Kajabi Review(2023): Is Kajabi A Good Platform?

Kajabi is probably one of the hottest online course platforms out there. And you would most likely have heard of it. It differs from a typical online course platform in terms of offer and price.

Many Kajabi reviews on the internet; Most, however, are pretty superficial and don’t tell you how far you choose to go.

I’ve helped dozens of shoppers start their online programs and memberships on Kajabi. So I know the platform pretty well and am determined to do a full Kajabi review.

I can even share my expertise in using the software program. What I like and what I don’t like about it.

What is Kajabi?

Kajabi is probably one of the most powerful platforms for building and running your online course or membership site business. It is used by hundreds of developers and some big names like Amy Porterfield and Brendan Burchard.

Kajabi Review
Kajabi Review

That means that you can host your packages online and deliver them to your college students in a professional manner. In addition, you can create a full-fledged website. Run a weblog and complete marketing funnels. And even automate your email marketing.

On the other hand, if you used a “typical” online course platform.

You’ll want tools like WordPress to run your weblog. ClickFunnels to create funnels and landing pages, ConvertKit to manage your email marketing, and many others.

The concept behind Kajabi Review is to allow you to build and run your whole online course business from a single platform so that you simply don’t must hack collectively or be taught to use several different plugins or services.

Here’s a spotlight of the features that Kajabi review top features has to offer a creator such as you:

  • Create an enticing online course with movies, pdfs, quizzes, and many others.
  • Deliver your course content professionally by way of the native course participant.
  • Create a group discussion board for your college students/members.
  • Build a fantastic website together with a weblog on your model.
  • Charge a one-time payment, a recurring subscription, or perhaps a payment plan.
  • Build checkout pages and add upsells and order bumps.
  • Create and manage your affiliate program.
  • Build all sales funnels together with lead magnet funnels, webinar funnels, product launch funnels, and many others.
  • Email marketing automation and CRM tools.

After all, it is your team that takes care of all technical things together with security. Maintaining and updating the platform allows you to focus on your primary task of creating and promoting online programs.

Another critical factor is that it is best to educate yourself about the key features of the Kajabi Review. That is not a market like Udemy, and that you have complete control over course prices, your insurance policies, and scientists’ data.

We’ll look at all of the features and consider them in the following chapters of this Kajabi verification information.

Kajabi Pricing and Plan

Before you decide on Kajabi pricing, you want to know how much the Kajabi price is. Let’s focus on Kajabi pricing.

pricing and plan
Pricing and Plan

Kajabi Price offers three plans. All of this gives you unlimited bandwidth. Unlimited video hosting through Wistia and 0% transaction fees.

Kajabi’s prices start at $149 / month, and the lowest tier is called the Basic Plan. The baseline allows you to create up to three products and three sales pipelines.

The next stage is known as the Growth Plan and costs $199 / month. The growth plan allows you to create a different variety of goods and pipelines, in addition to additional members on your website.

You also get access to two features not available in the basic plan – affiliate marketing and automation.

If pushing your limits even further is necessary, step up to the Pro plan, which costs $399 per month. However, most clients will likely be effective with both the Basic Plan and the Growth Plan.

If you’d like additional information on Kajabi pricing plans, please see here.

The Kajabi price doesn’t offer a free plan. However, it does provide a 14-day free trial of all projects to test the software program.

The starting price of Kajabi is high and will most likely be preserved. You will get the results you want if you are here to test the water simply or in a reasonable price range.

The Kajabi Prize is essentially the most feature-rich online course platform on the market. If you consider all the things you have to offer, you will find that the price is moderate.

Take the case of one of my buyers. He moved his business to the Kajabi Prize in 2018.

Before that, he would spend near $300 per month on numerous software programs for his company:

  1. Teachable for course hosting and delivery – $99/month
  2. Hosting, theme, and plugins for weblog – $25/month
  3. ClickFunnels for building sales funnels – $97/month
  4. ConvertKit for email marketing (3,200 subscribers) – $79/month

He switched to Kajabi’s basic pricing plan. Now he has it all under one roof for Kajabi prizes, making managing problems a lot easier. The Coed know-how has improved a lot, and he pays less than before.

Suppose you are building your entire course business online. Or a big chunk of it on the platform, the Kajabi price will work well for you, and you can justify the cost.

That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be using the price of Kajabi just for hosting and deploying your online programs. It’s the perfect hosted platform out there when it comes to running courses and engaging academics. But remember that if you do this, you will be paying a premium price.

