Ucraft Review(2023): Is Ucraft Really Good?

In the early days of the web, building a website without great deals and code was tough. These days there are tons of simple homebuilders like Ucraft out there that can help you keep your online presence with no coding required! With this service, you can create an attractive new mobile-friendly site in minutes.

However, the user interface is much less intuitive than the competition and lacks basic image editing and built-in traffic reporting.

There are two camps of site builders: those that give you the flexibility of design (like Wix) and those that put extreme restrictions on item positioning (like Yahoo Small Business Websites) to make mobile discussion easier. Finally, the center services like Gator ($3.84 Per Month Web Store requires an eCommerce plan at HostGator for $12.49 per month) and PageCloud to balance these two strategies. Ucraft appears in this 3rd camp, although, to be honest, it leans extra in the limiting end direction.

What Is Ucraft?

Ucraft is a drag-and-drop website builder that provides you with the tools to create an expertly designed site for any need. If you’re a small business owner, entrepreneur, artist, or blogger – anything in between – Ucraft can help give your brand the identity and exposure it deserves!

Ucraft review
Ucraft Review

They trust 350,000 active users from around the world. Their goal is to develop easy-to-use web tools that they can use to start, promote and maintain their online businesses without having any programming or design skills! Well, you’ve always wanted a website – starting today with Weebly’s platform, it could be yours for free!

Ucraft Pricing and Plan

Ucraft is a popular website builder that features unlimited storage and flexible templates, so you can design your site to be anything from simple to complex. Of course, you’ll need an account before you get started, but Ucraft makes it easy with one-click signup and registration on the free version of their platform – no annoying forms or fields! There are also premium packages available for advanced functionality like eCommerce shopping carts if demand requires this feature in the future.

pricing and plan
pricing and Plan

Paid accounts start at $10 per month (paid every year) for the Pro website level. The Ucraft branding contains a personalized domain, enables you to market up to 50 products online, and offers all options for customizing the service site. It also consists of 24/7 support via web chat.

The pro shop rate ($21 per month) increases the product cap to 1,000 and includes even more store features.

Finally, the BigCommerce plan ($39 per month) gives you unlimited market items and includes integrations from ebay.com, Facebook, and Yandex. You can get a 14-day free trial of all paid plans. No credit card is required. However, keep this choice in mind: once the 14-day trial ends, there is no longer an option to convert a site you have invested time in into a paid, long-term site account.

Ucraft pricing is practically the same as traditional site builder pricing. In contrast, Wix starts at $13 a month and goes up to $39 for its top business offering. Squarespace ($12 per month (billed annually) – Squarespace Personal Plan) charges $12 to $40; Still, Gator ranges from $4.99 to $12.49 and is billed monthly at discount rates for longer terms.

Overview of Ucraft Features

Ucraft provides you with the perfect website, even if you are not a technical person. Ucraft is simple to use for anyone who wants their site customized with easy design tools and drag-and-drop.

The desktop editor has new content blocks that can be added seamlessly and elements that can easily be moved around using your mouse or keyboard shortcuts! You also have access to fonts, colors, and images, so any style preferences will fit in perfectly on your page – all of this without ever having an issue with coding knowledge needed!

Web Design With Ucraft

As with virtually any other Do It Yourself online site builder, you can choose a template. The styles are in vogue, many of which contain full-page images with the bit of navigation method. I chose Soul Kitchen for my test site. Once you’ve selected a template, you’ll need to pick a domain for your site address. Parts of the free websites give in the form of your site name ucraft.net.

With that figured out, you’ll see the actual site builder and lots of start crafting switches. The procedure is positively damaged right in action, with a percentage conclusion displayed on the “Progress” tab. The steps consist of adding your logo, updating site settings, editing your content, and playing with colors. Finally, a wordless video clip shows how you can change your site by adding blocks and elements.

Customize the Template

When I start my testing with a free account (I always start here), I immediately discovered that many of the most disabled customizations are not available for free funds. That is unfortunate; Various other services like Wix and Weebly ($8.00 at Weebly) offer almost all design options except business and massive storage and bandwidth options. On multiple attempts to create free websites, I ended up with a blank white area. After trying to change the template, I immediately tested the paid service.

