor.
  • Simple order manager for retailers.
  • Form Reply: A quick way to reply to your customers who are likely to leave messages.

Simple Store & Blog Editor

Strikingly focuses entirely on one-sided websites.

However, you can always add additional pages if you want – provided you have a professional account.

One option is to add the Simple Store feature – an e-commerce option that allows you to advertise your website’s goods. You can take payments through Stripe and PayPal, edit product descriptions and even change your customized structure to increase the likelihood of conversions.

The e-commerce “Simple Store” offers access to:

  • Product management
  • Order management
  • Offers and coupons
  • Payment management
  • shipping
  • Currency options
  • Email notifications

If you’re more of a blogger than a contributor, there’s the Simple Blog feature.

Visiting the simple weblog with Strikingly’s website builder will launch your weblog page with images, multimedia content, quotes, and even clickable CTA buttons. In addition, an SEO optimization function provides with which you can improve your online rating probabilities.

Running a blog feature is as simple as they arrive.

There are four sections incomplete, together with:

  • Blog posts, the place you create your content material
  • Blog settings, the site you manage subscriptions, RSS feeds, and feedback
  • SEO enhances the site you verify for SEO options
  • Blog classes, the place you set up your content material

If you wish to learn the way your weblog is doing, you’ll be able to take a look at the analytics part of Strikingly, or you’ll be able to add Google Analytics as an integration to your site.

Apps and Integrations

At its core, Strikingly is essential software.

It comes with a handful of templates, some basic analysis options, and basic e-commerce.

However, there are many options you can build into your Strikingly site if you want to do more with it. Occasionally there are a handful of useful apps in the integration part of the software.

To add an integration, click “Add New Section” in your editor. Remember that some tools like MailChimp and ECWid are chargeable. Other options like PayPal are entirely free.

Some of the instruments you’ll be able to use embody:

  • Social media embeds like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn.
  • Facebook Pixel monitoring
  • Hello Bar e mail assortment
  • HTML for third-party code
  • ECWID for eCommerce product administration
  • MailChimp email advertising integration
  • Stripe and PayPal payments

Ease of Use

Simplicity is the cornerstone of everything Strikingly gives.

If you haven’t tried building a site sooner than by any means, you don’t need software that overwhelms you with code and modification options. That’s why Strikingly makes problems easy for first-year students. When you receive the software, you will give a quick guide to reveal everything there is to know about the user interface.

If you don’t want to use the tutorial, it won’t take long to get used to the Strikingly user interface.

You can click objects in the editor to view their properties. Click the Preview button when you’re building to see your results and other results. There is also a “Help” option if you get caught.

Honestly, it’s not that stressful because it appears.

What is striking is that any company can create a powerful website in a short amount of time.

You don’t need to know anything about coding.

All you can do is drag and drop the editor by choosing your theme and experimenting with the results until you are happy. If you are afraid of using something, check the knowledgebase for additional assistance.

Strikingly Customer Support

Strikingly’s customer service is typical – depending on the type of plan you have.

Customer Support
Customer Support

If you only have a free website, you can enter the 24-hour support option. That means you would email the company and count on a response in several hours. Additionally, there is a stay-on button in the Strikingly website builder that you can use to ask questions while you work on your design.

The live chat that runs in the website builder also provides access to video tutorials and the Strikingly Assist center for additional assistance.

The various customer service options include an FAQ for general questions and a knowledge base for everyone up to the VIP level. If you are lucky enough to have a VIP account, you can also enter a unique English mobile phone support and a specialized account supervisor.

Who is it Best For?

Without a doubt, Strikingly is one of the best website builders out there for those looking to create a one-page website. Unlike Squarespace and WordPress, Strikingly is the top choice for companies looking to build portfolios or introductory websites.

Single-page websites have grown extraordinarily in style over time. They give you an excellent overview of all mandatory information without asking you to switch between pages. Customers can scroll up and down to find out what they want.

Striking offers you the opportunity to divide your website into different sections. In addition, the back end makes it easy to drag and drop features. You can click and add the area you want. In addition, you have the option of expanding the functionality of your website with the Strikingly app dealer.

Although the app retailer doesn’t offer a tremendous range of apps compared to various website builder stores, it does include tools for creating a contact form and different important parts. If you’ve got one of Strikingly’s many paid plans, you can add HTML too.

User-Friendly Features:

A surprisingly consumer-friendly website builder can also stand out for people who want to start their e-commerce retailer. It’s just an excellent choice for those with barely any smaller online stores. Managing a retailer with lots of goods on one site may not be the most appropriate choice.

Fortunately, Strikingly is suitable for customer support functions. If you need extra assistance bringing your website to life, Strikingly can help. The company has provided a lot of guidance and excellent support to companies of all backgrounds. The website builder can also be very intuitive, which makes it a good choice for newbies.

Also, striking is not the most suitable choice for SEO. Typically, you need to optimize each page for a selected key phrase. Because you’re putting all of your information on one page, Google may have a stricter time rating on certain words. The only way you can increase your SEO efficiency is by going for a particularly advanced Pro plan.

Strikingly Money-Back Guarantee

You will be automatically charged at the end of the 14th day, the last day of your trial. Please make sure to put it on your calendar, so you don’t forget! How much you pay depends on the strategy you signed up for. Check out your current plan here.

Alternatively, you can pay attention to the email tip that we will send you three days before the end of your trial version. (We will also send you emails on the first and seventh day of your problem).

Strikingly Alternatives

Discover the simplest alternatives to Strikingly for users who need new software features or are looking for other solutions. Other essential factors to consider when looking for alternatives to Strikingly are features and templates. We have compiled an inventory of solutions that reviewers voted for based on Strikingly’s best prospects and competitors, including, Wix, Squarespace, and ClickFunnels.


What is striking is spectacular and uncomplicated software for creating fast, responsive websites.

If you have any questions, you can check out the Disqus boards online or contact the customer support group for information on your issues. Strikingly’s service and support are excellent. Even if all you ask are questions about your internet hosting service or tips on adding new widgets, Strikingly has your turn.

If you’re looking for something easy to use and even have the ability to change your website design from your smartphone, Strikingly has a lot to offer. The pricing plans are affordable and comparatively cheap for what you get. In addition, the ease of use of the editor and custom templates is challenging to achieve.

The downside remains that Strikingly is still very limited as a website building software. Telephone support is barely accessible to VIP customers, and you may have to pay additional fees to build a professional e-commerce website.

8.5 Total Score
Strikingly Review

Noticeably is a website builder that permits the individual, with little or no advancement experience, to create mobile-optimized websites "within minutes." The firm takes a mobile-first method, allowing individuals to develop internet sites that are improved for viewing across all gadgets consisting of desktops, tablet computers, and bright devices.

  • Excellent customer support and support
  • Hassle-free back-end that's easy to use
  • Wide variety of plan alternatives to select from
  • Great for people that desire a solitary page format
  • Coding skills unneeded-- great for a small company
  • Excellent selection of customization alternatives for your website
  • Not the best for SEO. The only solution for building multiple pages comes with the Pro plan.
  • A minimal free plan suggests that you truly need to pay something to get the best features.
  • Rather pricey to obtain a variation of your custom domain without advertisements
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