Overview of Kajabi Features

Kajabi review is a low price and top features review. It is essentially the most feature-rich online course platform on the market. That gives you all the things you want to create, market, and promote an online course or a membership site. The closest you may get to discovering an all-in-one platform to build and run your whole digital merchandise business.

Course Creation & Engagement

Creating ideal studying expertise is the first job of an online course platform. And on this part. We’ll see how the Kajabi review top features perform with regards to content delivery and member engagement.

Let’s first begin with the method of creating a course in Kajabi.

Content Uploading & Structuring

With Kajabi, you can easily upload and structure your content. However, it is known as Product Blueprints, which is not a pre-built structure for numerous types of digital goods.

The blueprints make it very easy to structure your online course and mean you can get started quickly.

Once you’ve selected a product design, Kajabi creates a sample structure in your course, to which categories and posts are added by default.

Modules and classes in Kajabi are called categories or contributions. While categories only serve the organizational goal, posts are where the actual content is located.

Suppose you want to rearrange your categories or posts, drag and drop them in your favorite location. You can even add another level (sub-categories), which makes the course structure in Kajabi relatively versatile.

It’s essential to click on the lesson title, and it will open the lesson editor.

You can add different types of content along with movies, reviews, text, PDF downloads, and many others.

Kajabi offers unlimited Wistia hosting for movies as part of all of their plans, and you can use them anywhere on your weblog and landing pages together, wherever you need them.

I wouldn’t say I like Kajabi’s course builder because he’s versatile and has multiple types of content for a similar lesson. For example, you can add two movies or a video and a rating to the twin study.

Finally, the method of importing content is de facto simple. You can upload content from your system as well as from Dropbox / Google Drive.

Once you’ve received numerous movies, you can upload them to your course too, and Kajabi will routinely turn the pages of them in posts.

Overall, creating and importing content in Kajabi is intuitive and straightforward, and you received any technical expertise or want any third-party options for video hosting and many others.

Course Player & Content Delivery

While most online course platforms give you a unique topic for the course area, Kajabi means you can choose from a range of 10+ product topics.

The better part is that you can choose different themes for different goods. Whether you’re training an evergreen course, running a membership site, or teaching online, find and select a topic that suits your needs.

The topics are quick to get started and adapt as needed so that your online program has a unique contact and stands out from the group.

My personal favorite is the Premier Theme, the perfectly crafted course theme of all the online course platforms I use.

It’s clear and elegant. You can add and view thumbnails for specific classes of people. It is also possible to add your branding to the student, which gives the look and feel of your online programs a first-class contact.

The particular person lesson pages for the Premier Theme can adequately design.

Your video will present on the top and after it on the suitable is course navigation space.

You can add additional content like text and images within the content space under the video. You can even add PDF downloads to your lesson and present them both in the primary content space or within the sidebar.

Finally, you’ll be able to show a remark space on the backside, the place your customers can focus on the lesson with different college students and the teacher.

Another course participant theme that I like lots is the Momentum theme.

The Momentum theme has an extra conventional design place where the navigation is on the left, and the content is suitable.

All the course participant themes are cell responsive by default, and so your college students have no points in watching your content on cell.

Also, Kajabi provides a cell app for iOS and Android units that permits your college students to devour your content on the go.

You can even send push notifications to your customers when new content is available in your course or when a brand new dialogue occurs locally, which leads to more extensive scholar engagement.

Overall, Kajabi’s course delivery expertise could properly optimize from a learner’s perspective. Different course platform provides you with a lot of flexibility as Kajabi, which I like essentially the most concerning the forum.

Quizzes & Certificates

Kajabi has this tool referred to as Assessments that may enhance your member engagement and add much more worth to your course.

With Assessments, you’ll be able to create and add quizzes to your online course.

The examinations can embody multiple alternative questions, multiple-option questions in addition to paragraph fashion questions, and many others. And the scholars might be graded routinely primarily based on their solutions.

You even have the flexibility to incorporate a File Upload choice, which is helpful if you’d like your college students to submit a project.

Kajabi Assessments is pretty versatile and will also survey your college students and collect their suggestions in the course.

The better part about it is that you can add quizzes even to your landing pages and use them for lead generation and segmentation functions.

However, not all things about Kajabi Assessments are excellent, and some things it wants to improve. First, you can instantly import questions from an external file.

Second, you can’t just impersonate quiz parts like query banks, timed quizzes, and many others, making Kajabi unsuitable for creating complete exams.

When it comes to certificates, Kajabi does not provide built-in support for creating and issuing a certificate. So you have to rely on an outside solution like Accredible or Google Slides to send your college students certificates of completion.