Elements consist of all typical suspects: images, galleries, titles, paragraphs, video clips, icons, logo designs, switches, and social switches. So there is a search in the elements panel. In most aspects, you can include hover and load results like slide-ins and exposures. A handy differentiator is Ucraft’s logo design-builder. Companies without sources for professional style services will undoubtedly appreciate this tool. It’s pretty basic, however, with a touch of text, icon, and form options.

Placing Elements

The user interface takes a little time. The aspects undoubtedly drag and drop, but you’re limited to how and where you can position them on the page. For example, if I pulled an image onto a page, it might only take up the total page size. And it’s not as intuitive as with various other site home builders: initially, I couldn’t determine exactly how to drag an image next to an additional one. Then a help chat agent made it clear that I could gradually pull until a vertical divider appeared. However, there is no element for it (sheer partition) as others offer.

Sometimes when we dragged a block to a page, we couldn’t see where it landed until we scrolled down.

After dragging a switch onto my website, I couldn’t find it anywhere. I could change a block directly to a different type of block and arrowhead with numerous styles, which seems strange. I am pleased that the site builder has taken control of the computer mouse to right-click on it and give you options for site editing like object placement. Some services are not sufficient for this and instead show the right-click commands of the Internet browser.

Separate from the build page is the Designer Tools page, where you can readjust title fonts (I just saw ten options) and change some design options (though I didn’t see any multi-column options). Finally, design a form in UiKit.

The layout options allow you to readjust the space between the aspects and block it up and down, but not flat—a brand new whitespace element limit to enclosing a full page size even space during my review process. The only way to get multiple columns is to choose an existing one from the block options. There is no way to add or remove columns from existing columns in the block.

Text Editing

By double-clicking on the text, you can change the font (again, only ten fonts were available for my website), the hue (a choice of colors) for the text, and the gradient. In addition, you can select dimensions using HTML codes like P, H1, H2, or increase and decrease EM dimensions.

You can use the Undo button (or Ctrl-Z) to go back to text procedures without covering all of the small tasks in Site Builder. In truth, I could get it to reverse three approaches. If I’ve switched to an additional item and made changes, I may not be able to change previous adjustments on various aspects.

Images and Video

I was currently working on the positioning of image aspects. Where do you get the pictures from to get started? You can upload multiple JPGs from your COMPUTER or choose from a good, searchable selection of free digital photographs from Unsplash. Ucraft keeps all uploaded photos cheaply to recycle them elsewhere on the site (and any other Ucraft sites you may have). No video clips save: your video clip embedding options are Vimeo and YouTube, but not Facebook video clips or One Drive. You cannot upload video clip files and have Ucraft store them in your online database as Wix can.

There are no built-in image editing tools that you can use to tweak points like lighting, comparison, and shadow saturation of your images. You can load and select some computer animations, but I’m dissatisfied that you can’t turn an idea around. For example, one that we posted from my Apple iPhone showed upside down when testing it.

Gallery options are good: you can choose grid or masonry designs, different columns, extra padding, and blurring. When the site visitor clicks on a gallery image, they get a slideshow with a black gradient that works well. In addition, you can include titles, tags, and the insertion results you specified earlier.

Working With Pages

Ucraft has excellent options for adding pages to your website. You start this by switching carriers on the dashboard. There are options for main pages (homepage, shop, info) and secondary pages (privacy policy, terms of use), and system pages (404, login, offline). The floor tiles that represent existing pages have plus side indicators and are listed below. Clicking on it will give you a blank page, assistance, and additional information (see screenshot).

The template you choose indicates which pages your site will consist of. However, of the pro, grams you can add and remove from this, you won’t see page types like Blog or Store when you have a page. However, you can replicate a template page of this type. Also, protect each page independently with a password.

You use the character to include a page listed below the existing page listed below that page. Most side home builders let you drag and drop pages to move them around in the navigation. You can do this in Ucraft, but you’ll have to remove the bottom right on the side you want to hang on instead of listing them below.

Making Money From Your Site

Free accounts are limited to all companies. Like Weebly, you’re placing a single PayPal switch on your website that requires a paid plan to be updated. Several Site Home Builders made up of Duda and Strikingly allowed you to add a PayPal product to a free account.