Community & User Discussions

In addition to adding a feedback area to your classes, Kajabi allows you to create a group discussion forum on the platform.

Kajabi calls this particular function “Community.” That means that you can offer them as a standalone product and as part of your membership page.

Your members can join a group via their dashboard, start a brand new dialogue, or participate in an ongoing discussion on the group homepage without ever leaving your website.

They will also receive regular email notifications, in addition to cell app notifications, when you, the teacher, or another member is participating in a conversation they are participating in.

Setting up a brand new group is straightforward, and by default, it has a clear, trendy design that seems excellent.

As an administrator, you can create affairs to keep the discussions in your group organized, or you can pin a post to be maneuvered to the top of the group feed.

In addition, you can create a member directory page where your members can see everyone else’s profiles, and they can even send direct messages to different people.

Now there are some issues with Kajabi’s community tool that are not that good. It lacks certain key features like the flexibility to create surveys/quizzes, set up events, or stream live.

Otherwise, the community feature is an effective alternative to Facebook groups to run your online course support group or host the group on your member’s page. It is undoubtedly an excellent addition to the Kajabi platform.

Drip/Lock Course Content

Like most course platforms, Kajabi also offers the potential to drip your course content. Drip content means that you can start categories within a course after a certain number of days after a student has enrolled in your system.

As an alternative to giving your members instant access to all of your content, you can start it on the schedule.

Another cool feature that Kajabi has is content locking. The content lock allows you to create a linear learning path for your college students.

So you can ask students to finish a particular lesson early before they get access to the following module.

This lesson will also be an assessment. In this case, students may want to efficiently take the quiz earlier than they enter the following modules.

Dripping and locking are two helpful features that Kajabi provides, and they’ll go a great distance in guaranteeing scholar compliance and boosting engagement.

Kajabi Automations

If there’s one feature in Kajabi that will get me excited, it’s Automations. Automations permit you to create When/Then guidelines that let you take different actions based on certain triggers.

For example, if a student has been inactive for several days, you can create an automation to send them a reminder of the course and send them back to your platform.

Likewise, you can send freebies or offer another course for free to those who have completed a specific lesson to reward them and inspire them to make additional moves.

Another option is to send additional study materials to those students who could not go to a specific assessment.

These are just a few usage circumstances that get out of my head. However, you can use Kajabi Automations in many different ways to “gamify” your membership site and increase member engagement.

Plus, I’m not conscious of some other hosted online course platform other than Kajabi that gives this kind of automation functionality.

Course Creation

Overall, Kajabi does an excellent job when it comes to creating courses. It has all the essentials to develop and deploy an only online system or membership site.

It offers more than 10 well-designed student themes, plus a mobile app to help provide your college students with excellent learning skills.

Additionally, it has some superior features like automation that can improve your member engagement.

However, there are some things that I don’t like:

Kajabi does not have native certificate creation capabilities at this level.

As mentioned earlier, Kajabi doesn’t support superior quiz features like question banks, randomization, timed quizzes, and many others.

That state, Kajabi has lots to offer for a hosted platform regarding course creation and scholar engagement. It’s an ideal choice for creating and delivering your online programs and memberships.

Site Design & Customization

Having an ideal website is vital for your online course business’s success, and with Kajabi, you’ll be able to build a website on your model on the platform itself.

So let’s see how Kajabi performs regarding site design and customization and whether or not it’s best to use it to build the front-end of your website.

Hosting, Security & Updates

Kajabi is a hosted solution which signifies that they supply you with the infrastructure to build your website.

You don’t want to buy a separate hosting package or upgrade your hosting when site traffic increases. Kajabi takes care of everything in the background.

By default, your site is mapped to a Kajabi domain (yourdomainname.mykajabi.com). However, it is also possible to use your custom part (yourdomain.com) if you want.

Kajabi also provides a free SSL certificate on their website that is used by default on all of their pages, and you don’t need to take a setup course.

As mentioned earlier, the team may even take care of maintaining or updating the platform, so you don’t want to worry about any of these technical issues on an ongoing basis.

Lastly, Kajabi allows you to remove the branding from all sites and thus white-label your website.

Website Themes

When building your website truly, Kajabi has pre-designed themes you can install with a single click. The pieces dictate your website’s general look and fashion, help you rapidly build an excellent trying website.

They name the theme feature the website builder, and as a part of it, you get entry to six superbly designed website themes.

All the themes have a clean and trendy design. They’re all distinctive and look nice.

Once you’ve installed a theme, you can also use the Page Builder to customize it to give your website a look and feel you want.

If you want, you can now use any of the six topics that have now been moved to the Legacy Topics archive. However, since Kajabi has improved them further, I recommend that you use the brand new themes exclusively on your website.

As you build all the websites using the website builder themes, I would like Kajabi to create additional presets and add them to his theme library.

The currently available presets are significantly interrelated in terms of design, and the inclusion of additional presets helps remove this limitation.

Finally, Kajabi additionally gives you a choice to import and use customized themes.

So in case you’re an influence consumer, you’ll be able to rent a developer to build a very customized piece on your website.

Page Builder

To additional customize your website and create pages, you’ll use Kajabi’s Page Builder. The page builder is a visible, drag-and-drop editor where you may make adjustments on the entrance finish of your website.

The user interface for the page builder is straightforward and highly appropriately designed from the point of view of consumer literacy. A live preview of your page will be shown in your page list’s predominant sections on the left and the corresponding areas.

The Settings option on the left allows you to set the page level settings for colors, fonts, font sizes, and many others.

You can add new sections to your page by clicking the “Add Section” link in the left pane. Here is a list of 40+ pre-made units available in the page builder.

There are sections for numerous functions.

For example, you can create a hero part with a background image or a video. A multi-column format shows features, adding pricing tables, listing your programs, showcasing your weblog posts, adding a registration form, showing a countdown timer, and many others.

Changing and updating parts within any part of your page is as easy as it is correct. You can click on the item within the box on the appropriate one. An editing area is opened on the left. You can see numerous options for changing the text, changing colors, adding animation, and doing different things.

If you want to remove certain sections or parts or change their order, you can do so correctly. If you make any of these adjustments, you’ll notice them on the appropriate spot at the right time.

Most importantly, Kajabi’s page builder is absolutely cell responsive.

As a result, all of the pages you create are likely to respond to calls by default. You also have the flexibility to show/hide specific page parts on a desktop or cell.

If you want to preview the cell model of your page, you can do so by clicking the desktop icon on the right backside. I like Kajabi’s page builder because it’s incredibly versatile and gives you tons of editing options. However, it is straightforward for us with an identical timer.

You can completely customize your existing pages or create new ones from scratch, all without writing a single line of code.

Blogging Capability

After all, Kajabi means you can add a weblog to your website. You can easily create new weblog posts and add content to them with the text editor.

Besides including content in your weblog posts. You can create a weblog page, outline the website positioning settings for them, group them into entirely different classes, add a login form, or present other parts in the sidebar.

What I like about running a blog performance in Kajabi is the fact that you can completely customize the format design of your weblog home page in addition to the weblog posts.

For example, on the weblog home page, you can control how the weblog entries look, design the sidebar area with custom blocks, change the pagination appearance, and perform various problems like displaying a CTA or a login form.

While you will be able to create a full-fledged weblog on Kajabi, the thing to remember is that it is by no means as effective as running a dedicated blog platform like WordPress.

It doesn’t offer much flexibility in expanding power, design options, website positioning settings, and editing content on your weblog as WordPress.

But then, many course creators don’t want all of this achievement. By protecting your weblog on Kajabi, you can have all things on one platform, making managing problems a lot easier.

Website Creation

Overall, Kajabi has a lot going for it when it comes to website building. Essentially, I like it the most because you don’t want to fret about choosing a host or putting in different plugins.

Building websites in Kajabi is as easy as choosing a theme from the library and tweaking the look using the drag-and-drop page builder, which is highly versatile.

You can also create a full-fledged weblog and customize the weblog design as needed.

There are some areas where Kajabi doesn’t do that well. For example, only six website themes are available on the platform.

Even so, Kajabi gives you all the tools you need to quickly and easily create a website on your model, and you can do all of the things yourself, even if you are not a technical assistant.

Sales & Marketing

When it involves sales and marketing tools, Kajabi takes a different strategy from its competitors.

While most course platforms would simply offer the essential features required to course funds and promote your programs, Kajabi provides a whole suite of tools to deal with your market and build your audience on the platform.

So let’s focus on what Kajabi offers and how it performs with sales and marketing capabilities.

Product Pricing Options (Offers)

It promotes online programs. It’s essential to create what Kajabi calls an Offer. Offers are pretty simple to make, and they offer you considerable flexibility regarding pricing your Products.

First, you can make your course accessible, a one-time payment, subscription, or payment plan.

If you want to create a recurring subscription, you can cost your customers weekly, monthly, and yearly. It is also possible to order an initial setup payment or correctly set up a trial interval for your subscription.

Second, Kajabi gives you the flexibility to rate your offer in any significant forex along with USD, GBP, CAD, AUD, and many others.