Once you have a paid Ucraft account, you get full, permanent eCommerce options. Some of the blocks you can put on each page are trade-related online magazine pages. You can customize the design of these. However, to change business options like price, you need to visit the dashboard’s eCommerce page. Here you include items, set up incoming payments, and also receive shipping and tax liability options. Payment services consist of Square and PayPal, which is all you need, although many websites use Stripe.

You can bulk update a team of selected items and import them using CSV, XCart, or LiteCommerce layouts. Sharing your store on ebay.com, Facebook, and most other online industries is easy with built-in options.

You can market downloads, email marketing campaigns, and create discount coupons for your items. Ucraft reviews all packages for online marketing for your website.


Blogging in Ucraft isn’t as straightforward as it is with various other site builders like Gator, and it’s not available for free accounts. Most builders have a blog page type and then offer a dedicated user interface for blog writing. At Ucraft, some templates consist of a blog site page. There is no new post button: you have to drag an Article element onto a block and then use Edit to adjust the dummy text. Once you do, you end up in a relatively traditional blog writing tool, although you will have to remove many dummy content.

You can save an article as a draft, schedule it, use tags including groups, and designate multiple authors. You can also allow comments, which a Disqus account requires. After you’ve created an article, it will appear on your article’s dashboard page. Renaming this area to “Blog Posts” would certainly enlighten a lot. Aside from this classification and the lack of intuition when creating the first blog post, it is a comprehensive blog writing service.

Publishing Your Site

Ucraft does something that I’m not interested in in a site builder: it makes your site live as fast as you start editing by default. I choose builders who can give you a variation before bringing it to life, e.g., B. or Wix. It seems strange that Ucraft would undoubtedly bring my website to life, even though it informs me that I am not percent done building it. I found out later that you can set up your site to donate settings offline. However, this selection hid in a team of 14 icons in the dashboard. It has to be an upfront option – or better yet, the default.

You can also use the Settings page to password protect your website, set up a favicon, and cache your site. The last option helps personalized domains and needs to speed up page loading. Note, however, that you will need to remove the cache when upgrading the site. A versioning function creates a connection to this caching. You can use it to try out different website content in your personalized domain compared to your Craft-Com subdomain.

Mobile Site Building

A great choice that I haven’t seen with various other builders is the visibility choice that shows up in the food choices for certain aspects. This option allows you to choose which types of devices are sure to view the item. So, for example, you may have a feature available on tablets and mobile phones, but you may not have internet browsers for desktop computers.

You can change your website using your phone. Ucraft does not offer this in the various other mobile areas. You cannot use a mobile web variant of the builder. However, you can use an app to manage your store and items from the street – as long as you have a Pro Shop account ($21 per month) or more.

That is also where you can get advanced features like abandoned cart emails to prospective buyers. Coupons and email marketing campaigns are also available. It’s a complete and well-made e-commerce solution.

Stats and SEO

There is no dashboard input for site traffic statistics. There is also no link on your site page. That is because the service does not have any built-in traffic reporting tools. Instead, you’ll need to set up your own Facebook Pixel or Google Analytics accounts. Then, you paste the tracking code into your site. Non-designer site builders want a quick and easy way to see precisely how site traffic is doing. So you choose services like Duda and Weebly that do all of the traffic reporting for you.

Ucraft offers an SEO area in the dashboard. Unfortunately, just like most site home builders, this is just a section that shows meta titles and meta summaries for each page. You will still need to register your website with search engines yourself, although Ucraft has some guidance on doing this.

Help and Performance

Dwell a little on the Ucraft website, and the builder’s chatbot is sure to get you involved and ask if you need any help. I’ve found people behind the help chat, mindful and experienced. It practically establishes that I constantly felt like someone was seeing me building my website. There is a help button on the lower-left edge of each display. Ucraft takes you to a well-stocked support site with tutorials on frequently needed topics such as getting started, designer tools, and logo creation.