Third, you choose the products you want your customers to have access to after purchasing an offer.

You can both select a single product or assign multiple products in the same offering. This function is helpful if you want to bundle your programs together or if you want to create different entry areas on your membership page.

Fourth, you can set a specific date for college kids to start joining. That will likely come in handy if you’re pre-selling your course or need to start all college students simultaneously.

Finally, it’s also possible to prohibit a member’s entry to your programs to a particular variety of days (1 year), after which his access will expire.

Another helpful feature that Kajabi provides for course pricing is the flexibility to create coupons. You can create both a single coupon code or generate bulk codes correctly.

Plus, you’ll be able to select which provides this coupon will apply. Overall, the coupon feature in Kajabi is pretty versatile.

I merely love how the Offers and the entire pricing factor works in Kajabi. It comes with numerous options to price your Products in any approach you need.

Checkout & Payments

Another essential feature in promoting your programs in Kajabi is the flexibility to create high-converting checkout pages.

Kajabi routinely creates a checkout page that is very well designed by default from a conversion standpoint when you generate a quote.

Most importantly, it is a one-step checkout so your customers can complete their purchases without creating an account first.

You can also customize the checkout page with the page builder. You can add your brand, an intro video, claims, testimonials, a money-back guarantee badge, and many others to your checkout page.

Plus, Kajabi gives you complete control over what information you want your customers to collect on the checkout page. For example, a customer must provide their address to advertise a body product.

Kajabi additionally provides two highly effective conversion tools.

You can add an order bump to your checkout page or, you’ll be able to offer a 1-click upsell to your customers on the thanks page, which can help improve the average worth of your customer orders.

Finally, you’ll be able to track deserted carts and send a follow-up email to those that don’t full their buy, which can help boost your checkout page conversions.

Like different course platforms, Kajabi provides checkout pages somewhat than a standard buying cart, and it is bright as a result of checkout pages are inclined to convert higher.

The sole exception is building a market and having dozens of programs on the platform. In this case, the standard buying cart performance may work higher, and you’ll be able to join Kajabi to an eCommerce platform like 3dcart.

Kajabi means that you can combine with Stripe and PayPal when it involves payment processing on your customers. 

​Unlike numerous different course platforms, PayPal is a payment choice for subscriptions/payment plans and even non-USD pricing.

Finally, Kajabi doesn’t cost any transaction payment, and all funds instantly to your accounts.

At present, the sole space I believe Kajabi lacks is the potential to deal with EU VAT and different taxes in the checkout course. It doesn’t routinely add EU VAT on top of your course price.

Kajabi provides all of the features that one must create an excessive converting checkout page and promote their online programs.

Sales Pipeline Builder

One of essentially the most helpful features in Kajabi is the flexibility to build various kinds of marketing funnels.

Kajabi has what it calls the Sales Pipeline Builder, which is just a recreation changer because it’s the simplest and the quickest approach to building funnels for individuals with little or no marketing data.

​Before we get into the main points, let me inform you that my favorite feature is on the platform.

When you create a sales funnel (pipeline), Kajabi first asks you to pick out a set of pre-built sales pipeline blueprints.

So if you wish to offer a lead magnet to build your email list, you’ll be able to choose the Freebie blueprint. Similarly, if you want to market your online programs through webinars, you’ll be able to select the Zoom Webinar OVO.

You can even use the “Blank” blueprint if you wish to build a funnel from scratch.

As quickly as you choose a blueprint, Kajabi will collectively put the entire items you want for that funnel, together with landing pages, forms, email campaigns, your offer, and many others.

For instance, if you choose the Webinar blueprint, Kajabi will routinely create the registration page, the affirmation page in addition to the reminder and follow-up emails.

That makes it very easy to build funnels for individuals who won’t have time or data to build them from scratch.

All you have to do is edit the placeholder content that Kajabi created on your landing pages and emails.

Not only can you fully customize all of the weather in your pipeline. However, it is also possible to add new pages and email sequences to your funnel.

I like the Sales Pipeline Builder the most, although you can build your entire funnel without leaving the builder.

So you don’t want to maneuver into entirely different areas of your Kajabi dashboard. You can build a whole funnel from inside the building, which is superior expertise.

Aside from building entire funnels in Kajabi, it’s also possible to create standalone landing pages for lead generation, promote your programs, and many others.

You can choose from a library of 20+ landing page templates.

The templates are all adequately designed, and you’ll be able to customize them additional utilizing the page builder.

Finally, it’s also possible to create opt-in forms that you can embed in your weblog posts or use as popups to gather email addresses.

Overall, Kajabi is superb regarding building marketing funnels, and at this level, no different online course platform provides you this kind of funnel-building functionality.

Email Marketing Tools

Kajabi means you can do way more than simply sending broadcast emails to your subscribers and members when it involves email marketing.

First and foremost, you’ll create automated email sequences that can be based primarily on consumer actions. So, you can send out an automated email campaign to promote your new subscribers, or you can create one to kick off your course.

You can add as many emails as you need to an email sequence, and you can set the number of days after which the email should be sent.

Second, tag your customers and create segments that don’t make it easy for you to manage your subscribers and design more straightforward email marketing campaigns.

Finally and most importantly, Kajabi Automations makes it available so that you can fully automate your email marketing.

We mentioned Automations beforehand within partaking with your members; however, it may be much more efficient on your marketing.

Automation lets you add/remove tags, transfer customers between completely different email sequences, send targeted campaigns based mostly on their actions, and much more.

For example, you can remove your subscribers from a sales sequence as quickly as they buy your listing. You can also add them to another email sequence if they don’t accept your offer.

Likewise, you can send your new subscribers a low-cost, one-time-use coupon to encourage them to sign up for your offer. That is also used to offer the “gift for this course” option.

Now Kajabi does lack a few critical email marketing features.

For instance, it doesn’t permit you to send an email a certain hours after the earlier email or specify the times you need your email campaign to exit.

However, regardless of its limitations, doing email automation inside Kajabi opens infinite potentialities for your marketing.

There are numerous issues (e.g., sending a one-off coupon routinely) that received be attainable or straightforward to do in case you had been to use an exterior email automation tool along with your course platform.

Affiliate Marketing Tools

If you wish to let associates promote your online programs in trade for a fee, you can do that with Kajabi. It has all of the essential features you want to create and manage an affiliate program.

So you’ll be able to add associates, choose which programs you need them to advertise, create affiliate share links, set a customized fee % on your schedule, send bulletins to associates, and many others.

Plus, you’ll be able to track the efficiency of your associates within the admin dashboard and export their payout reports to send them funds.

Kajabi, by default, creates a registration and a login page for your associates.

They also get access to a private partner dashboard, where they can discover their partner’s links and keep track of stats for their promotions.

While Kajabi means you can create a fully functional affiliate program, there are a few issues it could improve upon.

For example, there is no approach to setting a custom cookie tracking interval for your affiliate links. The default is 30 days, and you can change it.

You can also upload property/swipe files for your employees to use their offers.

Third-Party Integrations

While Kajabi provides highly effective email marketing tools on the platform itself, it’s also possible to combine it with different fashionable email marketing options.

It has direct integration with five email marketing toolsAweber, MailChimp, Drip, ConvertKit, and Active Campaign.

Also, Kajabi integrates with Zapier, which lets you create an oblique integration with any fashionable marketing tool. 

For instance, you’ll be able to combine by way of Zapier with an email automation platform like Infusionsoft, with which Kajabi doesn’t have a direct integration.

Similarly, you’ll be able to combine by way of Zapier with a tool like Google Slides and difficulty certificates to your college students.

Finally, Kajabi integrates with fashionable analytics tools like Google Analytics and Segment to track site visits and consumer actions.

Sales & Marketing

Kajabi shines as an all-in-one platform for sales and marketing. It has everything you need to market and promote your online programs.

The role that takes Kajabi’s sales and marketing functions to the next level are the Sales Pipeline Builder.

The Pipeline Builder allows you to create various marketing funnels without using marketing tools like ClickFunnels or Leadpages.

You can also manage your email list and automate your email marketing within the platform itself. This means you don’t have to use an outside email marketing solution correctly.

Believe me. There is no online course solution on the market that offers half of what Kajabi does in sales and marketing. This is an area where Kajabi has a significant lead over various online course platforms.

Reporting & Administration

With the Kajabi review, you’ve got numerous options for managing your website, your programs, and your learners, and that is what we’ll deal with on this part.

Reporting & Analytics Tools

Kajabi provides some helpful reporting tools on your programs and your sales transactions.

It has a separate Analytics part within the admin dashboard in this place. You’ll find several reports for tracking issues like page views: opt-ins, income, affiliate sales, and many others.

You have a report for subscriptions. In this place, you’ll be able to track metrics like Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR). Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) and Churn Rate. That is de facto helpful in case you plan to create a membership on Kajabi.

Moreover, all the person reports are very correctly designed.

For instance, if you open the Net Revenue report, you’ll see a chart on your total income and an abstract of income and refunds by provides.