I have to keep in mind that during the entire build with Ucraft, I regularly encountered the Site Builder’s computer-animated black charge points for longer than I would like. Sometimes I had to refill the builder page. We use a monitoring service that checks that the site is online every 15 minutes to test availability. My test Ucraft site showed no downtime for a week that you want to see.

Another Face in the Site Builder Crowd

Ucraft is an effective site builder with some shiny, contemporary design options. You can use it to password protect each page and collaborate with others on your site-building initiative. The online shop builder delivers everything a small online shop could want. However, performing many tasks in Ucraft is not as smooth and intuitive as it is with various other providers. For example, blogging is awkward, and there are no built-in traffic statistics.

With a lot of excellent sites builder options, Ucraft doesn’t stand out these days. For our suggestions for your ideal prospect, please look at our Editors’ Choice website builders: Duda for its excellent mobile options and Wix for its wealth of site-building bonuses. Also worth checking out is the high-ranking Gator service, which combines design flexibility with the creation of responsive websites.

Ucraft Customer Support

At Ucraft, your support team is there to answer every question and assist you in any way they can. They do their best work when you let them know what the problem is so that they may dive right into a solution for it!

There are three ways to get help from Ucraft: an FAQ section, a help center, and 24/7 live chat support.

Help: Think of this as a web library. It’s packed with guides detailing exactly how to perform specific tasks in the Ucraft editor.

Live Chat: The 24/7 live chat is your go-to for almost anything and everyone. It will take a few minutes to get an answer, but the staff is generally very knowledgeable and helpful.

Just like its features, Ucraft’s help and support are cute but not great. However, unlike other platforms, it doesn’t go beyond that. For example, most website builders have a phone and email support in addition to the support Ucraft provides.

Ucraft Money-Back Guarantee

Ucraft offers a 100% money-back guarantee for your first purchase of Ucraft services. If you don’t like the service, or it’s not what they promised, then get in touch with us, and they’ll give you a full refund on that initial purchase alone – no questions asked.

Refunds can be expensive, but they are an option when a product is not of the quality you expected or does not meet your needs. However, refunds do have limitations, and after that time period (Refund Period), refunds cannot occur. If this happens to you, reach out for help from Ucraft customer support so we may better assist in resolving any issue with your purchase before it’s too late!

Ucraft knows how frustrating it can be when you don’t get the design that you want. They also know that people are not satisfied with their gifts at times, so they offer a money-back guarantee on all of our products! If for any reason within 30 days from receiving your order and if still unsatisfied, contact them, and they’ll either issue a full refund or work with you to replace it.

Ucraft Alternatives

The following list of site builder software services is the most common alternatives that users and customers compare to Ucraft. Website building contractor software is used extensively with modern technology.

Also, many people are looking for convenient, innovative software options with templates, drag, drop, and HTML input. Various other essential elements to consider when looking for alternatives to Ucraft are ease of use and reliability.

We’ve compiled a list of solutions that the reviewers selected as the best Ucraft alternatives and competitors, including Wix, WordPress.com, Squarespace, and Square E-Commerce (previously Weebly).


Ucraft is a drag-and-drop website builder with the tools to give you an expertly designed site for any need. It can help your business, no matter how small or large it may be, gain exposure and identity by having its own unique web page on the internet.

If you’re looking for an easy way to create a website that fits your needs, Ucraft is not the site for you. Its templates are attractive, and there’s affordable support available if needed; it lacks basic photo editing tools like cropping or rotation, which other sites provide in their starter packages.

If you’re looking for a new tool to help make your brand even stronger online, try out this amazing website maker today!

7.5 Total Score
Ucraft Review

Ucraft is a website builder that sets design at the forefront of everything it does. A sleek editor, helpful features, and templates with images highlighted are simply some things Ucraft brings to the table. The people behind Ucraft have undoubtedly placed great effort into offering an easy-to-use website builder for setting up a digital store or an individual site.

  • Robust mobile site customization.
  • Easy to use.
  • Good template designs.
  • Mobile receptive templates.
  • Modern site templates.
  • Image database for reuse on-site.
  • Collaborative site editing.
  • Good web store options.
  • Placing page things can be awkward.
  • No standard image editing, not even rotation.
  • Limited design customization.
  • No integrated site traffic reporting.
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