Also, you can filter the reports by date or provider and even switch from a day view to a week, month, or year view, which is very helpful.

The Kajabi Review allows you to keep track of your student’s progress, quiz scores, and movie efficiency in course reporting tools.

This allows you to track course progress in both the classroom (post) and student phases within a specific person’s products.

You can track various metrics like engagement fee, game fee, and many others in terms of video analytics.

You can even use the Visual Engagement Viewer and video heatmaps to analyze how college students interact with your films, their location, and many others.

While the Kajabi review has fairly first-rate course analytics capabilities, there isn’t a single place inside the admin dashboard. You’ll be able to enter all of the reports.

You must go to totally different sections to enter them, which isn’t ideal expertise and I hope they’ll enhance it.

People Management

Kajabi review top features has a devoted People part within the admin space. The place you’ll find and manage your customers together with your members.

To begin with, you’ll be able to bulk import new customers into your Kajabi site. And you’ll be able to grant them entry to an Offer or add tags to them.

To manage your present customers, you’ve gotten a ton of filters available.

You can primarily filter customers based on which products they sign up for—whether or not they bought an offer, what coupons they used, and many others.

You can also perform mass actions, such as B. grant them access to an offer. Revoke your entry, including access to an email sequence. Register them for an occasion and even export the list.

Finally, you can click on a specific consumer and see their entire life cycle. You can see which offers they bought and when they entered which products. Your course progress, which emails you have received, and many others are de facto helpful.

User Roles & Privileges

A beneficial feature that the Kajabi review provides for site administration is the flexibility to add “Admin Users” to your Kajabi site and assign them different entry ranges.

There are three varieties of consumer roles which you can assign to your team members:

  • Administrators have identical privileges as house owners, except for dealing with payment integrations.
  • Assistants can delete and modify site content. However, they’ll enter any financial reports.
  • Support Specialists can solely helpful feedback and manage your college students.

So whether or not you wish to lengthen your site entry to your team members. Or your virtual assistant, you can do that in Kajabi.

Kajabi Customer Support

Kajabi is a low price and top features rating. It stands out among all online course platforms for its excellent support. The customer support has been fantastic all along. And they’re one of the few course platforms that offer 24/7 live chat support.

Customer support
Customer Support

In case you get caught or need help with your Kajabi site. You can only reach their support through chat, and they will help you further.

Nothing is healthier than 24/7 customer support. I am personally experienced. It is introduced several times afterward during the buyer’s launches. I wanted help with one thing and the quick assistance from the Kajabi review saved our day.

Besides that, you also get entry to the Hero University. It gives numerous free training on various matters like creating your online course, beginning with marketing, and many others.

Kajabi additionally has a rewards program referred to as Kajabi Hero.

The Kajabi Hero Program design to reward creators who attain sure income targets with swag and unique perks. And it was undoubtedly motivating them alongside the journey.

Finally, Kajabi reviews top features additionally has a very engaged consumer group on Facebook. Their official FB group has 22k+ members. The place you’ll be able to ask questions. Get help from fellow course creators and the community with them.

Kajabi Money-Back Guarantee

Is there a 30-day money-back guarantee? Yes! If you cancel your registration within 30 days of your initial payment. And you would like reimbursement, please contact support, and we will gladly provide you a refund.

Kajabi Alternatives

Before we conclude this review, let’s check out the Kajabi options and how they evaluate them.

Kajabi vs. Thinkific

Thinkific is likely one of the market leaders within the online course platform. House and its vitality tool in its personal proper.

The platform means that you can host your content and movies and provide different important features like content dripping and content locking. It even means that you can create superior quizzes and difficulty certificates for your college students.

Unlike Kajabi, Thinkific provides you with simply a one-course participant theme and doesn’t at present have a cell app. However, you do get the flexibility to create a group space on the platform.

Thinkific additionally does an ideal job at site-building. It provides many themes and a robust site builder. That allows you to build a handsome website and create sales pages simply.

One space place Thinkific lacks at this level is sales and marketing. Not simply that it doesn’t have sales funnel building and email automation capabilities. The checkout course optimizes from a conversion viewpoint.

So in case, you’re searching for a standalone course platform to build a course website and deliver your programs. Thinkific will work correctly for you.

But if you wish to market and promote your programs on the platform correctly. Thinkific received to be a perfect choice in that case.

You ought to examine this complete Kajabi vs. Thinkific information if you wish to discover the two additional platforms’ comparability.

Kajabi vs. Teachable

Teachable is one other fashionable online course platform. That means that you can create and promote online programs underneath your model.

It provides you with all of the features it’s essential to create an enticing online course. So you’ll be able to add multiple content sorts together with movies and quizzes to your system. Drip your course content. Create certificates natively and deliver content by way of a properly designed course participant.

While Teachable has all of the critical course creation features. It doesn’t provide you with as many options as Kajabi for course participant design. It also doesn’t have the aptitude to build a group space natively.

Teachable’s site-building capabilities are somewhat restricted as correctly.

It doesn’t have any site themes. And the page builder provides limited editing options, which makes Teachable a not-so-good platform for building the front-end of your website.

When it involves sales and marketing, teachable provides some pretty helpful features like coupons, 1-click upsells, EU VAT dealing with, affiliate marketing. And many others.

But in contrast to Kajabi. It doesn’t have the potential to build sales funnels and landing pages. Or automate your email marketing. So in case, your essential objective is to create and deliver online programs simply. You’ll be able to check out Teachable undoubtedly.

But in case you’re searching for a platform.

That allows you to build your whole website in addition to marketing funnels. Teachable received gives you the results you want and in this case. Kajabi is unquestionably a more excellent choice.

You can even learn this in-depth Kajabi vs. Teachable comparability information if you wish to discover the two additional platforms.

Kajabi vs. Kartra

Kartra is an all-in-one marketing platform that additionally consists of membership site creation capabilities.

Simply primarily based on sales and marketing features, Kartra does an ideal job. It provides a ton of templates for landing pages and checkout pages.

It has a robust page builder, provides extra highly effective email automation tools. And even has inbuilt video marketing and scheduling tools.

One space the place at present lacks is how tough it’s to create a sales funnel. Unlike Kajabi, Kartra doesn’t have a visible funnel builder, suggesting the funnel creation course might be pretty cumbersome.

Another downside of the platform is that it doesn’t have any “site themes” or running blog features. So while you can create all varieties of pages utilizing Kartra, it’s not very appropriate for hosting your essential website.

Finally, with regards to membership creation, Kartra does a reasonably average job.

The Membership Builder is not easy to use. The student design is not very user-friendly. And there is no Cell app performance for your members.

In addition, Kartra does not support essential learning and engagement tools such as “Community,,” quizzes and assignments.

As a result, Kajabi does a far better job than Kartra in creating and engaging courses and works better for you when your core business promotes online programs, memberships, online classes, and many others.

On the other hand, if you plan on hosting your membership in a different location. And you’re mainly looking for a sales and marketing platform. Kartra will likely be a better choice.

Suppose you want to see how the two platforms rate each other. It is best to examine this in-depth information from Kajabi vs. Kartra.

Aside from these top competitors, Kajabi is often in opposition to Podia and ClickFunnels. If you’d instead learn more about these comparisons, you can read the guides Kajabi vs. Podia and Kajabi vs. ClickFunnels.

Kajabi Conclusion

The Kajabi Review 2021: Kajabi is a low price and top features review. Kajabi is unquestionably among the most acceptable options on the market for creating online programs and memberships.

It provides unlimited video hosting by way of Wistia. 10+ well-designed course participant themes. iOS/Android cell app can create a group discussion board. Add quizzes and surveys. Drip your content, create a studying path, and way more.

But Kajabi review is extra than simply an online course builder.

You can use it to create a website and run a weblog. Create marketing funnels and automate email marketing. This means that you can run all of your online course business on the platform yourself.

Some of its marketing functions like Sales Pipeline Builder and Automations are groundbreaking. And no other course platform offers anything similar at this level.

The starting price is steep. However, the pricing should work correctly for you if you are building all or most of your business on the platform.

Suppose you want to give Kajabi a try. You can start a free trial of the platform by clicking the button.

9 Total Score
Kajabi Review

Kajabi has excellent tools for creating landing pages and sales funnels and transforming website visitors right into customers. On the whole, Kajabi is head and shoulders over a lot of various other online training course platforms in the indigenous marketing and selling abilities it provides.

  • All-in-one, so that you received need to patch collectively or taught multiple tools.
  • Offers 10+ well-designed themes and numerous customization options for the course participant.
  • Has an iOS/Android cell app.
  • Offers highly effective engagement tools like Community, Assessments, and many others.
  • Allows you to create a whole website in addition to run a weblog.
  • Has inbuilt sales pipeline builder and marketing automation tools.
  • Excellent (24X7) customer support.
  • It doesn’t permit you to create certificates natively.
  • Doesn’t support only quiz parts like query banks, randomization, and many others.
  • A restricted variety of landing page templates.
  • Doesn’t deal with sales taxes.
  • The beginning price is steep.
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